Vikki Lynn – Conniving Son-Taboo/Virtual Sex/Nude HD (720p/

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From: Goddess VikkiWorshipObeyTribute.

Scene 1: My son comes down to the sofa where I’m laying openly. I was not expecting him home already. Browsing the ipad I was engaged and did not see him. Oh…hello there, sorry about that! How was school today? (spying, taboo, mommy, casual, ass tease)

Scene 2: The doorbell rings and the neighbor is at the door. My husband is not home but my son is…the neighbor and I decide to have a quickie, I leave the door cracked but certain since my son is studying for his chemistry exam he won’t leave his room… (virtual sex, spying, taboo, mommy, cheating)

Scene 3: I’m getting ready for bed and lay down to watch some netflix. I’m getting sleepy and my son comes in wanting to lay down with me. I let him, his father is not home. My son catches a look at a girl twerking and is staring on the netflix. I asked if he liked that, I can do it too see! I decide after a bit it’s time to turn the lights out, my eyes are getting tired. I keep feeling something drawing my nightie up… I turn the light on to see my son very close to me…then he gets on me with his cock against me and shouts he saw the neighbor and I…if I don’t have sex with him, he’ll tell. This is ridiculous! I would never do such a thing…Do I want my husband to find out? (taboo, mommy, virtual sex, cheating, role play)

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Alyssa Reece – Spying On Mommy Fucking Dad FullHD (1080p/

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It’s late at night and your mom comes into your bedroom. “What was that all about?” she whispers, she doesn’t want your father to hear her. You pretend like you don’t know what she it talking about. “I heard you sneaking around, spying on your father and I. A boy shouldn’t be trying to peek at his own mother!” she says in a serious tone. You say that you’re sorry and it was a mistake. You feel stupid and your mother’s tone lightens and she says that it’s ok, that she’n not mad but it can’t happen again. You assure her that it won’t. “Now be honest, this isn’t the first time you’ve spied on your dad and I?” she stares right into your eyes. You try to deny it but she knows you do.”Do you beat off?”she asks. You tell her no, but she smiles “I wash your sheets, remember?” You feel embarrassed and your mother starts to comfort you. “Mommy wants to make you feel better baby, it’s not fair that mommy and daddy have all the fun while my poor baby is in his room alone feeling frustrated. It must be hard hearing the headboard banging against the wall night after night, hearing me moan, hearing me cum.” she says softly. She straddles you with her legs wrapped around your body. Your cock throbs against her. ” I have something to confess too. Sometimes when I’m fucking your father I imagine that it’s you fucking me instead. Fucking me with your young cock like your left depended on it.” Your mom takes down her night gown to show you her perfect perky tits. And she lifts the bottom go it to show you her wet pussy. Your rock hard cock is now only inches away from her slit. Pre cum glistens the head of your dick and your mom slowly starts to ride you. “I can’t believe my son’s cock is inside me, we have to be quiet so your dad doesn’t hear us. Your cock feels SO good in mommy’s pussy baby” You feel like you’re going to explode already but your mom can tell and she squeezes your balls and tells you not to cum yet, she says that mommy wants to cum first. She says she can fuck you slowly, as she goes up and down on your sensitive cock. “You’re going to make mommy cum baby,” she moans as she starts to cum all over your cock. You feel like you’re about to cum but you’re not sure if you’re allowed to yet and she slides off you and tells you that she wants to taste your cum, she wants you to cum in her mouth. She wants all of your cum. She wants to swallow it all.

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Alyssa Reece – Dirty Loads With Mom FullHD (1080p/

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Mom is doing the laundry and her son walks up behind her. “Hi honey, I didn’t see you standing there. I’m just doing one last load before dinner” she smiles. Son smiles back and mom focuses her attention back to the washing machine. Son grabs her ass, mom is startled ” What are you doing?! You aren’t supposed to grab me like that! I’m your MOTHER” she says with an irritated tone. She goes back to the laundry once again still annoyed at her son. Son grabs her ass again and this time tries to pull down her pants. Mom protests but son grabs her and all of a sudden she’s a little scared of her own son. She notices that he is rock hard through his pants. “Are you hard?! What is wrong with you! You’re my SON”. Son ignores her and moves her shirt to expose her perky tits. Mom panics. Son starts to pin her against the washer and dryer and she can’t move. She realizes that she can’t get away from him. “Do you want me to rub it for you or something?” she says in a pleading almost desperate tone. “I can jerk it for you but you can’t do THIS, you can’t put it inside me” Son doesn’t look convinced, ” Do you want to touch mommy’s tits? The tits you used to suck on when you were a baby?” she looks desperately at her son. “Do you want to put it in mommy’s mouth? Without answering he proceeds to take his pants down and slowly sticks his hard dick deep inside his mother. ” Stop! You can’t do this, you’re SICK! I am your MOTHER! Your father is upstairs watching the game!” Suddenly she becomes aware of the fact that it is starting to feel good. She tries to fight it. “You..little..” she says in between moans. “You..bastard…” she manages to get out. Her moans start to get more wild. She is on the verge of orgasm. “You’…mommy…CUM” she whispers loudly as her pussy cums on all over her son’s cock. ” Don’t cum inside mommy, baby. Where do you want to cum? You can cum on mommy’s tits, or mommy’s face. PLEASE don’t cum inside me!”she begs her son. “Cum on mommy’s tongue, I will stick my tongue out and mommy will swallow every last drop of your cum.” She gets on her knees and sticks her tongue out and her son’s cock explodes all over her tongue. She sits back, angry with her son, “I can’t believe you made me do this!I hope you’re happy, you turned your mother into a whore”.

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Tara Tainton – Silk and Satin – I’m the One for You SD (

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What?!?! You… some girl gave you a love letter at school today?! That’s… no… you can’t… no, no, no. You’re too young. Stay away from girls. Oh, honey, Mommy will explain. It’s just that… well, you never know what a girl is up to, what’s on their minds. And… oh, gee… oh, my poor boy! You have an erection! Do you know what that means? Well, honey, that’s what happens to a man’s body when he is with the woman he is meant to be with and… since it’s pointing to Mommy… well, it’s meant to be. I’m the one for you. And I’ll show you just what that means…

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Little Puck – Rent Ur Sister’s Fuck Holes PT 2 FullHD (1080p/

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This is the Sequel to Rent Ur Sister’s Fuck Holes Pt 1!! You come home to find a condom on the doorknob with a sign up on the door, SLUT INSIDE ALL WELCOMED, you enter and your little sister is lying with her legs spread wide on your black couch in a sluttish haze, covered in degrading words and a dildo in her ass and pussy with an aheagao face as she pours cum out of a condom into her mouth. She’s vaguely aware of someone in the room and greets her new visitor with a gurgling hello. “I don’t care who you are but you better be wearing a condom!” as she gets on all fours, doggy and wiggles ass in anticipation,“c’mon u never seen a ripe slut before?” “I’m in a hurry you pussy fuck, my brother’s coming home soon and then the Slut Shop’s fucking closed!” She turns to finally get a good look and squeals with glee as she crawls to you, her big brother.

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Little Puck – Rent Ur Sister’s Fuck Holes FullHD (1080p/

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I’ve been rooming with my older brother and a few of his friends for six months but have been skipping out on paying my share of the rent the whole time. It’s gotten to the boiling point with my sibling and he confronts me while we have the apartment to ourselves. The scene begins with me laying on my bed talking about my latest screw around and my ass is kinda shaking in the door’s direction. My brother saunters in and I tell him to fuck off and get out of my room but he proclaims it’s pretty much his room after covering my share of the rent after half a year. I whine but he says his friends want to kick me out. I sigh and say I was afraid it would come to this and pull out a heavy bag.

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Jessica Starling – Little Birthday Girl Cums for Daddy HD (720p/2017)

Oh Daddy, you are the best… throwing me a surprise birthday party!! I had so much fun Daddy!! Now that everyone has left for the night you have one more surprise for me… You are going to give me one more present, a very special present… You are going to give me my very first cum shot & make me your little cum princess!! This is a Taboo, POV, Age Play, Role Play, Blow Job video. Watch me suck your cock making you cum in my mouth Daddy! You know you love to cum in your little girl’s mouth! KEYWORDS:TABOO, DADDY’S GIRL, POV, ROLE PLAY, AGE PLAY, BLOW JOB, DILDO SUCKING, EXPLICIT ROLE PLAY, FANTASY, FETISH, CUM SHOT, AGE REGRESSION, SOLO FEMALE, EXPLICIT DIRTY TALK, DIRTY TALK, AMATEUR, BRUNETTE, PIG TAILS, HOMEMADE, CUSTOM.

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Alyssa Reece – phone fun with Mom pov HD (720p/

Mom is on the phone with dad. She is wearing tight pants and a long sleeve top and isn’t very made up. She stands holding a bowl of strawberries with her back to her son. Son sneaks up behind and squeezes her ass. She spins around, shocked and incredulous. “Hey!” She is surprised but playful. “I’m on the phone with your father! Sorry, honey, our mischievous son just about gave me a heart attack..yeah..I you think he’s too old to spank?” She says jokingly. “Hahaha, no he’s been good since you’ve been gone..everything a mother could ask for!” She playfully sticks her tongue out at him,like a . Mom pulls her pants down and moons her son and smiles. Shaking her ass at him flirtatiously as if to say ‘look what you can’t have.’ She pulls her pants back up and sits on the couch and her soon sits down on the same couch and mom puts her feet on his lap. She continues talking to dad, “How are they treating you over there?” She starts to rub her feet on son’s crotch and starts to eat her strawberries. “Oh I can imagine, it must be SO hard for you over there…yeah I bet it is!” She rubs at her son’s erection with her foot. She holds a strawberry at her while she looks at her son. “Well if I were you I would shove it all in my mouth the first chance I got…” She licks the strawberry like a cock head and sucks on it. “Mmmm I would. (Sarcastically) Well it’s been an exciting week over here. Our son just finished his exams, Yeah..that’s right..really? You think I should be harder on him?” She squeezes her tits together with her hands and then pulls the front of her shirt down. ” I don’t know..I’m his mother..Is that really my job? Yeah..that’s right..” She sits up and straddles her son. ” Don’t you remember being that age?” She puts her breasts in front of her son’s face. ” All that pent up energy..the hormones.. you want me to get on him about that don’t you? I guess…If you think I should.” She reaches down and starts fondling his crotch. Clip contains: Taboo, Mama’s Boy, Mommy/Son, MILF,Simulated Blowjob, Cum Swallow, & Cock Tease.

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Alyssa Reece – Son fucks Mommys ass pov HD (720p/

Mom comes in after a workout and she sits down to talk to her son for a minute. Son asks if he can work out with her sometime. Mom is surprised and says sure but teases him asking if it would be uncool to work out with his old mom. Son says no because she is hot. Mom is taken back by this but says thank you. “I guess I should shower and get started with dinner now” she says to her son. Son tells mom that he wants to take her from behind. Mother tells her son that he is not being funny. Son says that he isn’t joking and starts to touch her breasts and climbs on top of her. “Get off of me! What are you doing?! I’m your MOTHER!” Son easily overpowers his mom and starts to take her clothes off. He turns her over and starts to touch her ass and pussy. He says he wants to put his hard cock in her ass. “This is wrong! You can’t do this to me! I’m your mom. This isn’t normal!” Son ignores her and slowly puts his cock into her ass. Contains:Mommy/Son, Ass Spreading,Simulated Sex, Doggy, & Anal.

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Alyssa Reece – titty fucking my cool Mom HD (720p/

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Mom lies on her bed fully dressed and reading an ibook. Son is sitting on the same bed fully dressed looking at porn on a laptop. The screen is angled away from mom. Are you doing your homework or are you looking at naked girls again? I knew it! And right in front of your own mother you little pervert,she says playfully. She sighs, do you want to show mommy what it is that you are so fascinated by? Come on! What is the big deal? Its just porn, everybody looks at porn! I just want to know what you are into. Son shows her the laptop. Wow, okay. Porn is not what it used to be! So this is what you like? Son nods. Oiled up butts ? Oh come on, dont be shy, you know I am a cool mom. I am probably the coolest mom around! She looks back at the computer. So this video, “Titty Fucked Milf” this is what turns you on? Son nods yes. Contains: Taboo, Mommy/Son, Simulated Titty Fucking, & Dirty Talk.

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Brooke Marie – Feed Me Daddy FullHD (1080p/2017)

I know you’re addicted to My ass daddy and I’m going to use it against you. Do you think all daddies are addicted to their daughter’s ass? I don’t think so… Does that make you a pervert daddy? It’s ok, I don’t mind daddy, because I use My ass to manipulate you into doing anything I want. I use My perfect ass to fuck with your mind and control you. Just keep staring while My ass turns you into an obedient slave for Me daddy. Seeing My luscious booty close up makes you so weak and horny, My hot ass crack drives you crazy. The more you stare at My ass crack, the more fucked you’re going to be. Keep staring at My perfect booty and listening to My sweet voice daddy. Your biggest weakness is your bratty daughter’s ass.

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Bettie Bondage – Virtual Incest The Wrong Pill FullHD (1080p/

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You’re recovering from a surgery on both your wrists, resting on the couch while your mother tends to you. She brings you a Tylenol PM and tells you to get some shut eye so you can recover quickly. You take it without thinking, but find that instead of getting drowsy, you get a major erection! You’re not sure whats going on but when your mom comes to check on you, she tells you she thinks she gave you the wrong pill! Instead of Tylenol, it was your father’s Viagra! Now you’re stuck with a raging hard-on and no way to take care of yourself!
Your mom tries to brainstorm solutions at first, but it becomes clear that the only way to right this wrong is to make you cum, and there’s no other option but her! Reluctantly she lubes up your rigid cock and begins to stroke you. Tentative at first, she strokes you with a kind smile, apologizing for creating such an awkward situation. You want to tell her that its all you’ve ever wanted but instead you just watch as she strokes, telling you that you have a lovely penis. “Bigger than your father…” she admits, sheepishly. She tells you that you’ll have to keep it a secret, which only turns you on more. You tell her it would be quicker if she used dirty talk. Not wanting to draw anything out, she agrees, switching from clinical terms to outright smut. She smirks when you tell her that you want to see her tits, coaxing her into unbuttoning her cardigan and pulling out her big heavy tits for you to cum on.
Of course, Viagra is a hell of a thing…you stay hard even after she cleans all the cum up from her tits and your cock. You know your father is going to be home any minute and with the rest of your siblings home now, your mother has no choice but to get to work and make her son cum a second time! This time, she’s getting into it, licking and sucking you off as she begs to feel your young cock cum in her mouth!

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Sarah Rae – Jerk It To Your Sister-In-Law’s Tits HD (720p/

Mar 9

We’re having a weekend-long family gathering and everyone is upstairs asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to come downstairs for some water. I go into the living room and find you there still awake. Now that we’re finally alone together, I decide to bring up something that’s been on my mind for quite a while now. Every time we have a family meet up I notice you constantly checking out my tits. I feel really conflicted about it. On the one hand you’re my sister’s husband and I feel kind of disgusted/guilty about the whole thing, but on the other hand it kind of turns me on. Things with my husband have been on the steady decline. He’s gotten so fat over the years, not nearly as built and hot as you. We don’t have good sex anymore. I feel like he’s stopped appreciating my huge tits and I just want to feel sexy. Maybe we should indulge in our desires just this one time. Maybe we can just get it out of our system, just this once, and things won’t feel so awkward between us anymore. If I just show you my tits while you jerk off to them then that’s not so bad right? I mean its not like we’re touching or anything like that and its been so long since someone has covered them in a huge load of cum. We obviously wouldn’t tell anyone and they’re all asleep right now so no one would know. Would you like that? Ok I’ll start taking them out while you show me how big and hard you can get your cock for your big-titted sister-in-law

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Alyssa Reece – Slutty Mom Rides Son HD (720p/

Mother comes into her son’s room, Her hair is a bit messy and she is a little sweaty – she has already had sex tonight. She sits on the side of his bed and through the entire conversation talks as if she can’t be too loud – she might wake up dad. Do you want to tell me what that was about?I know you were peeping at your father and I! What do you have to say for yourself?A boy your age shouldn’t be trying to sneak a peak at his own mother! You’re lucky that your dad didn’t catch you! Now tell me the truth, this isn’t the first time that you’ve tried to spy on daddy and I is it? I hear you sneaking around pretty much every time we make love.Do you… jerk off to us? You don’t have to lie sweetie. I wash your sheets remember? And I know it must be hard, listening to your mom getting fucked night after night. Hearing me moan,the headboard slamming against the wall.. hearing me cum. Do you stroke yourself off imagining it was you in there with me? Contains: Mommy/Son, Taboo,& Simulated Sex.

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Xev Bellringer – Virtual sex – Your Irresistible Mother FullHD (1080p/

Added: 11/21/17 11:47AM

She wasn’t happy about having to sleep in the same bed as her grown son, but you were. It had been a long time since you were under the same covers as your mother, bodies touching, so warm, soft… and arousing. She had no idea you felt that way for her. She was far too exhausted from the trip to worry about all that, about how inappropriate it would be to lay next to her horny son in nothing but skimpy lingerie… To worry what you might do blinded by lust for her, convincing her to cuddle close against you as she fell asleep, slowly pulling the sheets off to expose her body. She would never know you jerked your cock over her, carefully opening her legs to look at that juicy pussy, fingering her, making her moan… did she know it was you? Did she WANT you to fuck her?? You couldn’t take it… Even if it risked her waking up… you would fuck your mother.

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