Vera Price xxx – Mom Fucks Son After Her Wedding Taboo FullHD [1080p/]

Mom is on the bed in her white silk robe, her fishnet stockings peeking out from under the hem. She’s dressed to the nines, and for good reason: today she just married your stepfather. You, however, are not as happy as *she* is. You and your mother have always had a close relationship, almost abnormally close. And now with another man in the house? Well, it’s obvious who’s going to be getting her attention. “What is it, honey?” She asks. “What are you doing here? Your stepfather should be in the room any second.” She crawls to the edge of the bed to look you in the eye, giving you a flash of her magnificent cleavage. “Are you worried that I won’t love you as much now that I’m married? No, no, that’s not the case at all. Come here, let Mommy hold you.” ”See these breasts?” she asks, pulling her bra down. “I nursed you with these. No other man could ever be as close to me as you are. Go on, touch them.” You are getting uncontrollably hard as you grope your mother, and she notices. “Let’s set the record straight once and for all: you are irreplaceable. Unzip your pants, I’m about to show you something that I normally reserve for grownups.” Soon you are fucking your own mother. She feels so good around your cock and soon you just can’t help it: you pull out and spray your cum all over her tits. “That’s a good boy,” she says. “Now go back to your room so I can clean up.” THIS CLIP CONTAINS: VIRTUAL SEX – POV – DILDO FUCKING – TABOO – BLOWJOBS – CUMSHOTS – BLONDES – BIG TITS – MOM/SON – CUCKOLDING – FREE – FREEBIE TUESDAY

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Larkin Love – Taking Your Twin Sister’s Innocence FullHD [720p/]

Added: 9/24/14 2:00am

I have to talk to you about something. You and I have always been as close as twin siblings can be. It’s just not fair the way Mom and Dad treat us. No matter what you do, you’re the “bad .” Sure you get into trouble from time to time, and you don’t suck up to them the way I do, but you’re not bad at all. Meanwhile, they seem to think that I’m their “little angel.” It’s like I can do no wrong. I know I’m kind of a goody-goody, but I’m not perfect. Even if I don’t always act on my desires, I’m not as pure as you think!
I feel like this is making us grow apart. Our parents don’t realize what they’re doing. It’s wrong to pit brother and sister against each other. I don’t want to lose you. I love you so much. We really aren’t that different. We have to remember that.

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Korina Kova – Escort Step Mom busted by Step Son HD [Canadian/720p/]

Dec 30

The scene starts out with you in the bathroom getting ready. Maybe wearing a dress with your hair done. You are on the phone with your husband telling him you have to work tonight and probably will stay late at the office (does not know you are an escort lol). There is a knock on the door and you tell your husband you have to go since the new client is here. You open the door and literally you are speechless…as it is your stepson, Steven. You tell him to get inside the room so no one will see. You are angry and ask why I am here. You find out I am virgin and wanted to lose my virginity. You begin to understand and ask for me to stay. However, there is one catch, I cannot tell dad/your husband about you escort as a second job. I agree and you begin to strip out of your dress. You begin to pull a condom out of your purse, but then mention I should feel a woman pussy for the first time and how wet/tight your pussy is. The scene has you riding a mannequin, blowjob, and lots of dirty talk. Towards the end of the scene, your phone rings and it is dad/your husband. You ask me to be quiet as you continue to ride my dick. In your phone conversation, you mention you will be home soon and suddenly you scream “Oh Steven cum”. You catch yourself and explain that you are texting me. The conversation quickly ends and throw your phone on the bed. The scene ends with you asking me to cum inside you.

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Larkin Love’s Fetish Theater – Moms Taboo Impregnation Size Queen Fuck FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 10/9/17 03:45AM

Thank you, Son, for these lovely Christmas gifts. I never expected something so personal as lingerie from my boy, but I suppose you’re all grown up now. How did you manage to know my size so well? You want to see the bra on me? Hmm, typically that wouldn’t be appropriate. I mean, the stockings are rather sexy, and the bra is even more intimate, hugging my big, soft breasts in white lace. But it is your Christmas present to me, so one little peek won’t hurt, right? You really think they look good on me? Oh, Son, you’re going to make your mother blush! I must confess, it’s been ages since a man bought me lingerie, and longer still since I felt really, truly desired. You really think I’m beautiful, don’t you. We shouldn’t go any further. I really should put my dress back on, but I don’t want to. My hand wanders to the growing bulge in your pants and I can’t stop myself from stroking your eager cock. It’s true, son, I’ve wanted you for quite some time now, but never knew how to say it. Your gift has shown me that you feel the same way, and I couldn’t be happier. I love the lingerie, but what I really want for Christmas is YOU! Mommy wants you inside her, filling her with your hard cock and showing her how much you love her body. I want you to stretch Mommy’s pussy with your thick, throbbing cock until she cums all around you and coaxes you into a mutual orgasm, your hot sticky cum filling her pussy to the brim. I want you to impregnate me and fill me with your seed. Cum inside me and knock me up! That is the gift I truly want this year.

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Goddess Victoria – Knock Up Your Big Tit Mum HD [720p/]

Added: 1/8/15 12:00PM

I really want to give you a sibling, but there is no man in my life. I’ve overheard your friends talking about me being a milf – I suppose I did have you quite young. You’ve grown into such a handsome, sexy young man and I was wondering… do you think you could knock me up? Slip that throbbing young cock into your mother’s pussy and squirt me full of your hot cum.

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Lynda Leigh – Stepson Webcam Secret FullHD [1080p/]

In enter at home and I see you here, what are you doing with my panties?!

You, my brother! You sniff my panties, OMG, you are a pervert!

Well, now I tell that to the mom, oh, that will be so funny for me!

What?! You don’t want that I tell that to the mom? Well, if you want my silence.. you need a punishment!

I had a long long day, outside all the time, and now my feet are so dirty and so sweaty. So, now come here, in front of me. Sniff my feet and lick my feet, oh yes brother, or I will tell all to the mom.

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Ashley Alban – Mommy`s Asshole FullHD [1080p/]

Added: 2/7/16 11:00am

Ashely has arrived home after a long day at work. Honestly, it has been a long week of work. Ashley hasnt showered in a couple days, so she just wants to get undressed and take a long hot shower before her son comes home from soccer practice. As she undresses, Ashley smells her dirty thong, and the smell of her ass starts to turn her on. Ashleys hands travel down to her pussy and asshole and she begins to finger herself. She hasnt had a chance to masturbate in a while, so she decides that she might as well masturbate now, and then take a shower to get nice and clean. Ashley lies in her bed and continues to finger her ass and pussy.

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Virtual Incest – Mommy’s Apology and Her Secret SD []

Added: 12/19/17 08:51AM

Another holiday party has gone by… another Christmas without your daddy here. I bought this new Christmas lingerie just for him, to surprise him with. But, he’s missed out yet again. Do you think Mommy looks beautiful in her Christmas lingerie? Thank you, sweetie… Well, did you notice? We’re standing underneath the mistletoe together… Do you know what that means? That’s right. You have to kiss whoever you’re near when you’re under the mistletoe. It’s a Christmas rule! Mmm…. you’re a very nice kisser. I didn’t mean for the sweet, Christmas kiss to be that long! Do you want another one? It’s very nice, isn’t it. Tell me: what’s your Christmas wish this year? To kiss your mommy like daddy gets to? Well, gee, I…. well all mommies love to give their boys their Christmas wishes! Would you like a better one? Come here…. Oh, look what’s underneath the mistletoe now, standing up so straight… you know the rules! Mommy has to kiss it now… it’s Christmas!

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