Bettie Bondage – Mom fucks you behind dad’s back FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/8/17 5:30pm

Your mom took you out of school early today. Seems like this morning just wasn’t enough for her hungry mouth, her insatiable pussy. Once you get inside, she has you sit down in the living room and goes to town, worshiping your cock. She loves to suck cock. Your dad’s a lucky man…speaking of your father, its not long into your mother’s lapping and licking and sucking before her phone rings. It’s your father. She tells you she has to take it – he has to know not to pick you up from school – so she does. You expect her to stop sucking, but she keeps at it, licking you, slurping your cock, stroking you. “That?” she says demurely, “Oh, I’m just drinking a smoothie,” she lies, smiling and winking at you. When she pulls down her tight yoga pants and teases you with her black lace thong around your cock, sliding you in while trying to keep her composure, you feel sure you’re going to bust right then and there! It’s so hot, seeing her take your cock, hearing her try to explain away her labored breathing, her moans. Your dad is oblivious! Finally, she can’t keep up the charade, quickly getting off the phone so she can fuck you properly. She slides you inside of her, telling you about how much she loves having this relationship. “I never would have dreamed I’d do something like this, having an affair with my own son…imagine, you came out of my pussy…now you’re cumming in it…these nipples, you used to suckle here but now you cum all over them…” her dirty talk is always what sets you off, and hearing her talk about how much she loves your big dick makes you spill your cum all over her pussy and her pretty black panties! Good thing she promised to stay home with you tomorrow…

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Missbehavin26 – Spin the Bottle with Mom SD (

Strip Game with Mom It’s a normal night, dad is working and im alone with mom. It is so boring. The son asks mom if she would to play with him something. Since all the games are just boring, why dont we just play “spin the bottle”, mom? So they are playing but it’s still boring we need to bring more action in it mom. What about if the bottle choose you, you gonna take one part of your clothes off?

Mom was getting little upset and that’s too much for her but in the end she did it. She said we must keep this for us. For some reason the bottle always chose her. When she took off her pants, I should not look first and it was embarrassing for her, same with shirt. She always did her hands before her bra. So now they are on one Point were Mom is in her thong and bra. She said thats enough and we need to stop it. I said to mom ok but can you maybe show me your back like turn arround because i only saw ur from your “face side”.

Mom looked at me so weird after i said it. She said you know that im your mother, games are games but its enough now. But she did it for him. When she was standing with her ass to him she was talking with him , if its now enough ? Helllooo son? After she turn arround she saw that her son was jerking off to her ass. She said omg put that away, what are you doing? Im your Mom? She was ashamed. He said but Mom you are so young and your body is so …! She said no, but on one side mom was thinking that she cant let him like this. So she decided okay maybe if i turn arround you can continue but be fast. After a while Mom maybe you suck a bit? OMG what did you just said son? But she did it after a short discussion. And she let him fuck him from behind until he came.
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Bettie Bondage – Mom Catches You Giving Aunt a Facial FullHD (1080p/

Added: 1/7/17 09:00AM

You’re on a trip with your mother and aunt – staying at a hotel with a nice big pool. Your aunt comes in looking for your mother – they were supposed to head down for a swim together, but your mom left a little while ago to go shopping. Dejected, your aunt turns to you for some company, asking you questions about school, friends, and girls…with which you have no news. She’s shocked – surely a handsome boy like you has a girlfriend or two? But no, chronically shy as you are, there is no special lady. Your aunt offers to help you get over the shyness, by roleplaying the girl you’re into. Ok, that can’t hurt, right?…
…Problem is, the girl you like is your much older teacher! Auntie Bee takes it in stride, admitting that older women often find young, strapping men attractive. She agrees to roleplay your teacher, and things quickly get more charged than you realized they would. You practically moan when your auntie leans forward, her cleavage pouring out of her tight swimsuit as she puts her hand on your leg and asks if you’d take that as a signal that a woman is interested?
Moments later, she’s moved her hand up your thigh. You may not be terribly experienced but you know where this is going. Your aunt wants your cock. And you want to give it to her. You watch as your aunt pulls your cock out and starts jerking and sucking, slurping hungrily as she enjoys your young cock. She begs you to cum on her face as she sucks and strokes you to finish. Smiling up at you, her face coated in your load, you hear the door creak open as your mom walks in….

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Tammie Madison – Ass Lick until the End FullHD (1080p/

Added: 2/16/17 05:20AM

Asshole Fetish, Execuutrixx

You want to take your obsession with my asshole to the extreme. You’ve never been able to get enough of it and now you want to pay the ultimate price to get as much of it and as close to it as you can. And I’ve agreed to go along with this. I will let you lick, taste, smell, and even probe my asshole with your tongue. I’m going to give you more of it than you can handle. First, I’ll start by teasing you with my ass, making you admire it from a distance. Then I’ll gradually work my closer and closer to your face. You’ll get me hovering my ass right in front of you, spreading my cheeks and winking. I’ll then put my asshole within rimming distance so that you can stretch your tongue and enjoy my tight little hole. Finally, I’ll push it right down onto your face so that my asshole is the last thing you see before you’re smothered by ass.

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Mindi Mink – Not So Prude Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/19/16 3:09pm

Your mom, Mindi is really really tired of you not pulling your weight around the house. After she asked you to do the dishes, she’s really pissed that you just laid around on the couch all day. While she’s ripping you apart, you tell her how you feel and she’s totally offended. How dare you talk back like that! She just needs some tea to calm down and relax as she’s tired of your attitude. While she’s turned around you help her change her mind. Before you know it, she’s completely changed her attitude and wants to show you some love. It worked! Your mom is now stripping out of her work uniform for you, teasing you as she takes off every piece of clothing. Now, you’re getting a blowjob. Your fantasy is coming true. She’s so into you, you can’t believe it. After she works your cock down her throat, she lays on her back to let you fuck her. You give it to her so hard after waiting for so long for this to happen. She rolls over for you, ass in the air, prepared for a proper fucking and begging for it now. You ram your hard rod in her hairy, wet hole, showing her how much of a man you really are. You’ve satisfied her so well she can’t wait to do it again.
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Mindi Mink – Mom Fucks You In Front Of Daddy FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/2/17 05:23PM

You are now considered a man by your Mom and Dad, your mom has sexual needs 3-4 times a day and your Dad cannot do it alone. It is time that you participate around the house by fucking your mom anytime that you want or she desires. Dont worry this will be the family secret, and you are not to tell any of your friends. You have been checking out your mom for years, masturbating thinking of her. She leans back into the couch and pulls up her dress and starts playing with her pussy through her panties and pulls out her breasts and nipples for you to gaze at. Your dad and her keep talking to each other about everyday normal stuff while seducing you. It totally turns you on knowing that she loves your big young hard cock and your Dad is watching you fuck her and pleasing her. She loves it, screaming fuck me, fuck me and saying how amazing your cock is and she tells you she is cumming! She loves that you are still so hard for her and will be fucking you again before dinner. She goes to cook some dinner for everyone and comes back to announce that dinner will be ready in ten minutes, and its time to fuck again. This time you get to be behind her, she continues to talk to your dad at the table about weekend activities with also looking back at you telling you how much bigger you are than your dad and to keep fucking her hard. This time you get to cum inside of her… After movie time you are up in their bedroom and she is riding you slowly with her big tits in your face just fucking you in front of your dad as if nothing is going on. She has been waiting for this type of relationship with you and now she is taking full advantage of the situation. She speeds up and bounces fast and hard on you and cums again….she just loves fucking you in front of daddy.

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Princess Bambie – Virtual Sex Edwins Virgin Sister FullHD (1080p/

A custom “Friend’s Little Sister” roleplay. In this video, I’m your friends curious little sister. I’ve never had sex before, but all of my friends have and I’m dying to know what the big deal is all about! You’re spending the night with my brother, and I decide tonight’s the night I’m going to make my move. I call you into my bedroom late at night to ask for your help with my little problem. It doesn’t take very much convincing; before long I’m getting naked, riding my first cock ever, giving you sweet little kisses and riding you harder and harder until I cream all over you. There isn’t any explicit penetration in this video. It’s shot in POV Cowgirl style as requested, almost like a “Beautiful Agony” roleplay video with a twist.

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Amber Alder – Mom the Internet is Broken FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/13/17 10:13PM

I know you have been telling me all day son. They said 3 days there is nothing I can do… now go do something else.Wait…Look I know what you look at all day. I see all the porn… and Mom porn. Don’t you have some magazines or something ? No… ugh ok just this one time I will let you see my tits and will you be happy and quit complaining ? No… Ugh ok lets go to the bedroom. You know what I am getting really horny too and would love for you to eat my pussy… mmm that feels soo good. No dont… we cant mmm I want it… Yes fuck me.
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