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Mommy just came home to you laying on the couch.You pretend to be napping but then mommy discovers something.You were caught jacking off only pretending to be .To mommy’s pleasant surprise you dick is rock hard!Mommy wants to finish you off!I begin sucking your dick making you throb for my pussy!Mommy’s pussy get really wet!She is ready to fuck her precious son and take his virginity!Now be a good boy and cum deep in mommys pussy before daddy comes home!

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Kellie O’Brian – Virtual Incest Make Mom Proud FullHD (1080p/

AUG 25

Kellie O’Brian might be your new Step-Mom, but she thinks there is nothing worse than being known as a nagging Step-Mother! Kellie catches you alone in the bathroom and takes the opportunity to address the sexual tension that’s been building up between the two of you recently. After a quick discussion, Kellie decides the best way to deal with the issue would be for you to give her a hard fucking over the bathtub!

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Lovely Liliths Lusty Lair – Over Big Tits my Mommy – Spying on Mom AGAIN! FullHD (

Added: 8/16/17

Honey… what are you doing in here? Nothing? Why are you hiding on the other side of the bed? Does this have something to do with the shower the other day? It does?

Okay, honey. You know I said that was the only time. Why are you trying to sneak another peak? You like to see Mommy naked? I understand, but this has to stop.

I’ll let you stay in here and help me pick out a dress for my date, okay? But that’s it! No touching yourself either, promise?

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Bettie Bondage – Mom Helps You Win a Bet FullHD (1080p/

You and your friend made this stupid bet about jerking off: No jerking off for a whole month – loser has to cough up $500. You really don’t want to loose but it’s so hard! You’ve never even gone a week without jerking it. You’re finding that even being around your mom is turning you on! Granted, she is a total MILF but you’re normally able to stave off the attraction, jerk it to some porn and forget about it but now…she’s all you can think about. The other day you barged in on her in the bathroom just to catch a glimpse. You rub up against her in the kitchen…you can tell she feels your cock against her ass. You think she even wiggled back yesterday. Today, you offer to give her a footrub. With her feet in your lap, you can’t help it. You start to rub and grind yourself against her feet! She acts all offended, demanding an answer for your outlandish behavior.
You tell her about the bet, about how hard it is for you. You offer to pay her $300 of the $500 if she’ll help you get off without masturbating. Of course, she says no – she’s your mother, for goodness sake. But you push it. Beg for it. You even take your cock out so she can see how your cock is throbbing from lack of release. You can see her start to soften. She feels bad. Seeing her poor boy so desperate. You keep begging, pushing her, pleading, offering her money…
Finally, she relents. She agrees, telling you that you have an hour before Dad gets home. You watch as she grabs the lotion you used for her feet and drips some onto your already exposed cock. It doesn’t take long before she’s stroking and teasing you, brushing your cock against her lips and making you groan. You need to feel her mouth. No, she says, not for $300…
$500! You offer her the whole $500, if she’ll just take your cock into her mouth. She smiles, sliding you down her throat. My god, your mom’s mouth feels so good! You have to feel her pussy! You offer her $1000 – the whole $500 you’d pay out plus what you win! What if you both abstain? You’ll figure out the other $500, you need to fuck your mom! She grins. Ok, but because I want this! She says. Sure, you think, whatever gets her pussy on my cock…
You watch as she slides down her jeans and straddles you on the couch. Your rock hard cock slides against her pussy. She’s facing away, riding you cowgirl, sliding up and down your cock. You can’t believe how good she feels…you can’t believe you’re fucking your mother!!

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Kathia Nobili – Mom find your used condom under pillow!!! But this discussing deed of yours will change your life!!! You and your MOM become to be a LOVERS!!! FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/24/17

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You had no idea that your today deeds will change your life!!! Change completely your relation ship with you mother! But step by step…you are obsess with you mother! Now when you are the man and not a little boy any more…you realize how sexy…how erotic your mom is! And how much she turns you on!!! In every fantasy of yours…she is making you cum so hard!!! Fuck!!! You just hope it is going to pass…as this is drive you crazy! You living in one house with the woman of your dreams and you can’t fuck her…you can not because she is your MOM!!!
Well, this morning when you gone, your mom is coming to clean your room! And she find it…find the used condom…fill up with your sperm!!! She get all freak out and waiting you in your room when you come back for some serious explanation!!! And she goes real hard on you! ,, Are you pig or what?!!! You know very well, it was under you pillow!!! Together with magazines and everything! Look I don’t have problem with erotic satisfaction, it is normal in your age…but this…hiding used condom under you pillow is discussing!,,

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Bettie Bondage – Watching Your Mom with the Repairman FullHD (1080p/

Added: 5/18/17

Your mom has been fucking the repairman for months. Every once in a while, you’re home when he comes over to “fix something,” always when Dad is at work, of course. It’s your favorite type of
days, because they never close the door completely, and you stand in the hallway and watch. You should probably feel ashamed but your mom is a total smokeshow! You can’t help but stand there,
transfixed, stroking your cock while you watch them in your parent’s room. Last time, you swore she saw you out there when you finished.

This time, you’re almost certain she knows your out there…especially when she starts talking about if you know or not! She tells the repairman about how it makes her wet to think about you
watching, stroking to it…how she’d be easily blackmailed by you if he found out. Maybe it’s just dirty talk…except her eyes seem to dart over to the darkness of the hallway as she says it,
smirking with her mouth filled with cock…

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Kaidence King – Daddy Jerks His Cock to Me FullHD (1080p/

Kaidence comes into your (daddy’s) room and asks to talk. Her bf want to put it in her butt, but she was a good girl describes how she let him blow all over her face. The dirty talk continues as she describes the things her and her bf do. Eventually she notices your bulge and asks you to take it out and stroke it for you. This is more of a taboo story but there is stripping and nudity at the end.

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Anastasia Pierce POV – Unexpected Visitor Taboo Milf Virtual Sex HD (720p/

Added: 10/13/16

You go to school with my son, you two are the same age. You come to my house even though you know he is not here. My son is a bully and I know you are often his target. I invite you in my house and immediately I start to notice your eyes wandering on my big breast, tight sweater and round ass. I tell you it’s normal to get attracted to older woman. And today is your lucky day, I will take you to my bedroom and show you what’s hiding under my sweater, a shiny satin bra. And my big natural bouncy titts. Then I will ask you to lay down on the bed so I can straddle you and ride you. You are under me and over me watching my big milf boobs bounce. So close to you. We go all the way…

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Butt3rflyforu – Hot Milf Next Door Borrows More Than Cream HD (720p/

Added: 1/8/16

You have been watching me in my garden planting flowers, watching me wash my car in my teeny tiny bikini, and watching me walk to the mailbox. Now your parents aren’t home and I ring your bell asking to borrow cream! You look so hot I can’t resist having my way with you especially knowing your parents are not home. I demand you fuck me in your mom’s kitchen! I want your hot load in my mouth before your parents get back!

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Asian lil Mina rides your pathetic small cock HD (720p/

Added: 4/30/17

Your sis Mina owes you a huge favor so she’s going to pay you back now by doing something really taboo… riding her brother! She’s just going to get it over with and unzips your pants but it’s
a shock to her when she sees how small your weiner is!! She tries to NOT make a big deal but you can see the look of disgust and shock in her eyes as she pauses and says she will try her best!
She takes off her bra and mounts you… but she can’t feel it… is it in yet?? Oh it is in, she just checked. she starts bouncing but it keeps falling out because it’s so small… let’s just
adjust and put it back in… can you feel her? she can’t really feel it cuz she’s used to fucking big black cocks that really stretch her and fill her up!! Ugh…. she can’t believe she has to
do this…. let’s just get it over with… but it keeps coming out… just keep going… oh… you just came??? She looks down & sees the piddly amount of cum that came out.. she’s SO done with
you and you disgusting small penis. LOL she’s only fucking big black cocks from now on

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Taboo MILF Kristi – Virtual Incest Seducing My Son : Part 2 HD (1080p/

Added: 6/15/15

Oh honey…. you did it, you finally broke up with your soon to be fiance just like mommy asked. It’s so good that you did that for mommy because I was so worried about your well being… mommy knows that she is the only woman who can truly take care of you the way you need and when I heard that another woman was trying to steal you away…. well, mommy just couldn’t handle that now could she? Mommy is here for you, mommy is the only woman you will ever need. Come get in bed with my son… mommy wants to feel you close to her. Oh yes… that’s it, get under the blankets nice and close to me. I’m so happy that I have my sweet boy in bed next to me…. Mommy told you that she would be your one and only lover and now the time has come. Honey… mommy’s sweet boy…. I know this is your first ever time doing this and I am so incredibly happy that you first time is with me…. I am going to show you exactly how to do it… don’t worry, just do what mommy says…

Don’t miss out on this video… this is one of the most sensual realistically erotic virtual sex mommy videos you were ever get the pleasure of experiencing!
This is part 2 of my “Seducing My Son” video, you can purchase part 1 here. and I highly suggest that you do purchase part 1 for the incredibly sexy build up to the pure taboo ecstasy that is featured in this video!

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Virtual Incest – Breaking Chastity With My Brother HD (720p/

Added: 2/23/17

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Diane Andrews – Home For The Holiday FullHD (1080p/47036/

Added: 7/6/16

You come home for the holiday to your Aunt cooking. She gives you some food, and you can’t stop staring at her beautiful tits. As you eat, while you watch TV, when she talks. You are completely consumed with her tits. The movie you are watching with her shows a sex scene, and she attempts to cover your eyes and tells you not to watch, but just then you grab her tits. She removes your hand and tells you that’s not appropriate. Later, she’s changing into lingerie in her room and you are spying on her. She catches you and gets angry and tells you to come sit, you’re going to have a talk. She explains to you that you are not allowed to do that, but then suddenly she’s flirting and starts to seduce you! She definitely gives you something you won’t soon forget!

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Ceara Lynch – Service Your Sis FullHD (1080p/

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My little bro is home from college for the holidays. We began to reminisce on the “games” we used to play when we were younger. Mostly it was ME bossing him around and making him kiss my butt and feet. Well now that we are grown-up, you’d think he wouldn’t want to play games like that with me anymore. But I know that our childish games have imprinted you with some sick lustful memories of serving your big sister. I know you have jerked that little cock alone in bed while away at school. Wanting to worshipping my feet and licking my ass again. Since you’ve missed me so much, I’m going to make you suck my toes every day until you go back to school. I’ll even let you taste my asshole for old time’s sake.

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Meana Wolf – Run Away With Me FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/21/17

You were frightened at first when your sister snuck into your room. You haven’t seen her in over a year since she ran away from home. Your heart broke when she left because even though she had begged you to come with her, you were too scared. Scared of leaving…but also scared of your feelings for her. Feelings that you think she shared. She looks different. She says you do too. She wants you to come away with her tonight. To run away and never look back. She says that out there, you can be anything you want. She says we can start our own family together. You haven’t seen her in so long, and here she is, in your bed. You feel your cock start to ache for her. She feels it too. You make plans to leave before dawn. And then you kiss… you kiss her like you’ve never kissed her, or anyone before. And she kisses you right back. She says she wants you inside of her… you want it too. You move to find a condom but she insists that she doesn’t want one. She says you owe her more than that. She climbs on top of you and you slide your bare cock inside your sister for the first time. You feel your body shaking as she grinds her hips on you. It all just feels so right as your sister’s tight little pussy squeezes your cock. She turns around and grinds her pussy on your face as she sucks your cock. Then you move her down and thrust your bare cock into your sister again and again. She starts to cum and her gentle moans are too much for you to handle…you cum deep inside your sister’s pussy. You both lay there breathless…and she whispers, “I think you just made me pregnant” with a big smile on her face.

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