Jess Ryan – Jack Off To Mommy’s Ass FullHD (1080p/2017)

It’s that time again!!! Time for a young boy to suffer a humiliating Masturbation at the hands of his Teacher!!! Miss Lisa Hype keeps Matthew Wood behind, as She dismisses the rest of the class, and tells him he is going to be Masturbated. The boy tells Miss Hype that the Coach is expecting him for basketball practice….so Miss Hype calls the Coach while she Jerks….to inform Coach that Matthew will miss practice, because he is being Masturbated. Then….Miss Hype calls his Mom!!! The Jerky Teacher tells Mrs. Woods that She is keeping Her Son after school to be Masturbated. The young boy is horrified and humiliated as Miss Hype makes him cum all over himself. Just another day in The After School Masturbation Club!!!

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Who is Mother Fucker! FullHD (1080p/2017)

Busted again, son….haha!…you just can’t keep your little nose out of my dirty panties, can you? Hmm…I’ve caught you over and over again, sniffing the crotch of my panties, and every single time I catch you, your little cock is hard as a rock. You’re a dirty little panty pervert…aren’t you, son?
I’ve known you sniff my panties for years…and it’s always turned me on. You do know what you’re smelling there, right son? You’re sniffing your mother’s pussy when you put my panties up to your face and inhale…that’s mommy’s cunt you’re smelling baby. And you like it a lot, don’t you? Mmm….you’d probably like to sniff mommy’s panties while I’m still wearing them…wouldn’t you? Say ‘yes, mommy’….say, ‘please mommy’…that’s my good boy.
Come closer, baby…come sit right between mommy’s knees on the floor here….lean in…that’s my good boy…put your nose right up against the crotch of mommy’s wet panties…
…ahh, yes baby…smell mommy’s pussy…deep breaths. You love that smell, don’t you? Mmm…and I love to watch your little cock twitch every time you inhale.
Touch yourself, baby…play with your wiener while you sniff mommy’s pussy…that’s my good son…mmm…feels so good, baby. Mommy’s going to pull these panties aside and let you sniff and lick my pussy now baby…don’t be bashful, it’s okay, son. Mommy’s pussy tastes even better than it smells, and if you put your tongue in it you’ll make your mommy cum all over your little mouth while you’re jerking your stiff cock. Do it now, son…lick mommy’s pussy hole just like you licked the crotch of my panties…get your tongue in there…fuck, son…yes! You’re making your mommy cum all over your sweet little tongue, baby…and look at your cock spurting as you do…mmm…mommy’s good little pussy licking panty pervert. I love you baby.

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Princess Kimber Lee – Step-Son Blows His Load On My Face FullHD (1080p/

Have you seen your father? I can’t seem to find him anywhere in this house! I swear, every time i turn around, that man is
off doing who knows what.. Honestly, we’ve been having some issues recently.. We aren’t really intimate anymore and it’s really taking a tol on me. I’m a woman, I have needs! Maybe you and I could do
some experimenting? Only if you want to of course.. Just sit back, relax, and let your step-mom do everything! It’s been so long sinceI’ve had a hard cock in my mouth! I want your load all over my
face!! But you can’t tell your father about this!!

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Sarah Rae’s Big Boob Emporium – Step Sister Reverse Bra Titfuck FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/5/17

I’m your busty step sister and late one night I’ve asked you to come into my room. When you come in I have a towel wrapped around me. You think I’ve just gotten out of the shower, but when I remove the towel you realize that I am basically topless, wearing just my bra with the back strap barely covering my nipples. The strap is so tight around my huge tits, making my cleavage look MASSIVE. You want to know what’s going on and I confess to snooping around on your laptop when I borrowed it the other day. I tell you that I found several pictures of women with breasts as big as mine wearing bras in the same reverse style that I am right now. I tell you that I notice you looking at my tits all the time and that I fantasize about you fucking them. I shake them for you and encourage you to slide your big, hard cock in between them and let your step-sister’s huge tits pump out every drop of cum! Squirting dildo at the end with cum lube

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Lovely Lilith – Jealous Step-mom Needs Son’s Giant Cock SD (1080p/

Added: 8/21/17

You surprise your step-mom by coming home early from college. Not only that, you’ve brought a girl home with you. Since your dad is out of town, you know you can get away with fucking your girlfriend without him interfering. Unknown to you, your step-mom is outside your door listening. The sounds of you fucking drives her to jealous desire. Your dad hasn’t been fucking her like he should, and now she craves your giant cock. Your busty step-mom wakes you with a surprise blow job. Will she seduce you into fucking her?

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Little Puck – Fuck Ur Wife’s Lil Sis POV FullHD (1080p/

I flounce in with a cutesy smile and ask if my sister’s home…acting surprised to find out she isn’t. Is it weird if you help me unbutton my blouse? It’s so hard to do with my new set of nails. “Am I being too risque, you are a married man…you aren’t even allowed to see other girl’s pussies are you….not even your sister-in-law’s pussy…not even a quick peek?” I tease you and reveal that I’m not wearing panties, my pretty pussy on display for you…”That didn’t hurt anybody did it?” I laugh and notice you didn’t make the bed. I bounce up showing off my bare ass…”you can’t help staring at my fat ass can you?” I watch your cock swell in your pants and I start rubbing my pussy. “It’s pretty obvious you want me, your dick twitches when you see me, even with my sister on your arm.” I tell you to whip your cock out and spit on it and stroke for me. I’m so fucking horny, I need to fuck you! (5min) New Angle: Reverse Cowgirl POV. You rub your swollen dick head right on my cunt, teasing me, sliding slick on my clit, I beg for you to give it to me. I bounce on your dick while moaning and talking dirty and swearing. “My sister never has to know you like my tight, young cunt. I’ve always known you’ve had a thing for me…You’re a bad boy…a bad man..turns out I love fucking bad men.” (4min) New Angle: Lying Down Doggy POV. I shove my pussy down on your dick and breathe heavy and moan. “Ever since I met you I knew you wanted to be inside of me…I can feel it in the way you look at me…how badly you want my tight cunt. I don’t give a fuck that she’s my sister….I just love fucking married men and the fact that you’re my brother-in-law just makes it so much hotter, makes my pussy wetter and tighter. But you can’t cum inside me, that would be wrong…you can cum on my face though!” I clench my pussy around your cock and squeal. (2min) New Angle: Reverse Cowgirl POV Close-up. I bounce hard and fast and take your dick so good while still talking dirty & swearing. (2min) New Angle: Cowgirl Virtual Fucking. I ride your cock like a wild thing….I start to get a little crazier…desperate for your dick. “We should do this whenever she’s at work….I need this cock in my life now, you’re a part of my pussy now!” (2min) New Angle: POV On Knees. “Give me your nut before my sister comes home, before your wife comes home…..I want it so bad, please!” You nut all over my face and tits and I rub it in so happy and thanking you and licking it off my face. I tease you that I might blackmail you into giving more cumloads…but I know it won’t take much convincing. Featuring facial, POV, lots of angles featuring ass, schoolgirl outfit, stockings, glasses, Virtual Sex, taboo roleplay, constant dirty talk, orgasm.

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Virtual Incest – Mom and Son share a Creampie HD (720p/2017)

Cum fucking, Cum filled pussy, Big tits, Sloppy sex, Sloppy seconds, Step Mom, Step son, Fantasy role play, bareback fucking, internal cumshot, impregnation.

You have gotten home early from school and hear some strange noises coming from your mom’s room. As you look through the cracked open door you see one of your friends on top of your mom, convulsing in orgasm inside her! He stands up and you see your mom pussy soaking wet from all of the cum smeared all over her pussy. Your friend quickly leaves and you watch her playing gently and happily with her wet pussy. She notices you and you enter the room. She tries to explain, describing her need for sex, for cum inside her. It excites you when she tells you that all of your friends fuck her, most of the football team was there, cumming inside her today. This has made your cock start to grow, and you ask her if it’s ok that you like thinking about their cum inside her. “Of course that’s ok honey! You should never feel bad about liking cum too!”

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