Lovely Lilith – Your Father’s cum won’t work! I need yours! FullHD (1080p/

Hey Jr! You’re home a few days early, aren’t you? That’s okay… your dad’s still at work though.
Actually, this kind of works out in my favor. I’ve been wanting to ask you something. It’s kind of personal… and I know you and I haven’t gotten along since I married your dad (considering our age difference and all)… but just hear me out!
We’ve been trying to have a baby… and it’s just not happening. Your dad is shooting blanks! I was hoping that… well… maybe you’d give me your cum instead? It would basically be like he got me pregnant– you guys share the same genes! I’d be grateful forever!
I know how much you love big tits– I’d let you play with mine whenever you want– when your dad isn’t home! Just please, Jr! Please!
Will you fuck me and get me pregnant?

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Jordana Leigh – Skype Session With Mommy HD (720p/

Your my son, and you’re away at college, and can’t get home for the holidays this year, because of the bad weather. So, I decide to have along Skype conversation with you, to make you feel better. After talking a little and seeing that you are down, I want to do something to make you feel better, so i SHOW YOU MOMMY’S BREASTS, since i know you like them so much, and strip down to GRANNY PANTIES. When I see that that cheers you up a little, i decide I want to do something even more extra special for my little boy, to really brighten your day. So, I go into my bedroom, and fix myself up to look young and SEXY, JUST FOR YOU. When I come out, I am wearing BLACK LINGERIE, full makeup and my hair is down. I see that you are getting hard, so i continue to encourage you to STROKE YOUR COCK, while i undress further, and play with myself as well. Maybe the holidays aren’t so bad…even from a million miles away…

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Penny – Stepmum Needs Your Cum HD (720p/

You and your stepmother have never been terribly close. She’s only a few years older than you and although you think she’s sexy the two of you barely speak. So when she calls you into her room one night while your father is away you get a little excited..

She asks, can you keep a secret?

She tells you your father can’t have and has given her money for IVF treatment.She has other plans for the money.She shows her her breasts.
She says she wants to fuck you,she wants your seed.She wants YOU to get her pregnant, her own stepson.
You can’t deny your growing erection. She explains she wants to use her hands on you first to calm your nerves, she keeps saying the dirtiest things.
She wants you to “pump her full of cum”. You can’t believe your own stepmother talking like this. You keep telling her your darkest secrets.
What happens next is better than your wettest dream.

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Penny – Little Sister Helps You Sleep HD (720p/

Psst! You awake
I know you’re trying to sleep big brother but I was remembering all the times we used to lay in bed together when we were younger. I can’t sleep I had a nightmare…
Just let me lay in bed with you? Just let me touch you? Maybe I could help you fall asleep? Relieve some tension quickly?
I know we aren’t as close now that you have a girlfriend and everything but I want to feel your cock inside me big brother.
I want you to pulse underneath me and I want you to watch my budding little tits bounce while I grind my pussy onto you. You don’t have to even do anything just lay where you are I’ll do all the work. Just watch me.

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Taboo MILF Kristi – Christmas Break with Mommy FullHD (1080p/

Oh baby, I’m so happy to wake up and see you sitting infront of me! I thought for sure with all of the snow that your flight would be delayed but here you are! This is absolutely the best Christmas present you could ever give me! I’ve been so lonely since you left for college and I am so absolutely thrilled that you came home for Christmas break. You know honey, I have a present for you too… you just have to close your eyes to get it. Go ahead, close your eyes…
Ok, open your eyes! Well, what do you think? Do you like this sexy little Christmas outfit I picked out just for you? I saw it in the store and I just knew you would love it. It reminds me of all of those sexy times that we spent together before you left… that special relationship we developed before you moved on… I really missed you sweetie. I missed the way you taste… the way you feel…. and I really missed your….. your hard cock.
Oh baby, I want you to give mommy a present right now for old time’s sake. I want you to give me your hard cock and I want you to creampie my pussy for Christmas! The only thing I want for Christmas is your hard cock deep in my wet pussy!

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