Butt3rflyforU Fantasies – Grief Stricken Mommy – Female Desperation, Virtual Incest FullHD m4 2016

Added: 7/4/16 10:00AM

Since the Army arrived at my door informing me that daddy didn’t make it home, I have been stuck in bed grief stricken. Although your father and I weren’t that intimate, it is still difficult not having him around. I have no one to bounce ideas off, no one to eat dinner with or help me around the house. You come into my bedroom to find me laying in the same spot for days. Eventually I will need intimacy and help around the place and you are just the right man for mommy! ENJOY!

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Lovely Lilith – Spying on Mom 4: Happy Anniversary – step mom, son, family, role play, big tits FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2018]

Added: 1/15/18 10:10AM

It’s your parents’ anniversary today. You know your absent father won’t remember it. He’s even away on business. He keeps avoiding your super busty mother and leaving her sexually neglected. Each time you spend time with her, the more you can tell she wants you instead. This has given you an idea. You decide to surprise her with a present- a tight dress and note that says:
“Wear this dress tonight. I’m making dinner… but not until after I fuck you senseless… Happy Anniversary”
Your mom is under the impression her husband actually remembered their special day. She’s surprised when he doesn’t show up… and instead… it’s you. Touched that you’ve been so thoughtful, she surprises even you.

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Korina Kova – Stepson caught spying: Foot Fetish – Barefoot ,Foot Fetish, Big Tits FullHD [1080p/Canadian /manyvids.com/Jan 21 2018]

This was a custom but no names are used, I am watching my own porn and giving my torso a footjob, I am so turned on that I change into a different outfit and I continue to pleasure myself, I catch my stepson spying and make a deal that he wont tell his dad about my naughty vids and I will let him watch me finish, I beg for his cum on my feet and as I am licking them clean my husband walks in catching us

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Xev Bellringer – Mommy Caught You Spying, A Forbidden Fantasy – Virtual sex, Virtual Incest FullHD [1080p/clisp4sale.com/2018]

Added: 1/31/18 5:12pm

Fantasy includes: taboo, mother/son, virtual sex, virtual cock sucking, sensitive cock, foreplay, big tits, confessions, confrontation, riding, bouncing, moaning, virtual creampie, pov

Your mother comes into your bedroom, wearing only a lacy pair of bra and panties. Her hands gently caress your body through the covers to wake you. She knows what you are hiding, your dirty little secret. What you had been up to that night. Every night. Standing outside her bedroom door… listening to your mother and father having sex.
She is so loving, so gentle. You did nothing wrong, after all a boy your age has only one thing on his mind. Her body presses against yours as she moves in under the sheets. You can’t help it, you want her… and she knows it. Your mother straddles and lays down on top of you, soft breasts pooling on your chest… her face inches from yours. She wants you to admit it, your secret. That you imagine fucking your own mother.

You can’t imagine anything else in that moment. Her body rubs on yours, every little movement and bounce making your cock grow harder and harder against her. Your mother has a secret too… she imagines fucking you when she’s with your father. In fact… she’s thinking about it RIGHT NOW. Her hand squeezes your throbbing cock… strokes it… and slips you into her wet pussy.

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Virtaul Incest Kitty LeRoux – Ass To Mouth: Last Christmas FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2018]

Added: 1/18/18 03:50PM

You’re having a crappy Christmas Eve. You’re just not feeling it after your girlfriend of 3 months broke up with you that morning. By the time your family got together, you don’t even want to wear your ugly Christmas sweater. Your cousin pops into your room upstairs to check on you.
You’re her favorite cousin and she hasn’t gotten to talk to you much. She sees you aren’t feeling well. After you tell her what happened..she’s pissed off with you! You two have had your own tradition since you were : playing video games and consuming way too much sugar- so she wants you to feel better so you can rejoin the festivities.
She flashes you her big tits in her sexy red lace bra, “It’s just to prove my point…plenty of other tits in the sea.” You are suddenly feeling a bit better…and she notices. “Do you think they’ve noticed we’re both gone?”. Surprising you, she’s takes off her sweater and bra and puts your hands on her tits and makes you squeeze them.
The thrill of getting caught is turning her on even more. You could swear she’s grinding on your leg as you touch her. You deny that it’s making you hard, but she teases the outline of your cock through your jeans. “Seeing is believing.” It’s like she can’t help herself when she starts going down on you, telling you that you’ll forget all about old-whats-her-face when she’s done with you.

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Virtual Incest Kitty LeRoux – Blackmail: Cumming in Mommy FullHD [studio/87319/1080p/clips4sale.com/2018]

Added: 1/3/18 10:52PM

Your Christmas gift for your mom came late this year, but she doesn’t mind. She opens it up and finds that you’ve gifted her a virgin- sweater. She’s a bit confused but reassures you she likes it, and to your surprise, she says that she’ll try it on. When she comes back in the room, your mom is wearing the sweater..over another sweater…and with jeans on- but her hair is up in pigtails like you asked.
You tell her it’s on wrong and she’s confused. After you suggest it, she takes out her phone and googles a picture of how it is supposed to be worn. “…I..am not…wearing it like that…No.” You’re disappointed and go to talk to her later in the evening when you find her in her bedroom on the phone. “That’s right, my husband is out of town for a whole week. I want you to fuck me hard. My pussy is wet just thinking about it.”
You’re absolutely shocked to hear your mom is cheating on your father. Her eyes meet yours and she does her best to excuse herself. “That..was a man…that was…Jeff..the … CEO. I was uh..giving him an earful about shipping policies, especially around holidays.” You’re not buying it..and she starts to panic.
After offering you things of little actual worth to you, she has no other option than to put on the sweater the way it’s supposed to be worn, in trade of you keeping your mouth shut. She models it uncomfortably. “Are you sure this is the right size?” Damn, your mom is so fucking curvy in that thing. Her tits are busting out of it and it’s making you hard.
This is EXACTLY what you wanted. Now you want even more in order to stay quiet about her infidelity. She is unsure, but agrees to help you get off. The deal has been made. Your mom is on her knees in front of you, her lips wrapped around your cock, and you’re going to explode. “Not in my mouth sweetie.”
She doesn’t expect the two huge ropes of cum that spurt out of you for an amazing orgasm…but you’re still hard. There’s so much cum dripping down her face she can barely open her eyes while she’s talking to you, confused and exasperated. “You…you want my pussy? …Fine”. Before you know it, she’s on her back, her makeup is ruined and dripping down her face with the cum from your first orgasm.

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Virtual Incest sex – Kitty LeRoux – Mommy Is Your Christmas Present FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 12/16/17 02:48AM

After coming back from your dad’s place, your mom wants to talk to you about the presents earlier. “Sweety, I love what you got me but…mommy can’t wear this outside of her..bedroom.” She also noticed how disappointed you were after opening all of your presents. “I feel like I missed something.” Your mom is such a sweetheart, but she doesn’t know the one thing you’ve been aching for all year long has been her…that is until she finds out. “I was looking on your computer for hints of something I may have missed…” and that’s all it took for you to turn red in the face. You think your Christmas is ruined, until your mom starts unzipping her jacket and sliding her own pants off to reveal the present you got her. “Mommy can be your present this year. You wrapped me up so nicely. I feel so sexy and pretty.” Her boobs are huge, she’s beautiful, and she’s giving herself to you..your own mother. Moans escape from her red lips as she gets on top of you. “I didn’t know this would feel so good.” Seems mommy has been lonely during the holiday. She reveals she wants this to be the best present ever…so she wants you to cum in her. When you woke up this morning, you never expected mommy to be your Christmas present.

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Jessie Minx – Stealing Your Seed – Crazy Big Tits my Mommy FullHD [American/manyvids.com/2018]

Jan 17

You’re annoyed that you have to share a bed with your busty show off of a cousin, she won’t even put something decent on when you guys are f.orced to share a bed. Come on whats the big deal? You stay on your side and I’ll stay on mine. You grudgingly get into bed and drift off to s.leep, next thing you know your having an ertoic dream… of your cousin! Wait… is it a dream? You drift in and out as she rides you and explicitly tells you to cum inside of her so she can have your love c.hild. Her breast close to your face and bouncing just turns you on more… this is so wrong but she wont let up and rides you till you cum

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Goddess Vera Price – cum on nympho Moms huge tits FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

“My tits have been so sore lately!” Vera says, rubbing lotion onto her enormous breasts. “I think it’s because your father’s been out of town for so long… I’m not used to going this long without sex. Ugh…” she moans, looking down at her white skin and erect nipples. “I’m just so sensitive!”

Vera gets an odd look in her eye. “You know, I read on one of those hippie websites that semen was really good for issues like this… it wouldn’t be weird if you came on my tits if it were medicinal, would it? I mean, it’s normal for sons to take care of their parents… Why don’t you just take it out and stroke it for me, please?? I want your big, thick load all over my breasts. I want to taste your cum dripping off them.. Can you please help me, son?”

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Goddess Vera Price – Mommy’s Pretty Cocksucker – Femdom , POV, Futa FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 7/14/17 8:05pm

Honey, it’s become obvious you aren’t nearly enough of a man to find a girl. Let Mommy teach you all about boys, how to suck cock and take it like a good little slut. In fact, Mommy’s going to put on her own, special cock and give you a demonstration. No son of mine is going to embarrass me with a half-assed blowjob. No, I you’re going to put those lips to use

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Lynda Leigh – Horny Stepmom – masturbation, fingering, milf, high heels FullHD [1080p/LyndaLeigh.com/2018]

Lynda knows how much you like her and that she is your stepmom. Lynda wants your opinion on what to wear. She knows what you like and she is teasing you. Bare legs or stockings.? Then Lynda picks up her heels and she knows that they really make you hard. Lynda teases you with them before putting her stockings on. Then the heels are on and Lynda is playing with her pussy. She knows how to get you hard and spreads her pussy for you. Lynda always gets what she wants and she wants your cock..

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Virtual Incest sex Roxi Keogh – Naughty Stepmom – Jerk Off Instruction Pt2 FullHD [2018/WankItNow/FullHD]

After you’re epic wanking session with your step-mom Roxi, you decides to get a bit more daring. You leave porn on in the computer again but this time it is blowjobs and you plan works a treat, Roxi comes into the living room and tells you what a cheeky boy you really are but seen as she said she would teach you a thing or two about sex she expected you to want more. She drops to her knees and takes your already hard dick in her mouth and begins sucking, when she is finished she instructs you to bend her over the couch and fuck her hard and deep.

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Virtual Incest sex Vera’s Loving Family – Mommy’s New Medication Made Her a Nympho FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 12/18/17

Ugh, your father’s been out of town for the last month and I don’t know how much more I can take! You see, son, they put me on this new medication and one of the side effects is an uncontrollable sex drive. I’m going crazy here and there’s only so much toys can do for a woman like me! Will you help me? I’ve seen that big, thick cock of yours. It can be our little secret.

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Vera’s Loving Family – Interracial BBC Taboo Mom Blowbang – virtual blowjobs, dildo sucking FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 10/27/17 10:05PM

This is so out of character for me, but I just *need* better cock. My husband doesn’t do anything for me, but you are just so *big*…. Ugh, I love having my lips around you… if anyone found out about this my marriage would be ruined! Thank goodness my son shouldn’t be home for another hour. FUCK! Oh, honey… you were supposed to be at practice. This, this isn’t what it looks like… Oh, god, my breasts are out, this is so embarrassing! Ok. Ok. What do I need to do to keep you from telling your father about this? He *can’t* know. What if.. What if I gave you the best orgasm of your life? Come here, son. Let me taste your precum, take you deep down my throat. I’ll pleasure both of you at once. I want his load down my throat, and yours spackled all over my face… mmm, yes, that’s right. I want your cum all over my face. Do it. This can be our little secret.

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