Bettie Bondage – Mommy’s Peep Show mp4 FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/25/17 5:25am

Your mother is prancing around the house in just a pair of black and cream colored panties and nude heels, clicking her feet across the hardwood and teasing you through the cracked door of your bedroom. She advances, telling you she’s done teasing you…she knows you want to see her get fucked and take cum, and now you’re going to. She’s going to leave the door to her bedroom cracked and give you a show! You’re going to have a front-row seat to your mommy riding your father’s cock, sucking and fucking him until he covers her in cum! You’re already stroking as she teases you with her gorgeous curves, spreading her ass and giggling as she walks into her room. Just as promised, she leaves the door cracked and gives you an incredible show: dirty talking your father, calling herself “Mommy” and staring straight at you as she teases you with her body and words. Your father’s hard cock slides into her pussy as she rides him, bouncing her round ass up and down and showing you everything. She takes him from behind, on her back, and then strokes him off onto her face! What an incredible experience, you think, as she approached the half-closed door where you stand. Getting on her knees, she purrs at you, “Oh, you didn’t think I’d just leave you here, did you?” Her face is covered in cum as she sucks and strokes you, urging you to add your seed to her cum-covered visage, making you erupt a powerful stream of seed across her face. She grins as you stand, spent and elated at finally being able to give your mother your cum

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Bettie Bondage – Bedtime story FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/4/17 5:00am

Every night, your mom comes into your bedroom to tuck you in, and have your “special time” together. This has been going on for as long as you can remember. It’s your special secret, that each night your mother comes into the room and tells you a story while she strokes your cock and makes you cum. Sometimes she uses her mouth, swallowing your load with a moan while she rubs her clit. But tonight, she tells you, “tonight is special, baby…” She has a very special story about a mommy and her son, who share everything together: first handjob, first blowjob, just like you do. And one very special night, just like tonight, this mommy helps her son become a man. As your mother tells you this, she straddles your throbbing cock, rubbing you against her wet pussy, stroking you against herself as she tells you that tonight, you’re going to lose your virginity and become a man. She slides herself onto your cock and groans, sinking you deep inside herself as she tells you how perfect you feel, leaning forward to whisper into your ear. You can feel her pussy twitch around your cock, milking you into her. She tells you to try not to cum just yet…”but you can cum inside my pussy, sweetie. That’s ok…” When you can’t hold back any longer, she urges you to let go inside her pussy, to cum and fill her up. Always a good boy, you do as your mother says and explode insider her. She tells you that you did a wonderful job, confessing that she’s ovulating and she wants to give you a brother. “Our relationship is so special, but I want to share this with someone…your new little brother…thank you sweetie…”

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Bettie Bondage – Becoming a man with Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/15/17 5:00am

It’s your birthday, and your parents have been hinting at what a special birthday its going to be for you. You wonder what that could mean. Maybe a car? A big trip? But when your mother sits you down, you think you must’ve guessed really wrong. She says its something both she and your dad experienced at the same age, something special about becoming an adult. When she takes out a big thick dildo, you think she’s going to teach you about the birds and the bees! She can be so embarrassing. “Mom,” you groan, “I had sex ed years ago…you don’t have to like, explain the parts of a penis to me!” she chuckles, explaining that this isn’t for educational purposes.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom needs your cum FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/23/17 5:00am

You’re in the hallway when your mother comes out of the bathroom, wearing just panties and black leather heels! She smirks at you – she’s been such a cocktease lately – telling you she’s just going to put your father to bed and then come say goodnight to you, swaying her ass and teasing you as she walks away. You go to the door of their bedroom, which she left cracked…she’s been doing that a lot lately…and watch as she sucks and rides your father. She keeps peering out into the hallway. You know she sees you, but you can’t stop yourself. Your mother, her heavy tits swaying, her ass bouncing up and down as she calls herself mommy while she fucks your father…it makes you so hard. You run back to your room to beat off before she comes to say goodnight… …Only you aren’t quick enough. She comes into your room, barging in while you try to hide your erection. She laughs, “Sweetie, I know what you’re doing…I’m here to help!” she gets on her knees beside your bed and takes you into her mouth, telling you about how your father emptied two loads into her – her pussy and her mouth – but still, she’s cum hungry! She needs more seed, she needs you to add your cum to her dirty little slut mouth. “C’mon sweetie, be a good boy for mommy and cum in my mouth!”

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Kylee Nash – Helping Mommy in the Kitchen FullHD (1080p/

Added: 12/10/17 6:08pm

In this age play roleplay, you are “mommy’s little helper”. After baking some cookies together, Mommy Kylee suggests a new game. She starts by unbuttoning her top to show off her big boobies, then tells you to take off your pants so she can see your little wee-wee and gently suggests that you see how it feels when you stroke it. She then takes your cute little penis into her mouth and sucks on it. Does that feel good? Do you want to make Mommy Kylee feel good too? Let Mommy Kylee show you how she uses that little wee-wee to make her pussy cum.

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Kitty LeRoux – Mommy’s A Succubus FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/14/17 4:10pm

It’s a significant day for you. After your birthday party guests leave, you go to find your mom. It’s so weird, it’s like she’s got a sixth sense for your presence. She’s so sweet and normal, but she’s been really tired lately and you’re worried about her- it is just you two, after all- and it always has been. She mentions feeling depleted of energy lately, but tells you not to worry. “I’ve been wanting to tell you something, though, but I wanted to wait until your birthday.” She’s so cute and frumpy and nervous while she tries to overcome her anxious feelings to tell you, doing a poor job of trying to fold the sheet in her hands. She takes a big breath and throws the sheet up in the air in defeat…but when it comes back down, your mother is not standing before you. “I’m a succubus, sweety. I always have been.” You’re stunned. She looks completely different…she’s gorgeous…she’s..HOT. She’s not shy, she’s oozing sexual energy and…she wants yours. Seems the more you’ve been growing, the more she’s been wanting you. She’s put all her effort into raising you, but she can’t help it anymore..and she NEEDS you, she NEEDS your cum. “You have certain..natural instincts, being my son…what are they telling you to do?” You feel your desire growing. You want to pound her and fill her full of your seed, you can barely contain yourself. “Mmmmm…I’m so proud of you. Mommy raised such a sexy boy. Fill me with your strong seed.” You love seeing her indulge herself with your cum.

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MissTiff – Mummy’s little pervert HD (British/720p/

You are my mom who found my iPhone in the kitchen as you wanted to download some pictures from from our vacation together. When browsing my photos in camera roll you found a dirty photo of me playing with your dildos and cumming on them. You call me to your bedroom. You are sitting on your bed, iPhone in your hand. You show me the picture (pleas show the attached photo on your phone to camera) and scold me. You tell me that you are shocked that I was playing with your toys. Its is disgusting that I came all over them, because you were still using them. I am aroused by the situation and I have a hard on, even more I keep staring at your crotch, because you are getting wet. You scold me again that I am looking in your crotch. I start to rub your feet and I slowly start to massage your legs. You discourage me “What are you doing?” and try to resist, but you are aroused by it. I keep massaging you, and I start to jerk off. You scold me again, but still let me massage you and jerk off. I massage you around your pussy and suddenly rip your tights. Again you are a little bit shocked, but your are very horny. I start to rub you and spank you with my cock (please use naturally pink colored dildo), you help me jerk off, suck me a little bit and then finally let me fuck you. As I am fucking you (again please use dildo) you spit on your pussy. You tell me “This is so wrong” “You can’t fuck your mummy”.. I pull up your sweater to see your tits, I finally cum all over your pussy, belly and tits. Please cut to you with fake cum/spit all over you, lick it… and tell me to make a photo in iPhone to remember

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Sweet Milk Tits – Giving my good boy a bath/ Taboo Son cums on Mom FullHD (1080p/

feel coddled, loved, and cared for by mom throughout this video. You are my little boy let mommy take care of you. ** Storyline and roleplay “Home from practice already?”.. How about you tell me about your day. Oh you dont want to talk. *pouts. How about I give you a bath so you can relax and get all clean. Lets go. Let me start the bath for you and make sure its nice and hot. *mommy bends over and you cant help but stare at her with admiration and love. How she cares for you and your needs over hers. Let mommy take off those stinky clothes of yours. I pull down my sons pants and shyly with my eyes closed pull down your boxers…but i open my eyes and get a full face of your giant penis. OHhhh how you’ve grown since the last time I’ve given you baths. Come on lets get you in the bath. Mommy scrubs you all over while talking to my sweet boy. How much I love you and how much you’ve grown. Oh I missed a spot where?? I lean in closer to get that spot on your back my bussom popping out my top tempting you. You can’t control yourself and grab my bussom hard. Jerking back fast “you cant touch mommy like that”… “Im sorry my breast are Turing you on”..”to be honest seeing your penis earlier had my mind wondering” … “no we shouldnt want to do things more or feel this way.. its wrong”…. How about I hop in the bath and we can see where this goes. Mommy undresses in front of you before she catches you peeking. you close your eyes shut fast. Waiting for mommy to be naked in the bath with you. Mommy misses how she used to bath you, clean you and bathe with you when you were younger. You miss it too?? I miss you too son. Ohhh how these bubbles around you are fading exposing parts of you I haven’t seen in quite some time. I know you like seeing me naked and soapy in the bath with you but… *mommy confronts you groping her But you cant touch me like that.. Your my son….. I cant deny I did like you touching my breast. You father doesn’t touch me like that anymore. You show me how hard I’ve gotten my good boy and you confess you want to penetrate me. “Thats Bad..that’s wrong”. How about mommy touches you instead.. I stroke you and your cock keeps growing and growing as I go up and down. Mommy’s making you so excited. You confess craving mommy’s pussy but we cant no we cant, your my son. Mommy get nervous and stops stroking you. Mommy’s easy and horny she agrees to start again but we cant tell anyone and this only happens this one time ok. No one will ever know. Stoking and softly touching your big cock mommy teases you getting you close then making you edge. This is only happening once so Im going to savor it. Gripping your cock mommy starts again and even opens her mouth making moans teasing and pretending your cock is in her mouth. Finally ready to let you cum mommy softly jerks you very softly and opens her mouth and squeezes her tits together for you to cum all over her. One small jerk and you explode all your young seed that’s built up over the years onto mommy

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Kylee Nash – Sneaking Into Mommy’s Bed FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/14/17 8:05am

What’s wrong, honey? Did Mommy’s little boy have a bad dream? You’re getting to be a bit old to share a bed with me, but I’ll let you sleep next to me tonight.
I turn over to go back to sleep, but next thing I know I feel something poking me in the butt! Oh goodness, that’s definitely not appropriate to be doing to Mommy. Oh no, I’ve made my little boy cry! It’s okay, sweetie, Mommy doesn’t want to make you feel bad. Okay, Mommy will help you out just this once. Let Mommy suck your dick so you can go back to bed. What?! You want to cum in Mommy’s pussy? Well I’ve already had your cock in my mouth so I guess this one time won’t hurt….

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