Butt3rflyforU Fantasies – Virtual Incest Bath Time With Mommy HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 8/9/16

You catch me in the bath tub with a bath full of bubbles. You always did love bathing with me as a young boy. But you know how generous and nice mommy is, so of course I am going to invite you into my bubble bath. It reminds me of when you were a little boy. You take me up on my invitation. You climb in and slowly relax into the bubbles. I tell you first to help me wash my back and the hard to reach areas. It felt so good to have your strong hands on my body. I can’t just stop with a back wash. I tell you to rub me down there….wash my privates…..it felt so good to have your fingers down there… I tell you to slip a few fingers inside mommy…go ahead honey…it’s ok…wash mommy down there and make me feel good. I get a bit out of control and want more…I want to pleasure you too. I begin stroking your hard , young cock and talking rather dirty…this is a side you love and crave for more….I want you to touch me again down there..you make me feel so good. I love seeing your hard penis poking through the bubbles. I can’t take it anymore and I turn around telling you mommy is going to sit down on you….I need you …..I need you to slip inside of me…I need to cum all over you honey….It’s bath time now ! ENJOY!

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Ashley Alban – Step-Sis Wakes You Up HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 8/1/17

You wake up to your step-sis Ashley shaking you. She’s exasperated. She asks if you forgot that you agreed to drive her to school today. She complains that she doesn’t want to get in trouble for being late again. She says that if you don’t get up soon she’s going to tell mom on you, and she turns to leave and you see her fat ass in her leggings. You mutter something about her ass a little too loudly and she spins around. She says that just because you two are step-siblings doesn’t mean you can check her out like that. It’s weird, and plus, she says that you’re not hot enough to get with her. You tell her that you’ll get up if she shakes her ass for you. She’s annoyed but she needs to get to school so she agrees if you’re willing to stop and buy her coffee on the way.

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Big Sister Cowgirl Fuck : Taboo HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

You enter your room coming home from a disappointing date. You are startled when you see me rubbing my little dick all over your brand new boots. You scold me in your big sister way saying “Freeze boot boy!…what are you doing?!…I just got these yesterday” while taking them away from me. You then say “remember our deal? We have to be really careful so no one catches us ok? You then say “Come here”, you squat and lean into the camera (me) and kiss me gently. You then take one of the boots and rub it against my off camera dick while staring deeply into my eyes. you then smile and say “do you like the way that feels?,,,my soft leather boots against your dick?” then you ask in a whispery voice “do you want to watch me put ’em on?” Remove your stilletos and slowly and sensually put the boots on, telling me that this part always makes you wet. you love the feeling you have when you slip your legs into them and how your clit throbs when you here the zipper. “ok brother…you know the drill…pants off…underwear down!” You are not wearing panties, you take one hand and gently raise the front of your dress and start to massage your pussy and clit while you watch me undress. Saying playfully, “Cmon…hurry up…don’t keep your sister waiting…Look at how wet I am already for you” You then take your finger and shove it deep into your pussy. Its glistening with your juice when you remove it so you smear it into your boot. You then offer your booted leg to my nose and ask if I can smell your big sisters pussy on you boot. You then start to giggle and notice that my dick is “dancing, twitching, dripping” and say “I can’t wait any longer…I’m gonna fuck you hard!!” I start to get up and position myself but you stop me by putting your boot on my chest (off camera) and say “Nugh ugh…not this time brother…this time I wanna be on top…I wanna look deep into your eyes whille I ride you…like a cowgirl!…you like cowboys don’t you!…well I’m a cowgirl” (giggle and laugh) gently start squating up and down, simulating riding me. You have an explosive orgasm, fall back on the floor, breathing heavy and giggling, facing me. “OMG…that was fucking amazing” look on your face. ” These boots are so new, I haven’t even squirted on them yet…do you wanna watch me?”…then giggle and laugh and say “Yeah you do!!” Leaning back on one of your elbows, your hand goes to work vigorously frigging your clit, and your squirt juice gently falls over your boot like a beautiful spring shower. You then extend that cum drenched boot into the camera lens (me) and say “Here you go sweetie…its all for you”, then put your finger to your lips and make the “sssshhhhh…don’t tell anybody” sound and then giggle and laugh as the camera fades. ….Mandy Flores

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Natalie Wonder – Mommy’s Happily Ever After With You HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 10/30/15

Look at you so focused on the computer screen. What’s that your looking at sweetie? You looking at places to live? You’ve saved a pretty penny living here free with me up until now. If it was up to me you would stay here with your mommy forever. We’d live happily ever after. But I know that’s only in fairy tales. You have to go out & find your own life, as sad as it will make me. What? What’s that? You want to live with me forever? How incredibly sweet. Mommy would love nothing more than to live with her son forever & ever. Sweetie, you’re serious? Something tells me you may have more then just normal ‘mommy’ feelings toward me. It goes deeper, doesn’t it. You long for mommy to hold you & make you feel good in more then just a loving way. I understand. I feel the same way.
Let mommy kiss you, sweetie. Let’s see what happens when I put my lips against yours. It’s completely unconventional but you’re my boy & our relationship is nobody else’s business. Now that I’ve finally exposed our desires I can feel the passionate energy with you. Stay here with me. Don’t leave your mommy. You’ll never need any other woman but me. I’m still young enough where I can even give you a baby. Our baby. I see it’s making you excited. Come to mommy. Let me hold you, kiss you all over. I want to feel my boy deep inside as you place your seed in me.

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Tanya Tate – Cum for Mummy FullHD (1080p/2017)

After a night out as Mummy Tanya I come home and complain to you about my lack of a decent date. Feeling horny I take off my pink dress and burst out my big massive tits. I lie back spread my legs and slide a finger inside my pussy. I masturbate whilst I lie back. All the time I encourage you to taste Mommy’s pussy juice and wank your young hard cock.

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Arya Fae – Showing my stepdad ALL of my tattoos HD (JerkoffInstructions/720p/2017)

Arya’s mom was upset when she got her tattoos, but now she’s gotten another one…a big one…and she wants your feedback. As her stepdad, she values your opinion. She pulls down her bodysuit to show off the big tattoo on her torso. Her small titties instantly make your dick hard. Do you think that you can convince her mom that this tattoo is not such a big deal? If so, she will help you to jerk off today. You instantly agree and your stepdaughter shows off the rest of her tattoos. When you cum today, she wants you to cum right in the center of her newest tattoo. Your hand works your hard shaft as she endeavors to show off all of her sexy body to you, including her bush. You thought that all the girls had shaved pussies, but not your stepdaughter! It is almost time for you to cum and you aim right for the center of her torso and give her every drop of cum in your balls.

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Bettie Bondage – Mom Models for Me FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 6/22/17

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Your senior thesis for art school is due tomorrow…and the negatives for the final collage are ruined!! You need to recreate the images immediately but none of your models are around. You need a female who will do you this solid, help you out of this serious jam…naturally, your mind wanders to your mother. Always there for you. And, well…your collages tend to be fairly sexual – risque, even – and you choose very attractive women to be your artist’s models. And well…your mom is a total smoke show.
She balks at the idea at first. She is familiar with what your work looks like, and although she respects your artistic vision, she can’t imagine that would be appropriate! Spread open like the girls in your collages…completely naked…”I’m your mother!” she insists, although you can see that familiar look on her face. She’s warming up to the idea. You suggest she have a drink, think about it, and she agrees. A few minutes later, she comes into the living room in a towel and tells you to hurry up into her bedroom.
She lays down and removes her towel and you quickly get to work directing her. The bourbon starts to kick in and she gets a little flirty, posing with bedroom eyes directed right at you. She asks you if you ever get excited during these shoots, and you wonder if she can see the tent your pitching in your pants for her. You tell her yes, hoping this is going where you want it to. You ask her to touch herself – it’s not a lie, you ask all the girls to do this, but it’s also true that you ask this because it gets you off. Only difference here is its your mother, touching herself. You can hear from where you stand how wet she is, and it’s amazing. She plunges her fingers into her creamy, glistening pussy while she asks if you’ve ever photographed an older woman like her. You tell her you have, and you were turned on by it. You can tell she wants this to go somewhere, somewhere it shouldn’t…but still, you’re surprised when she tells you she wants you to take your cock out and stroke to her. Even more so when she tells you she needs you, she needs to touch and feel and lick and suck and fuck your young cock…

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