Tara Tainton – Your Second Chance to Withstand My Wiles for Wealth SD (clips4sale.com/2013)

Ah, here we are again… Yes, it’s me again: the one who tempted you out of millions. Just when you were about to succeed in going without any orgasm, any masturbation at all, for a full 40 days, I step in and induce an eruptive ejaculation out of you. Ah, are you still sore about it? I won the millions instead of you. And here you are again, putting yourself through veritable chastity for over 39 days now in order to win BILLIONS this time. Do you really think you stand a chance? If I can make you come during your last few minutes of the challenge, I win the billions instead of you. In fact, I’m so confident in my natural abilities… and your weakness for me and my body… we should make a personal bet to the same. If I win and make you come before your time is up, you’ll owe me another million dollars… that you don’t even have. Now, you should remember what happened last time. I have an obvious, serious sexual power over you…

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Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Cory Chase – Melanie Hicks in Poison Ivy Seduction – Domination and Double Cross FullHD (1080p/2016)

Scene One: Seduction of The Punisher

The beautiful and Poison Ivy gives Punisher poison to drink, telling him it will cure him and unties him from the bed. “I can’t do this” Punisher says as Poison Ivy strips out of her costume. She’s going to use him and mind control him, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

She slides her naked body against him ans grinds on his cock as he moans in pain and frustration. “You’re going to fuck the out of me” Poison Ivy commands. The poison has done it’s job and Punisher will do whatever she says. He licks her pussy and drills her into the bed, making her moan and cum again and again. Thoroughly fucked he shoots his big load all over her pussy. “Get dressed and get Super Gurl for me!” Poison Ivy tells her new completely controlled toy.

Scene Two: Destroyed by Bane

“I saw what you did with the Punisher!” Bane yells slapping Poison Ivy across the face. She tries to explain to him that it’s all part of her plan to control him but Bane is to angry to understand. He knocks her out and ties her up.

Poison Ivy wakes to find herself at Bane’s mercy. She tries to explain it to him again and he punches her in the stomach. “You lie!” He yells. Bane knows how to get the truth out of her. He takes a vibrator and places it on her sensitive clit making her scream out. Orgasm after orgasm is forced from her body, leaving her a quivering mess. “Please just kiss me, I promise it will be better” She pleads, hoping to regain control over her boyfriend’s jealous rage.

Scene Three: Harley Quin Triple Cross

What Poison Ivy doesn’t know is that Harley Quin is there with a new toy just for her. It removes all of Poison Ivy’s pheromones, making her powerless. “Now you can do what ever you want with her, I suggest fucking her very very hard” Harley says to Bane, laughing at the situation.

They tie her to a bench, legs spread wide, and Bane fucks her. Poison Ivy looks at him with pleading eyes, begging him to have mercy on her. His strong arms pump and his cock fucks her hard. All the while Harley teases and torments her. Just when Poison Ivy didn’t think she could cum again she shakes and moans against her will. “Cum all over those big breasts” Harley tells him and holds Poison Ivy’s breasts together for Bane to cum on. Poison Ivy is humiliated, fucked and used.

Scene Four: Battle to End all Battles

Punisher is leaving his house when Harley Quin hits him on the back of the head. “Quit being such a pussy” She laughs. “That just counteracts what Poison Ivy did to you” They hatch a plan of revenge on Poison Ivy that will put the villainess in her place. Punisher, Bane and Harley have an epic battle against Poison Ivy and her plants. Just when it looks like Poison Ivy is going to win, Harley bangs her on the back of the head.

they tie her up with her own vines and wake her. Poison Ivy is horrified about the revenge she is about to receive. They make her get on the ground and suck their big cocks. Harley taunts her and keeps the men happy as they fuck her. They destroy her completely, fucking her like the slut she is. “Drop your load right here” Harley tells them, and the men cum all over her face and into her mouth. “What a good girl” Harley says, now completely in control of Poison Ivy’s fate.
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Tiff – Your MILF Fantasy FullHD (Wankitnow.com/wankbb.com/2017)

Your friend’s Mom is a total MILF! Whenever you go round to see your friend you always catch her walking around in skimpy lingerie! Tiff knows you younger guys love checking her out so decides to make your MILF fantasy a reality by giving you the opportunity to wank over her huge breasts! You’ve always wanted to jerk your cock over a mature shaven pussy so now’s your chance!

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Faye Rampton – Best Mates Mum FullHD (1080p/upskirtjerk.com/2017)

Faye is your best friends mum, your friend has told you that you can borrow her old mobile but Faye can’t seem to find it anywhere. As she is looking under the bed you notice that her short dress has ridden up to reveal her ass and panties, you have never really thought about her in a sexual way before but seeing her on her hands and knees with her ass in the air soon gets your blood racing and your cock throbbing!

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