Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Aaliyah Taylor in Wunder Woman and Super Gurl vs Junior FullHD (1080p/

Added: 5/25/16

Scene One: Robins

Wunder Woman and Super Gurl rush to Robin’s house on an emergency call. But instead of finding Robin they only find her mask, two butt plugs, and a note. They must put the plugs inside themselves and masturbate if they ever want to see Robin again.

The two most powerful women in the world have no choice and no fear as they help each other push the cold metal into their tight asses.

Scene Two: What friends do

What’s happening to me? Super Gurl asks as a feeling of heat washes over her body. She can’t control herself and reaches for her pussy. Wunder Woman reaches out and gropes her friends breasts, the butt plugs poisoning their bodies.

They try to stop kissing each other, touching each other, rubbing themselves. Their wills are broken and they both cum. Orgasming, they freeze in place like dolls waiting for their owners return.

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Lovely Lilith – Neighbor Catches You Jerking Off FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/26/17

You’re a college student who has returned home to surprise your parents. You arrived while they were out of town. Happy to have the house to yourself, you take advantage of the alone time. Unknown to you, however, your busty neighbor has been called over to feed the cat. You’re completely surprised when she walks in on you jerking off. You’re even more surprised when your neighbor offers to help.

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Kinki Cory – Molly Jane & Cory Chase – The Full Gym Experience HD (720p/

Added: 2/9/15

Scene One: Correct workout

Alex has come to join Cory’s gym. Molly greets him and agrees to be his trainer. “I’m going to need to see you with your cloths off to test your body fat and muscles” Molly tells him. She
pinches around his body as Alex stands nervously. She asks him to do some push-ups to start. As he starts she says “We’re just going to insert this” sticking a dildo in his ass. “What? Are
you sure.” He does the push-ups. “This doesn’t seem normal” he tells her. She tells him it’s helping him complete the push-up correctly so he keeps going. Molly giggles as she pushes the
dildo in all the way. “It’s to keep your gluts tight as you push up” she tells him.

Keeping the dildo in his ass she has him do some sit ups. Grabbing his balls she says “I can feel your not doing these sit-ups right”

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Lily Lane – Laz Fyre – Jugs For Wiener Hugs 2 HD (720p/


Added: 5/5/17

Welcome to our second installment of the new series Jugs for Wiener Hugs. The first one was so popular we just had to do it again. Lily Lily’s breasts are amazing, and we wanted to capture them in action, oiled up & hugging a big dick.

This reality porno features the lovely Lily & her twin wonders working magic on a cock. She answers a few questions about her boobs & shows us what she can do with them. She wraps them around Laz’s cock & slides them up & down, stroking him. She also manages to give him a blowjob & titjob at the same time. What a woman! Then she hops on, and her breasts bounce hard. When Laz bends her over, you can see them flop wildly.

Of course there’s plenty of hot, slippery titjob action. She’s all smiles as her huge tits swallow even a large cock. The video ends in an impressive titjob-to-pop cumshot. We hope you’ll enjoy Lily as much as we do.

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Do I Really Have to Do EVERYTHING Around Here? SD (

Added: 10/17/17

What in the world is a mother to do? It’s just positively SHAMEFUL to walk in on my own son and find his bare, naked, fleshy cock standing erect before me! And it’s SO HUGE! I just can’t even discuss what is so wrong about you doing such a thing without locking the door and claiming you can’t even fit it back into your pants… because it’s staring at me! I can’t even block it out of my peripheral vision! I just can’t believe it… it’s so… raunchy. So, incredibly DIRTY. AND SO BIG! I just… well someone has to do something about it. We can’t have you just standing there with that thing capable of scaring any sensible person have to . I guess your father hasn’t even discussed such things with you… he always leaves it all up to me! In fact, BOTH of you do! FINE! I’ll just have to take care of it myself! AS ALWAYS!

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Meana Wolf – Female Domination Tortured Fantasy FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/4/15

Mr. Rogers has always had an eye for me. I’ve been babysitting for him ever since I was a . He likes to put his hands on my every once and a while…not in a creepy way or anything…just the odd little thing…like his hands lingering on mine when he hands me my babysitting money or whatever. I think he had a little too much to drink tonight though because when him and Mrs. Rogers came home from dinner he asked me to do something really bad. Mrs. Rogers went up to have a bath and he asked me if I would suck his cock for $100 bucks. Jesus…what a dick move. He is pretty hot though…for an older guy. Well I decide to give him the best blow job he’s ever had. But it’s going to cost him a lot more than $100 bucks. I tell him he can’t touch me, and I tie his hands up behind his head. I slide my hands all up and down his swollen cock. He moans. He loves my young mouth…my supple young body. I tease him with my tongue, I squeeze his cock…his body trembles as I command his dick. This asshole needs to be taught a lesson. So when he cums I continue to wrench on his cock. He screams. I know Mrs. Rogers can hear him now. I violently jerk him. Up and down and up and down until his face turns blue. I torture the fucker’s sensitive cock until it goes soft, then I wipe his filthy cum all over him and leave him there tied to the chair. I wonder what Mrs. Rogers will say about that?
Clip Contains: An intensely hot and risky blowjob fron Babysitter Meana. She tortures Mr. Rogers’ cock after he cums leaving him there to explain why he’s tied up and covered in his own jizz.

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Primals FANTASIES Melissa Moore – The Photographer Valedictorian SD (

Added: 11/6/16

Melissa is a brilliant student who’s known nothing but studying and straight A’s for her entire school career. With graduation and the journey to college looming, she has been pronounced the valedictorian of her class. This title comes with several responsibilities and honors, including a special page in the school yearbook and a portrait that will adorn the school halls forever. Of course, to do this, the photography teacher must take her photograph. Mr. Masters arrives, camera in hand, and tries to encourage Melissa to let loose and relax. However, being as dedicated to her studies as she’s been her whole life, her idea of “relaxed” is still pretty stiff. The camera’s flash and a couple words from Mr. Masters begin to bring out a new facet of the prude pupil. For one reason or another, the photography teacher isn’t able to finish taking her pictures, so he returns after school day after day as Melissa’s long-repressed slutty side emerges.

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Best Latin ASS on the WEB! – Sandra Latina – Unfaithful HD (720p/

Added: 7/18/16

These two big motherfuckers had their way with your hotwife. I met them in the casino, they saw my wedding ring, I told them I was unfaithful and next I am in my hotel room getting a cock in my pussy and another one in my mouth and I loved every minute of it. They loved making me cum over and over and hearing me tell them how much better they fuck me than you. They said thank you for providing the bedroom for them to fuck your wife in and they also said sorry about the mess they made all over my face and tits. Maybe next time you can be here to watch in person.

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