Amedee Vause – Helpful Babysitter – when the babysitter goes beyond the call of duty FullHD mp4

Everybody complains about their babysitter: “She’s lazy!”, “She’s always on the phone!”, “She barely does any work!”. Well not me! I’m the perfect babysitter model! I’ll take care of the little ones, I’ll take care of the laundry, of the food… I’ll even take care of the head of the family! That’s right! If my employer is feeling down and his balls are deep blue, I’ll make sure he shoots his big overdue load all over my big natural titties! How could I not? His nagging wife never shows him enough attention… I even heard she doesn’t suck his cock! Outrageous! This clearly is a job for Amedee the super-babysitter! Not one drop of cum will be left in those blue balls and my employer will be truly satisfied! I might even get a pay raise!

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Femdom Porn – Footkold III Foot Slave Training – Mandy Flores FullHD mp4

Give in to the control I know you want my perfect feet to have over you. Give in to what you know is next, what you have begged me for so long. He will be here to take me out dancing and partying all night. But when I get back, it will finally happen. Embrace the anxiety you feel and nervously watch every minute on the clock while Im out partying with the One who will finally allow you to experience what you have always prayed for. Hours go by as you wait nervously by the door and then you see us finally walk in. Mandy Flores..I trust you have prepared the room just right? This is going to be the most important moment of your life. If you have any doubts or hesitations, just look closely at my perfect pedicured feet that you know you want to own you. You have worshiped and served. And now the final step is through that door. Tonight is the night, you will finally serve us both.

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Anal Porn – Inheritance Blackmail – Mandy Flores HD mp4

A former college roommate of your brother is staying with the 2 of you as he looks for an apartment before starting his new job. He has always had the hots for you but you have always been very cold toward him and loved teasing him since you knew how much he wanted you. One night, shortly after he arrives, he is watching TV and you go into the room to tease him. You pretend cleaning up so you do lots of bending over and reaching for things. Whenever he makes a move to touch you, you move away or swat his hand. After you have had your fun and know how turned on he is you leave for you night out. One of your uncles died a few months ago and he left you quite a bit of money in his will but with the condition (you are a wild party girl) that you have to stay sober for one full year. The next day you come home from work (dressed in a short tight fitting skirt and top) and Jim is there alone again. He tells you how sorry he is that you lost your inheritance and you ask what he means. He tells you that since he saw you Tipsy and staggering home late last night that means you didn’t fulfill the requirement of the inheritance. You laugh and say since no one else saw you and no one would believe him it never happened. He laughs too and says that would be true if he hadn’t taken all those photos.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Fuck My Face IV Slutty Bimbo Secretary FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Let’s change the look now to a Bimbo Barbie Like Secretary with very bright pink and super glossy lipstick like in this clip and the photo. Hair in pigtails. Heavy makeup and big long eye lashs. Lips overlined as always , make them as big as you possibly can. The outfit is up to you as long as it is a really tight low top, maybe a t shirt which you can pull down under your Bra. See through even better. Tight clingy pencil skirt and super high heels.

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Tiny Asian Cock Is Perfect For My Ass – Female Orgasm, Anal Porn FullHD mp4

I can’t stop thinking about your small cock ever since you first let me suck it and I really need to have sex this time. I’ve just never had an Asian dick in my pussy before and I want to see what it’s like. Your penis is so small and cute, there’s no way I can resist!
Is…is it in? I can’t tell. Your pelvis is against me so it must be all the way in. Well since you’re too tiny for me to feel it, we should try to put your cock in my ass. Mmm ohhh yes! It’s the perfect fit – average sized cocks hurt me too much to do anal, but yours is small enough that it feels really good!
Oh yes, stuff that little Asian cock deep into my huge white ass! I feel so slutty, I love it! I’m going to have to cum soon, I can’t help it. Empty yourself into me, I want to take the first Asian load in my ass. Ohhhh!! Oh my God, you have a lot of cum…I thought it’d be less because your penis is so small. Don’t wipe it off, let me lick your tiny cock clean!
Fantasy includes: small penis encouragement, virtual sex, virtual anal, virtual ass to mouth, virtual anal creampie, asian cock worship, bra and panty fetish, pov sex

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Sheila Marie, Conor Coxxx – POV HandJob/TitJob Fun FullHD mp4

Sheila Marie wants to show off her sexy body. She pulls down her gorgeous black, vintage print dress…to reveal her sapphire-blue bra, and giant breasts. She removes the dress completely.. Leaving her in her matching bra and panties. Sheila unbuttons her bra, and unleashes her giant breasts. She begins to rub and massage her tits. She takes off her panties, and shows off her butt. She shakes it so both cheeks giggle. Sheila sits and spreads open her holes. She uses lube to make herself wet, and she begins to touch herself. “I want to see your cock in-between my boobs.” Sheila takes off your pants, and lets your cock free. Sheila rubs your cock in-between her giant breasts. She stokes your big cock, as she rocks her body back and forth… Letting you fuck her big tits. Shelia leans her head back and moans as you fuck her tits, “Oh yes, it is so good! I love your cock in-between my tits!” She slaps your cock on her nipples. Sheila lays on her back, and lets you thrust in-between her breasts. Shelia strokes your cock until you cum all over her chest. She grabs your cum from her breasts, and licks her hands. “I love your cum, baby..”

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Korina Kova – Double Dick Maniac FullHD mp4 [1080p/Canadian/2018]

Well there is a maniac on the loose and I have been caught, he gropes my body and uses my face, then rips my panties off and stretches my pussy to maximum capacity, he was born with a double dick and has been known to be a freak, so he takes it out on the girls he gets, in his basement of horror will I escape? Warning this is pure roleplay and it is a strapon, lots of crying and begging while being fucked, if this video does well then I will be doing more like it xoxox Love Korina

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Conor Coxxx, Erica Lauren – In-Home Doctor Visit Turns Explicit FullHD mp4

Conor calls in for a doctors home visit. He can’t walk, and he is in a lot of pain. He hangs up the phone, and grabs his cock. If his boner doesn’t go away soon… his dick may explode! Theres a knock on the door, and Conor tells the doctor to come in. Dr. Erica Lauren begins checking on Conor, she checks his temp, and starts asking question. “Where are you having pain?” Conor explains he is having pain in a certain area of the body. Dr. Erica asks, “Is it above the waist, below the waist…What are we talking here?” Conor pulls down the covers and shows Erica his hard cock, and tell her his boner will not go away.

Dr. Erica thinks she can take care of that… And begins to suck Conor’s cock. She works her tongue all around the tip of his cock. Dr. Erica starts removing her dress suit, “I think a little more therapy will help..” She removes her blouse.. “I wasn’t expecting this, but this is great!”, Conor lays back and enjoys himself as Dr.Erica continues to suck his cock. Now in only a matching salmon-colored bra and panty set, Dr. Erica rubs Conors balls and works her mouth all over his dick. Dr. Erica suggests that Conor may need a little “advanced therapy”.. She leans over to the side, and tells Conor to shove his cock right inside of her pussy. He glides in, and fucks Dr. Erica from the side. She gets back on her knees, and sucks his cock gain, before Conor bends her over and fucks her from behind. Dr. Erica moans out as Conor plows her pussy from behind. Conor lays back and relaxes as Dr. Erica gives him more head. She climbs on top and rides him, until Conor flips her over and is on top… He cums all over Dr.Erica’s stomach. It looks like Conor’s issue was resolved.

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Tessa Fantasies – Hari-Tit Job Only For you! FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 4/23/18 7:11pm

To start the video, Tia is wearing a bun and doing a
“Bun-drop” then begins to undress her boyfriend and then begins to play with the dick of her boyfriend with her hair then a few minutes of hairjob. after she stands up her blouse and puts her hair between her tits then starts a titjob / hairjob (a titjob but with all the hair between her breasts) and she continues until he cum everywhere in her hair.
during the video Tia will talk a little with her boyfriend for the exiter (do you like my hair ..)

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Kinki Cory – Cory Chase, Ivy Secret in Sex Ex Anal Training HD mp4 [720p/2018]

Added: 10/11/18 6:20am

“I’ll do whatever it takes to get an A” Cory says. Dressed in her peppy cheerleader outfit Cory stays late at school to pass her class. “I have something special planned” Ms. Secret says. “Some anal training”

Cory’s eyes go wide with terror. Her teacher runs her hands through Cory’s hair and rubs her shoulders. “You’re going to take my clothes off?” Cory says as her teacher stands her up and strips her out of her tight clothes. “Just relax” Ms. Secret whispers. She makes Cory spread her legs on the desk as she slowly pushes her big strap on into Cory’s tight little ass.

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