Kathia Nobili – Knowing your future wife sucking the strangers cocks…make you so fucking horny!!! HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

From now on, you’ll be the perv cuckold husband!!!

Added: 6/28/17


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Is already the morning and you still waiting for your future wife…your love! Soon you are going to get married and now she went with her friends to crazy bachelorette party. How you know it’s crazy…as you remember your bachelor party and what you did! And your babe is so hot…for sure she say good bye to her freedom properly! And that idea make you…not angry at all…you start to feel horny! Imagine your woman having other man inside her…making you fucking…fucking horny!
,,Good morning darling. I’m home!!! ,, Finally…you will make her say the truth to you…you want to hear the dirty story witch she’ll try to keep in secret. Look so pretty. And you start to asking about her night. She say to you that she is very..very tired and going to the bed…you’ll have so much time together after the wedding! But you just find out your cuckold fetish…and you need to fulfill your fantasy!
You then follow her to the bedroom. Getting harder on your woman…on your wife, you want to hear everything…was she with someone else…did she get fuck…fucked real hard?!!! She doesn’t understand your questions…better to deny! But as you keep pushing and pushing her…she can take it any more!!!
YES…I did…I had a beautiful man tonight! Are you happy now? YES…I was cheating on you!!! And what…it was a last night on my freedom!!!
What? Are you mad?! You want all details?!! But I did not fuck him…only…blow his dick…his huge dick! I could hardly take him in my mouth! If I liked it??? YES, YES, YES….I loved to feel his swollen big dick in my mouth!!! Happy NOW???
Oh my Gosh!!! What is with you??? No…you’re not angry…not at all!!! I see you getting harder and harder in your pants!!! So…there we go!!! At the end I’ll have to find out you’ll the huge cuckold husband!!! Well baby…you should share your fantasy with me already before!
I’m going to tell you all the dirty stories of my life! But let’s start with tonight! I want you to feel how much I was crazy about his cock…the strange man dick! I just let him to fuck my mouth…look at me…you wife mouth get full with his tasty cum!!! Let me show you baby how!!!
And this is just a beginning….I’ll make you a real cuckold husband…and next time…after our wedding…after I’m MRS., I’ll let you watch how I’m fucking huge dick right front of you!!!

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Primals Darkside Superheroine – Shay Fox – Warrior Woman – Captured and Converted by Occulus HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 8/1/16

The countries most patriotic superheroines have been disappearing and Warrior Woman has uncovered that the Intelligence Agency known as Occulus is responsible. No longer protected by the government now that thier illegal activities have been revealed Occulus has gone underground. Warrior Woman won’t rest until all the missing Superheroines are freed. Following a lead she is ambushed by the mercenary DeathStrike. Despite the mercs weapons and skills only his healing power keeps WW from ending the fights in seconds. But he was just a distraction and WW gets hit by a tranq-dart by DS’s partner White Cobra. WW gives a brave effort and isn’t defeated easily but she is eventually overwhelmed.

WW wakes to find herself heavily bound in titanium chains. Watcher plans to convert her and uses a powerful orgasm inducer to weaken the superheroine while a mantra of obedience is implanted in her mind. WW’s mind momentarily goes blank and when she comes too she is unchained but discovers Watcher has her under his power.

Warrior Woman is forced to do the unthinkable, dropping to her knees, crawling to Watcher and proving her obedience with her mouth.

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Kaidence King – Racial Taboo Tease and JOI FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 6/19/16

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This was originally a custom video but no names were used. In this video I play your white girl who you can’t stop thinking about, and I tell you everything you want to hear. I beg for your n1gger dick even though i’m scared it will be too big for my pussy. I ask if you’re imagining that your big black hand is my white pussy wrapped around your cock. I tell you to be careful, n1gger daddy, you can’t nut inside your girl, her white pussy wouldn’t be able to take it. You clearly disagree, so I submit to you, telling you to make me pregnant with your black seed. I tell you to get me barefoot and pregnant and watch as I feed your n1gger from my naked white breasts. I tell you to cum inside me and relieve those big, heavy, swollen black nuts. I tell you to put me in my place, make me spend my life in the kitchen keeping my mouth shut unless your cock’s inside it. Turn me into a naked, barefoot baby factory for your n1gger seed. Finally, I beg you to nut inside me, moaning as you fill me up and telling you to fill my white womb with your black seed and get me pregnant with your n1gger triplets. When you finally finish your long, deep orgasm inside me, I ask if I can go and finish my homework now with your hot seed still filling me up, reminding me what a big dick n1gger daddy I have.

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Lynda Leigh – Stepmum Fantasy FullHD (1080p/lyndaleigh.com/2017)

Lynda is getting ready to go out and she is not aware that you are sniffing her underwear. You cant help it you are addicted to anything that Lynda has. You love smelling them and it gets you hard. You fantasise about Lynda but you have only dreamed about more because she is your step mum. Being caught started off scary but you find out Lynda is also up for some fun. You are going have your dreams cum true when your step mum starts to tease you. If that wasnt naughty enough you are permitted to finger her pussy.

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Lynda Leigh – Stepson Blackmail FullHD (1080p/lyndaleigh.com/2017)

Lynda is being blackmailed by her stepson who has proof that she has been fucking someone else. Lynda will do anything as long as her stepson keeps this a secret. The stepson decides that he wants a private show from Lynda and thats what he is going to get. Lynda is going to fuck herself with a dildo but he cannot touch. Lynda is very horny and cant really wait to get started. Im not sure if he expected a great show but thats what he got.

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Bettie Bondage – Blackmailed and Surprise Creampied by the Landlord FullHD (1080p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 10/29/16

You let a friend’s daughter rent from you for cheap – being a young, underemployed student is tough, you understand. So imagine the shock you got when you discovered that this curvaceous, flirtatious young college student was a cam girl! You stumbled across her page one day and had no choice but to beat off and cum while she stuck bigger and bigger plugs into her ass, begging for everyone watching to jerk off and cum to her. What a dirty slut! You decide that a talk is in order. If nothing else, you heard the little coin pings go off, you know she doesn’t need rent help…

You decide to show up unannounced, and she’s taken aback, asking if its her rent check that bounced, if she’s in trouble. You tell her it’s nothing like that…she’s all dressed up in some ridiculous whorish getup. You made sure to show up shortly before her next listed cam show, so she’s got her tits absolutely on display and a short little skirt that rides up and exposes her crotchless panties as she tries to tidy up and invites you to sit down.

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Biggest Breasts In The Office HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2017)

Added: 6/7/17

As if I’d let some bimbo airhead take my job. I knew what was going on the moment that slut walked in. The way my boss stared at her huge tits, how he insisted she continue wearing that skimpy wardrobe to work. On top of it all, he wants me to train her to do MY job!

I won’t let it happen, I love my work too much. But there’s just no way my tiny tits can compete with her massive rack! It’s clear that’s all my pervert boss wants – some hot, busty eye candy to gawk at around the office. I’ll do anything it takes to secure my place here… even if it means changing my body.

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