Mandy Flores – Horny Teacher Sleepover – Taboo Cougar Milf Fucked FullHD mp4 2017

There is a school trip and the students and the teacher will stay in a hotel, but there are not enough rooms, so the teacher has to share her room with one student. They use the same bed, but the teacher warns the student to stay in his side of the bed. She is used to sleep naked, but this time because of the student, she gets in bed with the hotel bathrobe. Later, the teacher’s phone ring (text message), it’s her boyfriend. She texted him back telling him that she is in the hotel room and that everything it’s OK. Her boyfriend says he misses her and asks her for pics. She doesn’t know how to refuse because she doesn’t want to tell him that there is a student in the same bed with her.

So, she opens her bath clothes a little and sends him some pictures showing her breasts. She thought the student was sleeping but he is not. She discovers the student looking at her and closes her bath robe as fast as she can. She tells the student to not say anything and to get back to sleep. The student says he won’t tell anyone but with one condition. The teacher says something like: What are you insinuating? Having sex with you? Are you crazy? That’s not going to happen! The student says that then he want to see her naked. The teacher will tell him no, but she is interrupted by cellphone ringing (the boyfriend is calling).

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Meana Wolf – Stranger Pussy – Virtual Fucking FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Added: 3/16/18 8:28pm

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**Virtual Sex Fantasy. It’s just you and me baby**

She’s dangerously sexy. The kind of woman who could make men do terrible things with just one bat of an eyelash. You can’t stop thinking about all the ways you’d like to fuck her… if only you weren’t married. All day long at work your cock aches for her… then you feel sick with shame at the thought of your poor wife. She wants you… and she’s going to have you… you try to resist, but she’s put some liquid persuasion in your drink and you find yourself incapable of refusing her. Yes… blame the drink. You never would have done what you did if it weren’t for that.

The next morning you wakeup sober, ashamed and guilty. But she doesn’t give a fuck about your guilt or your shame. She wants more cock. She doesn’t feel bad for your boring little wife. She laughs at her. And she laughs at you. With your hard cock deep inside of her she knows that truth… that you don’t feel bad either. You just want to fuck this incredible, superior, woman again and again and again.

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Mandy Flores – Gambling Housewife Eviction Notice III – Blackmail Fantasy, XXX Hardcore 4K mp4 2018

Added: 1/27/18 12:35pm

Custom video request: Mandy’s husband and Landlord have been buddying up togeather having no idea what is really going on. Husband left to buy beer leaving Mandy and landlord along. The landlord wastes no time…pulls up Mandy’s shirt commenting on she’s bra-less.

Plays with breasts..Then forces her face-down across his lap and hikes her skirt up to the small of her back and gets her panties down to ankles. He gropes her butt cheeks and fingers her ass while lubricating her. She pleads with him to let her go, claiming her husband will catch them.

The landlord liberally oils her butt cheeks and crack as well as her ass hole commenting he’s been wanting her ass again since that night…He then takes her ass reverse missionary…Then doggystyle…..she is frantically trying to hurry him, because she is worried about her husband coming home and catching them in the act. He pushes her flat on her tummy again and continues to use her bottom until he cums inside her bottom (anal creampie) They hear the truck lock and they hurry to straighten their clothing just as the husband returns.

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Mandy Flores – Gambling Housewife Eviction Notice (Parts 1 & 2) – landlord sex, desperate housewives FullHD 2018

Added: 1/14/18 6:31pm

2 part Custom video request: The idea would be a desperate young housewife who is responsible for paying the bills for her and her husband. She has a gambling problem and is several months behind in the rent. Her landlord is threatening to tell her husband and evict them both. The first video would be just the two of them alone in her apartment while her husband is at work. His threat to evict forces her to submit to being extensively groped and fingered while sitting on a sofa.

He has exposed her breasts. Her skirt is hiked up around her waist and her panties are around her knees. There should be plenty of tender but possessive kissing which your character tries to avoid but is forced to endure. Eventually she climaxes from the fingering. She is ashamed and humiliated, but shocked by the intensity of the pleasure and not wanting her landlord to know how good it felt. He then strips her naked and takes her in the cowgirl position, holding her body close to his.

He kisses her neck and should and plays with her hair while he is fucking her. The second video would have the landlord meeting her at her door. She is coming home late from an evening out with the girls. Her husband has fallen asleep on the sofa waiting for her. Her landlord forces her to let him inside her apartment where he molests her up against the wall with her husband asleep in the same room. He exposes her breasts and has her panties around her ankles while he gropes, fondles, fingers, and kisses her some more.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – The Most Dangerous Game – brutal attack, Limp Fetish FullHD 2018

Added: 2/26/18 04:13AM

Your a teacher who is wanted by one of her students. He becomes obsessed to the point where he breaks into your home and starts going through your panties and stockings/pantyhose drawers. He waits till you come home and hides in your bedroom. He comes out and surprises you and knocks you out with his . Your dressed in a white blouse, black pencil skirt, black pantyhose, and black pointed toe stiletto high heels. He picks you up puts you on the bed and begins exploring your body. He starts taking off your skirt and then opening your blouse exposing your black bra fondling your tits. He then starts feeling your pantyhose legs, he spreads your legs and rubs your pussy, picks up your legs so he can squeeze your ass.

You wake up and start to struggle but he points the at you. He wants you to dress up in something sexy. He picks out a red dress with white stockings like in your “First bender for the arrogant wife” video, white garter belt and a sexy white thong. He also wants you to dress in red pointed toe stiletto high heels like the ones in your “cum on my red lips” video. He wants you to wear make up. Wear it just like you did in your “fuck my face master” video with the red lips and dark eye shadow. Now that your dressed he wants you to model for him. He starts taking pictures of you and puts you in various erotic poses. He decides now to do a striptease for him. you dance sexy for him not wanting to make him angry. You strip till your in nothing but your white stockings garter belt and high heels. Now he wants a blowjob and you start sucking him good.

After awhile he then starts eating your pussy till you nice and wet. He feels up you legs since he enjoys your stockings. Once he sees your ready he starts having sex with you. He holds up your legs in the air. Then he has you go into doggy style, smacking your ass and feeling your tits from underneath. He feels like hes going to cum but wants you on top. So he tells you to get on top and ride him. Do this part just like in your “seamless pleasure II” video where your ride facing him bouncing your ass up down. You keep riding him till he cums inside in your pussy. You let it drip out of you and then he tells you to clean up his cum that dripped on him. He then has you spread your legs wide and open your pussy lips so he can see the remaining cum in your pussy, you look at him and tell him “you bastard cant believe you came inside my pussy”.

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Xev Bellringer & Princess Leia – Answering the Babysitter Ad – double blowjob, Threesome sex HD

Added: 5/14/16 2:38pm

Video Includes: HD 18 & 19 yrs old, swingers, pussy eating, blowjob, threesomes, boy-girl-girl, cum swallowers, cum in mouth, pov, babysitter, slut training, innocent, double blowjob, cumshot, xev bellringer, princess leia, porn

Oh my gosh I just got off the phone with this couple and they said they have the perfect babysitting job for me! This money would really help me get through college. I can’t believe what I’m paying for textbooks! I really hope they give me the job. My interview is set for later today; I’m so nervous!

…This couple seems genuinely excited to have me in their home, but I notice there aren’t any toys or anything around. I wonder where they are. What do they have in mind? Wow, she’s so pretty. Her husband is such a catch, too. I hope I can impress them.

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Primal’s FOOTJOBS Alix Lynx – Pantyhose Therapy – toe fetish, foot teasing HD 720p

Added: 10/3/16 03:11PM

Therapist Alix has asked you to come back in for another session. She’s thought about it a lot, and has come up with the conclusion that you have an “unhealthy obsession with pantyhose”. As she rubs her long, sexy leg up and down the other one,she assures you that it is not uncommon, and that she wants to help you.. “work through it”. She has a sort of hands on idea for this session.. or “feet on”. Alix wants to give you the best experience possible.

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Primals FANTASIES Elena Koshka – The Nanny – Mesmerize, Mind Control, erotic magic HD [720p/clips4sale/2017]

Added: 12/9/17 5:02pm

Elena applies for a Nanny job, but the interviewer has to make sure she’s going to take care of his little man and not have boys over to fool around with. The only way to make sure she doesn’t is for him control her mind- and her orgasms.
Elena comes to work the next day, taking off her clothes and folding them in a neat pile. Now she’s ready to masturbate so she isn’t horny anymore, but the problem is, she is REALLY horny. Her master comes in to tell her he’s going to have to control her orgasms, using a hitachi to do so. Then it’s time for her to take care of him.

Slut training Elena comes into the master bedroom to masturbate. Unable to cum, she needs her master to make her orgasm. After he finally gives her the orgasm she’s been needing, he explains today is going to be a little different for them, and it’s time for her to worship his cock.

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Xev Bellringer – The Cocksucking Queen – cum swallowing, foreplay, licking, female masturbation HD [720p/2018]

Added: 1/23/17 8:25pm

Fantasy includes: blow job, oral creampie, throat dump, edging, cum swallowing, foreplay, licking, cock kissing, female masturbation, dirty talk, orgasms, seduction, coerced stripping, naked male/clothed female, big tits, pov

You had been staring at Xev all night at the party, wanting her from afar. Just like you had at school. She was irresistible, sexy, and… was she actually talking to you? Flirting with you?? The way her mouth curled up into a smile as she moved closer. That ditsy, hot voice telling you just how much she enjoyed your eyes on her…
But as soon as her hand reached out and touched your chest seductively, you lost control. The drink slipped from your hands and dowsed your front. Xev hurried you to a room secluded from the rest of the party, closed the door… and insisted it was her fault. That she had to clean you herself. Her hands found the buttons to your shirt and began to unclasp them. Her big tits looked amazing as she worked you over, smashed together in that tight pink bra.

Before you knew it, she was kneeling in front of you, slowly rubbing your sticky, soaked pants… your thighs… closer and closer to your growing erection. Overcome by nervous exhilaration, you couldn’t find the words to speak. Xev unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled off your pants. She seductively licked her palm, brought it down to your hard cock… and stroked.
This girl knew exactly what she was doing, how to push your buttons, how to playfully lead you on. Xev made one thing abundantly clear: pleasuring your pulsating member with her eager, wet mouth was her only desire. It turned her on. And she would let you unload your hot cum deep into her throat, draining your balls entirely until it overflowed from her lips down your rigid shaft. It got her off.

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