Lovely Liliths Lusty Lair – Genie Grants 3 Wishes HD (720/

Added: 6/23/17

Hello, master! You’ve rubbed my magic lamp, and now I may grant you 3 wishes! What would you like for your first wish? A…. a what? You want a bigger cock? By that, I imagine you don’t mean “chicken”… Okay. Well, that’s not the MOST unusual wish I’ve granted…. There! You have a bigger…cock… What would you like to have for your second wish? Excuse me?… you want me to…. have bigger tits? Uh… Okaaaay… How much bigger? THAT much bigger? You do realize how cramped it is in that lamp, right? Ok, ok… There! I have bigger breasts now! What would you like for your final wish, master? Infinite wishes? Sorry… that’s against the rules! However, if I might persuade you… especially now with my nice large breasts… what if I instead give you the strongest orgasm of your life… and you use your final wish to set me free? Would you like that? Do we have a deal?

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Primal Fetish – Elena Koshka – Securing Project Funding II : New Secetary HD (

Thanks to Victoria (Cassidy Klein)’s meeting with Malcolm (Lucas Frost) and the subsequent funding from her father, Mr. Maximus, the female reprogramming project has been progressing at a rapid rate. So much so, the company has had to expand staff rather quickly. New secretary Elena, though, is not fully comfortable with working under Malcolm. After holding her tongue for too long, she decides to pop into Mr. Maximus’s office to tell him what she’s seen and heard. Strange and inappropriate noises from his office, unsettling confidential emails, and weird behavior from female coworkers. Though he’s not thrilled to be interrupted without an appointment, Mr. Maximus tries to allay her concerns. When that fails, he attempts to bury the stories, insisting they can work something out. But Elena’s not having it, finding the suggestion of hiding her concerns very inappropriate. As she goes to leave and spread the word of what she knows, Mr. Maximus hits the button on his computer, enabling the app. The updated version appears to be faster-acting as Elena is overwhelmed with sensations throughout her body. The compulsion to be near her programmer sweeps in quickly, and she’s simply unable to stop touching the executive and begging for more to touch. But as much as these strong urges compel her, Elena is baffled as to why she feels them. She swears she’s not normally such a desperate slut, but she needs Mr. Maximus like a fish needs water.

Added: 6/30/17

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Primals FANTASIES – Nina Skye – Just Friends Slut Training HD (720p/

Added: 7/28/17

Nina is hanging out with her friend at his house. He tries to make a move on her, but she isn’t interested in him. Unbeknownst to her, he has a mind controlling remote. As soon as she rejects him, he presses the button that immediately alters her state of mind into a submissive slut, doing anything that he tells her to do. He creates the trigger word “commercial” and any time he says it, she jumps on top of him and starts making out with him. Then, he has her give him a hand job in her mesmerized state, and continues to have her do other things for him..

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Primals FANTASIES Briana Banks – Mesmerizing My Teacher Female Training HD (720p/

My teacher, Ms. Banks, noticed me staring at her huge tits in class. Apparently she even found some of the notes I was passing about them. I’m not the only one who stares, so why single me out? I try to get out of trouble by telling her there are pictures of her breasts all over the internet, but she isn’t convinced. So I show her something on my phone that will make her believe and obey every word I say.

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Kathia Nobili – Slutty nurse & naughties BLOW JOB of your life FullHD (1080p/

Even you know or you can imagine…how bad feeling is to be or to go to the hospital. With all the doctors and nurses just coming and steering at you!!!
But not today!!! Everybody had or still having the dreams about nurses….beautiful….helpful…sexy…slutty!!! And your fantasy coming true!!! YES…with me..playing your slutty nurse all your dreams….even the naughtiest one!!!
Do you like what you see??? Do you getting hard just to watching your sexy nurse!!! Who is here only and only for you and for comforting you! I wish to make you feel relaxed…just watch…a hottest teasing in your life!!! With the tight, white, shiny dress…look deep into your eyes….and you know….most intense oral servitude is about to begin.

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Kathia Nobili – Your Mistress satisfaction is blowing her slave cock FullHD (1080p/

Your Mistress need to satisfied her self today….and use her devoted slave..YOU…for her dirty games! She start to tease you…..she knows you would do anything just to be close to her….just to have a bit of her attention! She command you to watching her….all that body…those high boots….but…today your Mistress in not in mood to torturing you…no…she has only one interest….your sperm….she want it…feel that worm juice and swallow all of it! She command you to take out your cock and make it hard…yes…she wants it rock hard before she will take you!!! Watch how she teases you…play with her whip….and do all she asking you for…otherwise……you’ll be punished!!! You promise to her, you’ll be devoted…best slave….SO BE IT!!!……Mmmm….that’s the way she like it…so big….so swollen dick to fulfill her mouth! To play with you!!! Yes…..give me your cock slave!!! I’m gonna blow your brain out!!! So tasty….just the way your Mistress likes it! But…here is something I’m gonna trying on you my slave… fingers just slide to you asshole….and then…slide them in…one…two! Yes…massage your prostate…..fingering your ass during I suck that hard cock of your! There is nothing you can do about it…that’s how your Mistress gonna make you cum today! Sucking and teasing your cock with her tongue……lick your balls and keep fingering….keep massage your prostate! Mmm….you are loving it…look…your cock got so hard….so fucking full…is look like it will explode! But not yet! ….Stand up…I said stand up…and push your cock to me! Good…now…open your legs…..the massage inside you will continue….I can’t have enough of that cock! But here is the time….time for my juice….time to completely satisfied your Mistress! Come on slave……give me your sperm…NOW…with the fingers in your ass and tongue teasing…..cum in my mouth! Mmmm……Your Mistress love that juice of yours…..swallow….all of it!!! Good slave!!!

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