Xev Bellringer & Princess Leia – Answering the Babysitter Ad – double blowjob, Threesome sex HD

Added: 5/14/16 2:38pm

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Oh my gosh I just got off the phone with this couple and they said they have the perfect babysitting job for me! This money would really help me get through college. I can’t believe what I’m paying for textbooks! I really hope they give me the job. My interview is set for later today; I’m so nervous!

…This couple seems genuinely excited to have me in their home, but I notice there aren’t any toys or anything around. I wonder where they are. What do they have in mind? Wow, she’s so pretty. Her husband is such a catch, too. I hope I can impress them.

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Primal’s FOOTJOBS Alix Lynx – Pantyhose Therapy – toe fetish, foot teasing HD 720p

Added: 10/3/16 03:11PM

Therapist Alix has asked you to come back in for another session. She’s thought about it a lot, and has come up with the conclusion that you have an “unhealthy obsession with pantyhose”. As she rubs her long, sexy leg up and down the other one,she assures you that it is not uncommon, and that she wants to help you.. “work through it”. She has a sort of hands on idea for this session.. or “feet on”. Alix wants to give you the best experience possible.

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Primals FANTASIES Elena Koshka – The Nanny – Mesmerize, Mind Control, erotic magic HD [720p/clips4sale/2017]

Added: 12/9/17 5:02pm

Elena applies for a Nanny job, but the interviewer has to make sure she’s going to take care of his little man and not have boys over to fool around with. The only way to make sure she doesn’t is for him control her mind- and her orgasms.
Elena comes to work the next day, taking off her clothes and folding them in a neat pile. Now she’s ready to masturbate so she isn’t horny anymore, but the problem is, she is REALLY horny. Her master comes in to tell her he’s going to have to control her orgasms, using a hitachi to do so. Then it’s time for her to take care of him.

Slut training Elena comes into the master bedroom to masturbate. Unable to cum, she needs her master to make her orgasm. After he finally gives her the orgasm she’s been needing, he explains today is going to be a little different for them, and it’s time for her to worship his cock.

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Xev Bellringer – The Cocksucking Queen – cum swallowing, foreplay, licking, female masturbation HD [720p/2018]

Added: 1/23/17 8:25pm

Fantasy includes: blow job, oral creampie, throat dump, edging, cum swallowing, foreplay, licking, cock kissing, female masturbation, dirty talk, orgasms, seduction, coerced stripping, naked male/clothed female, big tits, pov

You had been staring at Xev all night at the party, wanting her from afar. Just like you had at school. She was irresistible, sexy, and… was she actually talking to you? Flirting with you?? The way her mouth curled up into a smile as she moved closer. That ditsy, hot voice telling you just how much she enjoyed your eyes on her…
But as soon as her hand reached out and touched your chest seductively, you lost control. The drink slipped from your hands and dowsed your front. Xev hurried you to a room secluded from the rest of the party, closed the door… and insisted it was her fault. That she had to clean you herself. Her hands found the buttons to your shirt and began to unclasp them. Her big tits looked amazing as she worked you over, smashed together in that tight pink bra.

Before you knew it, she was kneeling in front of you, slowly rubbing your sticky, soaked pants… your thighs… closer and closer to your growing erection. Overcome by nervous exhilaration, you couldn’t find the words to speak. Xev unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled off your pants. She seductively licked her palm, brought it down to your hard cock… and stroked.
This girl knew exactly what she was doing, how to push your buttons, how to playfully lead you on. Xev made one thing abundantly clear: pleasuring your pulsating member with her eager, wet mouth was her only desire. It turned her on. And she would let you unload your hot cum deep into her throat, draining your balls entirely until it overflowed from her lips down your rigid shaft. It got her off.

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Kathia Nobili Girls – Athina – Juicy BLOW JOB…cum like volcano my darling – cock tease, balls licking FullHD

Added: 11/26/14 11:30AM

You had such a hard day in work! You deserve something special today!!! To relax a bit…you need some really hungry slut to make you explode your cum! ..So you got here…to get some drink…and you saw her!!! Watching you…so sexy,,,so hot! She is teasing you and your cock! Yes…you need her….you want her to suck your cock…your cock witch is already growing in your pants! Believe me darling…I know how hard you work and I know what you need right now! Be bad!!! Look at her body…and her butt! I know you loves those big butts like hers! What you waiting for…..you want her….I want you stick your hard cock into her mouth! She will give you the best blow job! Juicy….licking all your cock..sucking your balls! Yes darling…..let your self pleasure with that slutty mouth!!! She will make you cum like a volcano!!!

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Primals FANTASIES Pristine Edge & Khloe Kapri – Lesbian Conversion – Mesmerize, Magic Control HD [720p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 8/6/17 5:30pm

Pristine and Khloe are having a nice quiet Sunday on the couch watching TV, enjoying each other, and having a little make out session, when the doorbell rings and interrupts them. Pristine gets up to go answer the door, but when she opens it, she finds a creepy man who just looks her up and down and says “Oh yeah, you’ll do nicely”. Pristine, confused and slightly offended, starts to yell at him while closing the door in his face. But before she closes it all the way, he reaches his hand in and touches her forehead, causing her to fall under a trance and abide by his command.

Khloe walks in to find her girlfriend sucking the strangers dick. Freaking out, she walks up to him screaming “who the fuck are you!?”, and shoves him back. But he reaches forward after catching his balance and puts her under his mind control too before she knows what’s happening. A minute later, he has her slapping her ass in the corner, while Pristine continues to suck his dick.

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Xev Bellringer – My Big Boobs Will Make You Blow – virtual sex, strip tease FullHD [studio/75701/1080p/2018]

Added: 1/22/18 12:21am

Fantasy includes: tit play, virtual sex, strip tease, edging, nipple sucking, masturbation instruction, mutual masturbation, groping, dirty talk, oil play, virtual creampie, pov

You’ve been waiting so patiently for me, haven’t you. For THESE… but I want you distracted. Both hands accounted for, between my legs. Right there–ohh! Keep them on my pussy… If I let you touch your cock right now, you’d blow in seconds! Especially after what I’m about to do. Promise not to cum… until I say. We’re going slow tonight. I want to savor each sensitive stroke, every prolonged squeeze of your aching cock while I playfully tease you, and please you with these massive, round breasts.

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Forced Orgasms And Creampies – penis pump, cock growth SD

What’s this?! Something you’ve been hiding from me, your sexy girlfriend?? Well… why would you need a PENIS PUMP to play with?? Don’t I get you BIG and HARD enough?? …how big do you get? What do you do with your new big cock?? I think it’s time for me to get a turn… let’s give you the biggest cock growth session you’ve ever had!!! I’m taking control, I’m pumping you up, and I cannot wait to see how big, fat, and hard you get!!

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Superheroine Destruction – Alex Blake – American Dream Crushed – Humiliation, Mental Domination FullHD [1080p/clips4sale.com/2017]

Added: 9/24/17 03:56PM

The American Dream is the paramount of the American Way. Truth. Justice. Freedom for all. These are the principals which course through her Superheroine veins.
Gustav Saurez is polar opposite. A South American despot, who reportedly was trained in genetic and chemical engineering by elements of renegade Third Reich members.
Gustav is in the process of enacting his most despicable attack yet. He’s filled a school with hundred of gallons of a highly toxic nerve agent primed by a powerful explosive.
The American Dream is tipped off t the exact whereabouts of Gustav’s planned attack and is en route to intercept and stop him.
Arriving at the school, American Dream searches for the weapon. Within moments she’s intercepted by Gustav. Confronting the tyrant American Dream demands to know the exact location of the weapon.

Gustav informs American Dream that the entire thing is just an elaborate ruse to draw her to him. His agenda, to fight, defeat and humiliate American Dream.
American Dream springs into action ready and willing to engage in combat. Tossing Gustav across a desk with the greatest of easy, she takes the upper hand. Powerful punches and kicks bring her to the verge of victory before the deplorable Gustav blows a nerve agent in American Dreams face!
Now, American Dream is under Gustav’s control and he intends on showing her just what defeat and humiliation look like!

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