Kendra Kennedy – The Evil Step Mothers Plan SD (

Added: 9/19/17

After unknowingly eating a desert packed full of viagra your cock is ROCK HARD. Just when you’re about to do something about it, your young attractive big breasted future step Mother walks in and tells you she’s sent all the servants home early for the day. She then sits down and starts to make small talk. Suddenly she’s pointing out your throbbing dick. You’re embarrassed but can’t help it. She then reveals to you she’s the one who has laced the cake with those little . As she starts to rub and caress her giant tits you fight the urge of being turned on. She’s your Father’s fiance. This is wrong. She teases you and tells you it’s ok. Its natural for a young man to be attracted to such a Goddess. As she starts to undress she reveals her master plan to you.. She wants EVERYTHING your Father has. And in order to get that she must be impregnated. But he’s too old. So what else is there…? YOU. YOU must fulfill her master plan.She threatens to come to your room every night to use your young cock until she is pregnant. You know it’s wrong but you can’t help but want to be used by her.

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Kendra Kennedy – Mommy Teaches Son Age Regression SD (

Added: 9/5/17

Son, get in here. I’ve been putting off “the talk” with you for some time now. But now that you are of the right age and going on your very first date tonight I think it’s time. Do you know what birth control is? Don’t get shy. It’s all perfectly natural for us to have this talk. It’s also perfectly natural for you to have the desires you do. Be specific with Mommy though. Tell her exactly what turns you on? Ohhh.. you like big boobies do you? Well, do you like Mommy’s big boobies? I see you blushed. I think that’s a yes. Tell Mommy what else you like of hers and she might just show you. I’m not sure if you’ve ever masturbated before… What’s masturbating? Here, let Mommy show you.

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AstroDomina – Cum To My Open House SD (

Added: 8/2/17

You’re house hunting. You’ve done your market research. You’ve narrowed down on a particular area in town. You found a suitable house in a nice neighborhood but it’s way over your budget. You decide to go check it out anyway by yourself while your girl is at work. No harm in that right? Nothing could have prepared you for this open house though. From the minute you walk into this house, there is something magical about it. It’s not the hardwood floors, it’s not the spacious interior, it’s not the light and roomy feel. No, the magical part about this house is the agent. Right after walking in, she grabs your attention and she’ll be grabbing a whole lot more before the tour is done. Real estate agent Sydney shows you around the house but all you can focus on are her curves, her round ass and her bubbly personality. You have a hard time saying no to beautiful women and hard times are what’s coming for you during this house tour. As she leads you into the finished and daylight filled basement, she gets ready to close the sale, by opening up her outfit. You get to see her voluptuous breasts and she takes off her panties. Slowly she undresses you. She takes your hard cock into her mouth and it takes all your concentration not to cum inside her mouth. Realizing she hasn’t closed the deal yet, Sydney decides to take it one step further and opens up her legs, waiting for you to fuck her. Is this really happening? She must be desperate to close on this house sale. She lets you fuck her on the pool table, doggy style and finally she rides you while you’re laying down on the pool table. A huge cum shot seals the deal. You just bought yourself a house. How could you not?

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AstroDomina – The Wife And The Masseuse SD (

Scene starts with the wife entering the massage parlor while talking to her husband on the phone. A tragic accident just occurred to the family and he wants to talk to his wife on the phone. While her needy husband is talking to her, she undresses, getting herself ready for her massage. It’s been a very stressful day and this massage will surely ease away the stress. The male masseuse comes in. He overhears the conversation from the other room and simply cannot deny her from having a great and relaxing time. So he decides to help her on a more sexual level.

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Mommy Afton – Ass worship – Warm Up Mommy SD (

Mommie is so cold she is wearing her fur coat to keep warm, but it isn’t enough. Mommie ask you son,to warm Mommie up. Mommie is naked under her fur. Mommie wants you to stroke your Cock against Mommies fur. As you sexually please Mommie, Mommie gets Very Hot especially after Fucking Mommie in her Ass & Pussy. You bring Mommie to a SCREAMING ORGASM !

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Mommy Afton – Mommys Sex Ed SD (

I am a very slutty MILF Mom who brings you along with her Orgasm. MILF Mom tells you to eat her, smell her & more. MILF Mom tears her pantyhose to insert her finger. Extreme Closeups of MILF Moms cunt, very pink & very wet.Milf Mom tells you to Finger screw her to a climax & to cum with her.

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Goddess Canna – From Brother to Cuckold FullHD (1080p/

I’ve had enough of you spying on me br0ther! I found my dirty panties in your room, this is the last straw. You’re not going to get free peeks of me and my lovers anymore. You’re going to pay for them… by helping. My little br0ther is going to be my cuckold from now on.

Time to practice so when my lovers are here you know just what I expect of you. Your s1ster shows you all the positions I love getting BBC, making you suck my toes in each one. But it’s not your place to touch, you’re only here to serve. Your little white dick is nothing compared to my lovers. The most important of your new cuckold duties is clean up! My little cum loving, faggot br0ther won’t mind this at all. Your favorite part is that you get to lick up all the cum you can handle. Your s1s makes you cum twice in this clip, once while lapping up cum from my perfect spread pussy and again stroking to your new love of big black cock. This arrangement is going to work out perfect, I never realized just how much you would love being a dirty cum guzzler for BBC little br0ther!

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