Frumpy Neighbor Transforms Into Supergirl FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/30/15

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I wasn’t about to let my hunky neighbor turn me down for a date, not while I still had some tricks up my sleeve. If he wouldn’t fuck me… then I’d just have to become someone he WOULD fuck! The mystic told me one sip of this potion would turn me into his fantasy woman… I just had no idea he had the hots for Supergirl!
I feel so strong now… so powerful. I can hear everything, even see through walls! There was no way I’d turn back at this point, but there was a limited amount of time to seduce him as Supergirl. I need to stay in character the whole time…and come up with a believable scheme to convince him to fuck the superherione. Luckily, with this perfect body…and his obsession with her, that won’t be difficult at all. I simply can’t leave until I have his dick inside of my pussy…just once!

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Penny Pax, Karlo Karrera, Dick Chibbles – Divorce Bait SD (

Rich businessman Dick Chibbles wants to leave his wife Penny Pax but doesn’t want to pay the price of a costly divorce. He hires actor Karlo Karrera off Craigslist to seduce her into having an affair so he can use it as evidence of adultery. But the actor he has hired is actually a con-man, who sees a greater opportunity to extort the man out of his fortune … using his mistreated wife as a pawn. Karlo meets the woman and shows her all the messages he has been exchanging with her husband, including the suggestion that he seduce her. Penny feels betrayed and furious. She thanks Karlo for his honesty and is about to get on the phone with her lawyer when he makes another suggestion. What if they worked together to really teach the husband a lesson? What if they humiliate him and record the hold thing to use as blackmail so they can run away together. They hatch the plot and Penny, finally feeling some much-needed attention, clearly begins to fall for Karlo … which he hams up. They cuckold the husband together and then get him to turn over his bank statements, once they reveal he’s been recorded. Afterwards, the woman thinks she’s going to run away with Karlo but he ties her up as well and leaves the couple alone together, making off with the fortune for himself!

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Primals FANTASIES – Nikki Delano – Training the Rich Bitch HD (1080p/

Nikki is arguing with her ex-husband’s, Robert’s, partner about the studio they owned together and train at. Nikki says since Robert owned 60% of the shares, she is basically his boss now. Robert’s partner says it’s never been like that between them and that they were always equal. Nikki doesn’t feel they are or that she should be equal to him, and won’t come to a fair agreement.

Robert’s partner starts explaining his stop watch, and how it’s new technology that brings in all the money and helps the clients do whatever he says. He decides to demonstrate on her. Before she knows what’s happening, she’s doing uncontrollable jumping jacks! Robert’s partner tried to be nice, but she’s not making it easy. And since she fucked over his best friend, she’s going to teach her a lesson, and humiliate the fuck out of her while doing so.

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Princess Leia – Leia Talks Dirty and Cums FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/18/15

An intimate masturbation session, just you and I. Genuine, natural orgasms. What’s better than that? I use my best dirty talk to tease you to cum while I play with my clit to cum. Masturbation encouragement for you and for me. I love thinking about you touching me, and using me… I tell you all about it. I really love being used like a good girl. Do you have that big cock I’m looking for to penetrate my holes? Will you cum with me?

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Meana Wolf – Hard Anal Fucking Job Security Top 50 Clips FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/8/17

**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!**

Sometimes a wife has to step up and take one for the team. She was reluctant at first…but you told her there was no other way. So she agreed to fuck him, to save your job. You didn’t think it would make you jealous, but once she started trying on different dresses for their “date” you couldn’t help but think of your boss’s dick in her mouth. It made you furious. But your wife loves you, and she’s doing it for the both of you. You’re a team after all, and if she doesn’t fuck him you’ll go bankrupt. It’s a simple solution isn’t it? All she has to do is fuck your boss. Just one time. She said that there’s no way he could ever compare to you. She said that only you know how to fuck her. She said she doesn’t want to kiss him…she doesn’t want him to lick her pussy. She said she’s going to just ‘pretend’ to enjoy it… and she promised she wouldn’t cum on his bare cock… She lied.

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Kathia Nobili – Virtual Reality – Vr This is truly the dirtiest masturbation game we ever had so far FullHD (1080p/

Added: 7/8/17

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Oh darling…it was so long! I missed you so much! Of course I missed to having our dirty masturbation games!!!
Do you like my outfit? Secretary…I know you are crazy for elegant woman, that’s why I dressed up for you! I want you…I want to see your beautiful cock….seeing you hardness and paly for you..getting wet and so fucking horny just see how you jerking your beautiful swollen cock for me!
Are you horny already honey?! I can’t wait any more! Wow…I see you are already rock hard!!! I adore your pretty dick!!! Let’s masturbate for each other! You already know, what I love to see….there is no more need to teach you, to having you masturbation instruction…no…not any more!!! You turning me on so fucking much!!!
Look at my pussy, so wet, you see! All for you…to make you crazy for me. To making you want more and more and more of me and our masturbation games!!! Keep it baby…try to control your orgasm…I wish to play longer with you this time. Rubbing my juicy pussy and seeing your juice, your precum!!! Mmmm….for sure is tasty!!! Ohh..yeah…I’m there….I’m ready to cum with you! Watch my face….and cum…explode all over me….let me feel your warm sperm darling!!!
This is truly the dirtiest masturbation game we ever had so far!!! You make me cum so hard!!!

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Cock Worship Xev Lives For Cock HD (720p/

Added: 8/23/17

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All of those women you see every day, the ones you fantasize about fucking. They’ll never want your cock like I do. NEED your cock. Thirst for it. Why do you think I’m dressed like this… I relish the way you stare at me. And I know just what you’re thinking… I love it. More than any of those women. Let me show you just how much I love it… how wet it makes me just thinking about it in my mouth. I’m all you’ll ever need…

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Virtual Anal – All Holes Filled With Cum HD (720p/

Added: 4/23/17

So you want a raise, do you? Let me think about it…word around the office is that you give a great foot massage. Let’s start there. Mmmm they weren’t kidding…that feels amazing. Oh you have lotion, mmm yeah right there. That’s a little too much lotion…wait where did you get –OHH!!

Did you just cum on me?! Get out, you’re fired!! Oh my God, is that what I think it is?! Ok ok you don’t have to wave it around, I’ll do what you want just don’t hurt me. Take off my clothes?! I can’t believe I’m being threatened in my own office. No no…please don’t make me spread my legs, you’re going to fuck me aren’t you? Please…make it quick.

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