Kitty LeRoux – Mind Control – Mesmerize Your Mom FullHD (

Added: 11/24/17

You come home to find a note on your door from one of your roommates. She’s signed for a package while you weren’t home. When you go to her room and talk to her, she jokes that you’ve bought
so many of these doodads, that you have to at least have a small doubt that they don’t work. She teases that it’s like believing in Santa Claus, and thinks you’re cute. “I don’t care where
you spend your money, as long as you pay your part of the rent.” When you ask where the package is, she lifts up her sweatshirt sleeves to reveal that she’s put the bracelets you purchased
ON her wrists. She playfully says she volunteers. Your eyes go WIDE- you just bought the most powerful mesmerizing bracelets you’ve ever had, and she put them on her wrist. She has no idea
what she’s doing..but as she’s playfully consenting, you watch. “I don’t feel anything.” “Is this where you make me act like a chicken?” She seems to have no idea that she’s taking off her
sweatshirt, sliding down her skirt, and basically stripping from everything she’s wearing, “What? It’s hot. I want to do this.” She asks about the bracelets and when she mentions that they
seemed like they were for Halloween, you get an idea. She (obviously) agrees to go put on her Halloween costume, but as she digs for it, she brings out a few things you weren’t expecting- a
tail plug and a HUGE double ended dildo. She doesn’t believe in mind control, but she’s about to fuck her tits, her throat until she’s drooling spit and her pussy until she squirts- all
under your control. This is going to be fun.

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Princess Rene – Femdom POV – Spying On Sis HD (

Added: 11/11/17 12:03PM

Includes taboo femdom pov, JOI, blackmail fantasy, brat girls, ass worship, cock tease, 18 & 19 year old, taboo, sister, voyeur

You were in my room snooping when you hear me come home from school. You quickly hide in the closet, only to get much more than you bargained for! I’m horny since my boyfriend has been out of town for a week. After a quick, sexy call with my guy, I’m super horny. I start rubbing my body, getting sooo turned on… until I notice YOU peeping out from the closet! WTF! Look, you can’t tell mom and dad what you saw, they think I’m still a virgin and all. If you promise not to tell, I’ll let you stroke for me… and I’ll give you the BEST ORGASM of your LOSER LIFE!

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Butt3rflyforU – Full Moon Transforms Frumpy Mom Into Hot Milf Fullhd (1080p/

Added: 2/3/17 3:00pm

You come over to my house and you are a terrible influence on my son! Whenever you are around, my son is lazy and does nothing but watch video games and TV!!! You guys waste the entire day!!!!!!! I will even pay you to NOT be his friend!!!! I notice the sun going down and getting darker and darker….and little do you know, when the moon is full, I transform from a conservative , frumpy mother into a Hot a fuck MILF that you just want your cock in every hole….I beg you to leave…telling you take my money…call an uber…JUST LEAVE!!!!!! But it’s too late…the moon is out and it is FULL!!!!! Slowly you see my frumpy flats and ankle socks transform into black thihg highs and hot red bottomed heels……then buttons start popping on my ugly, long polka dot dress and by huge , fake double d’s pop out!!!! Your eyes are bugging out of your head!! Your dick is beginning to throb and to your disbelief, I start complimenting your body…and telling you how good you look and that I LOVE young boys that come over!!! My ugly dress is now a RED HOT TIGHT club dress that is so tight I can’t even wear panties under it….I start bending over and showing you my tight, hot milf body and telling you how I love seeing your cock grow in your jeans! I demand that you take it out and start to stroke it to me….I bend over and insert my finger into my wet pussy from behind and you can hear the gushing and how wet I am….I am begging you to stroke…telling you how fast and asking where would you like to cum!?!?!?!?! This is a dream come true for you!!!!! You now know only to come over just as the full moon is exposing itself!!!! You know that I will expose everything to you!!!! ENJOY!

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Jerk Off Instructions Syren De Mer – Syren’s big Mommy`s titties HD (720p/

Added: 10/13/11 10:33AM

Your friend’s mom is waiting for your mom, but she is nowhere to be found. You decide to hang out and chat with her. You have always had a thing for her, since she is a hot redhead. She seems ready to pounce on you and you would not mind that at all. Yeah, she is older, but these older women know exactly what they want. You like the thought of that and it is clear that she is hot for you. Can you keep a secret? Okay, then, tell Miss Syren what you like. You like long hair because you can pull it as you are fucking her. There is no time for that, so she decides to take the lead and show you her titties. You have to show her what is in your pants, though. She likes your big dick and she wants to see how you work it. Her boobs are big and soft and she talks about your dick rubbing between them. Your dick gets harder and you stroke with more force. Syren shimmies down her skirt and her body is better than you thought it would be. She has a flat stomach and some sexy tattoos. She wears a black thong, but it soon comes off as well. Keep stroking that dick for MILF Syren, but do it exactly as she tells you to. Her pussy is clean shaven, save for the landing strip she has. She touches her pussy as she watches you jerking off. You should speed up because your mother will soon be home. Where will you cum today? Miss Syren wants your cum all over her big MILF titties and you do.

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Kitty LeRoux – Mesmerizing The Tutor HD (720p/

Added: 7/13/17 01:38AM

Your frumpy tutor has been hiding something under the over-sized hoodie and cargo pants she wears like a uniform. As a surprise gift for her birthday, you’ve replaced headphones she broke in her science lab..but these aren’t just any headphones. What she sees as adorable cat-eared headphones are actually extremely adept mind-wiping. She put them on, and flips the switch, lighting them up..that’s when you know they are working. The music emitted from them slowly melts away her inhibitions and she begins to strip away all of her frumpy clothes. She can’t stop touching herself, to your delight. “Top drawer,” she says…Turns out, your frumpy tutor is a sexy, slutty submissive and she can barely think straight. The toy you found in her top drawer, she draws it to her lips, fucking her throat, drooling for cock. She follows your suggestions for where else to put it, fucking her huge tits and sliding up and down on top of it. “I crave cock; I crave cum” ..she says it over and over like an obedient slut. She can’t take how swollen her clit has become and begs to cum at your command. This is a transformation not to be missed.

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Natalia Forrest – Pick Up Predator’s Erotic Trance Destroys Your Intoxicated Mind HD (720p/


It must be your lucky night – picked up by the hottest babe in the bar and lured back to her place. She’s a classy lady, but so horny she wants to watch you wank. You think you’re going to get laid. Well, she will totally fuck you tonight… fuck your mind until you become her drooling idiot jerk slave. You’re the latest victim of the pick up Predator. She tempts you to inhale her special perfume deeply. It sends your mind spiralling down into a euphoric dream and enhances her beauty and control. Her piercing eyes and sensual words plunge you into an unbreakable trance.
You can’t resist her wicked seduction. You’ll do anything for her. She plies you with more and more of her perfume, carefully directed inhales increasing the effect, intent on making you lose your mind completely. You’ll become her wanking addict. Her cruel smiles are so sexy, you’ll enjoy every moment as she take your mind apart. Her mental domination is so deep that every suggestion become reality. You’ll pump your dick and believe you’re fucking her hard every which way. You’ll think you’ve had the best sex of your life. And when you cum it will blow what little remains of your mind, and you’ll be just another weak horny brainless man for her to use.

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Mallory Sierra & Lady Fyre – Secretaries Ruin Your Valentine’s Day FullHD (1080p/

Added: 2/11/17 12:45am

Your secretaries are plotting against you: If you’re going to ruin their Valentine’s Day, they’re going to be sure yours is ruined too.

You’re on your way out the door but stop in to remind your secretaries that they can’t leave until they finish those reports you’ve had them working on. They beg you not to make them stay late on Valentine’s Day, and they show off the outfits they wore for their dates later tonight. Though you’re going home to your wife, you can’t help but be turned on by these two hot women. Olivia lifts her skirt & you can’t believe she’s not wearing any panties. You know you’re supposed to be saving your cum for your wife, but you have no choice at this point: if they want to fuck, you’re going to do it. Mallory & Olivia take turns giving you a blowjob & riding your cock, but they’re just not impressed by your gifts to your wife & berate you as they use you. Olivia complains about how the roses don’t smell good, and Mallory says your super cheap chocolates just wouldn’t cut it if you were her husband. You’re cocky & think you can have sex with these ladies then also pleasure your wife later, but Olivia knows you better than that. As they drain your cock of every last drop of cum, the gravity of the situation sinks in: You no longer have flowers, chocolates OR a hard cock to give your wife later. You’re so screwed.

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Princess Leia – My Daughter talk All About You JOI HD (720p/

Added: 1/26/17 03:35PM

Imagine your hand is one of my tight little holes. Whichever one you want to fuck most. Do you want to fuck my cute face? You could shove your fat cock as far down my throat as you want. Do you want to spread my legs and take my tight pussy until you blow your load inside me? You could even pretend your hand is my tight little ass. You’re going to have to grip your cock so tight for that hole though…not many boys last very long in my tight little ass.

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