Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S – Meana Wolf – Jealous Cuckold – Hard Anal Fucking FullHD [1080p/]

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**Top 50 Hottest Clips on C4S!**

You started to feel it… that pain deep in your stomach… you knew she was lying to you. Day in and day out… the two of you were growing apart. Sometimes you could smell him on her but even then she’d always have some perfect excuse. You wanted to believe her… but you knew. And once you started snooping through her phone… you wish you could have unseen what you saw. But now the images of her fit and hung lover were burning in your mind. You knew she was going out to fuck him again tonight, but you couldn’t stop her. Maybe part of you subconsciously enjoyed knowing that she was about to get fucked by another man. When she came home early in the morning you pushed her to the ground and shoved your hard cock in her mouth. Your dick was so fucking hard and you felt so angry…betrayed… but the smell of sex on her and the thought of his cock inside her was driving you mad with passion. She denied it over and over and it just made you want to fuck her even more… to fuck the truth out of her. She laughed, “You know don’t you? You know that I’ve been with someone else. I let him fuck me bareback. Does that make you mad? Now both your cum is all mixed up inside my pussy”.

You’d never fucked like that before…and you loved it. But you wanted it to stop. The only problem is, your girlfriend Meana has a mind of her own…and now that she knows how the two of you fuck when you’re angry and jealous? Well she’s not about to just turn down her side dick AND go back to having boring sex with you. No she’s not going to stop fucking other men. She’s going to keep making you crazy with jealousy… starting with fucking her bull lover right in front of you…on your fucking couch. Because she likes what it does to you.

Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: 2 Sex Scenes. Feel your jealousy and anger boil over into passion as you fuck the truth out of your girlfriend. You cum inside her knowing that her lover’s big fat load is still deep within her tight, wet pussy. She likes what it’s doing to you… she likes the anger and the passion in your cock. So she brings her lover over to fuck right in front of you, knowing that it will drive you mad…and make you want to fuck her even harder. **Cheating Girlfriend. Lying. Snooping. POV Sex. CreamPie. Cuckolding. Bull fucks your Hotwife. Cum On Tits. **

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First Hardcore Xev Bellringer Must See All! – Xev And Leia Fuck A Fan FullHD [1080p/]

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Out of hundreds of men, you won the contest… to do ANYTHING you want to Xev and Leia for one night. And they are excited. The girls don’t waste any time slowly disrobing each other in front of you, softly touching, teasing… kissing. But they want you, and before you know it, the pants are off and you’re on your back with your two favorite porn stars closing in on your cock. Xev and Leia’s lips caress the length of your shaft, then greedily bury it in their mouths. The girls can barely contain themselves… and Leia can’t stop sucking so you fill her little mouth up with cum. She loves it, your hot seed pooled on her tongue, the taste of your pleasure. Xev is over come with jealousy and mounts you immediately, sinking her tight pussy onto your sensitive cock. She’s not done with you yet, and neither is Leia. You’ll cum again, this time in Xev’s pussy!

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Xev Bellringer – A Christmas Cuckold Story FullHD [1080p/]

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You love your wife, especially tonight. The things she’ll do for you… just to satisfy your deepest sexual fantasies. Going so far, pushing her own limits, just for you. Shy, embarrassed… nervous about what would happen in just a few minutes, when that fateful knock on the door would come. The mysterious man on the other side, ready to walk in and take what he wanted: your wife.

She had no idea who he was. But she trusted you, and would let him do WHATEVER he wanted to her body. It made you so fucking hard. You just had to cop a feel right there in the hotel room, before he made his appearance. You thrust your fingers deep into her cunt, pumping them in and out, having her admit it all. That she too wanted another man to fuck her.

And then you heard it, the knock. You rushed into the closet, where you would stay and watch him violate your wife through the doors. But not before you told your wife the big secret. It was your boss who would fuck her tonight. You knew the news petrified her… but oh, it would make her want to please him that. Much. More. Strip for him, kiss him, suck his cock, slip his throbbing manhood into her wet pussy… and of course, let him cum inside of her… Because you wanted it, to see her used by your boss. And then… used by you.

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Vera Price xxx – Mom Gets Virgin Son a Pocket Pussy for Xmas FullHD [1080p/]

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Mom knows you’re a beta. You just ooze a total lack of game. That’s why she’s giving you a special gift this year: a personal masturbator, anatomically designed just like a real, live pussy. Consider yourself lucky: this might be as close to fucking a girl as you ever get. You’re going to blow a huge load for her this Christmas as she counts you down, instructing you in exactly how to use your new toy

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Vera Price xxx – Mommy Embarrasses Sissy Son FullHD [1080p/]

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Honey, I have had it with you stealing my panties. I’ve noticed them going missing and had just assumed you were being… gross. That is, until I saw you wearing them when you left your door cracked open last night. You thought I’d gone to bed already, but nope. I went to get a glass of water and saw…. That. If you want to be a sissy, that’s fine, but not in my clothes. Here’s some panties, a nice pink bra, and some lipstick. Put it on. You’re going to jerk off in your little getup and then you are going to eat your cum. That’s right, in front of me. Come on, we don’t have all night

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Princess Leia – Slave Leia Obeys You FullHD [1080p/]

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Video Includes: HD blowjob, cosplay, role play, dirty talk, deep throat, cock worship, gold bikini, star wars, cock kissing, cockring, cum in mouth, braces, licking, POV Yes Master, *slave leia*, princess leia, leia, porn

Slave Leia’s new in town and doesn’t know what’s in store for her. She’s been rebellious from the beginning and won’t obey as easily as the other girls. You’re here to keep her in line. She’s looking up to you as her Master and you tell her how to behave. She lusts after your commands (and your cock) but deep inside she wants out. Can you keep her in check? Will your cock satisfy her? Slaves obey their Masters and when cum enters Leia’s mouth, she’s all yours.

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Mind Under Master – Music Video – Aspen Romanoff & Hime Marie FullHD [1080p/]

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Aspen and Hime are dancing to the rhythm of a track. Their hands roma over each other as they roll their bodies to the beat getting closer and closer to each other. “You feel so fucking good” Hime moans as she plays with Aspen’s big tits

“I can’t stop touching you” Aspen responds.

“Where are we?” Hime asks forgetting how they even got here, the music making it hard for her to think. “Music Video silly” Aspen responds before pushing her friend onto a sofa and kissing up her body.

“But if this is a music video, where’s the band?” Hime says continuing to try and make sense of it all. “Let’s ask the producer” Aspen says with a smile.

Before she even realizes it she’s kissing and rubbing the producer’s cock, his hand squeezing her firm ass as Aspen adores him from the other side. But she pulls back, “Wait if this is a music video where are the cameras?” Aspen doesn’t give her long to think about it as she pull her close so they can both kiss the producer together.

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Angel The Dreamgirl – Silk & Satin – The Dark Butterfly FullHD [1080p/]

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She is like a dark butterfly so beautiful and inaccessible. It was raining outside, and I hurried to my house. My wife was waiting for me in a black clothes. She wore a satin dress, her sexy legs were clad in black stockings, her tender hands wore black long satin gloves. She was beautiful. I did not expect such a surprise. She gave me a good handjob, and then we had sex. She experienced an orgasm and after 2 minutes I cum to her legs in stockings.

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