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Mother has been sexually frustrated but in the last week her daughter Ashley has come home from collage and her husband has started fucking her again. Mom thinks it’s because he has been fired up by his sexy daughter being around but Mom doesn’t mind she is just happy she is getting some action. But now Mom has been sexually released and she has started thinking and looking at her daughter and wants to have some fun with her.

Scene One: Reluctant Start

Ashley is reluctant at the start and but Mom forces her to take part. But towards the end she has given up and becomes submissive and does anything Mom tells her.

Mom and Ashley are in the bedroom, Mom tells her she has a gift and gives her a sexy bikini like the one Mom is wearing. Mom tells her to try it on she is a bit shy but Mom gets her to strip and put it on. As she does Mom starts to talk to her about when she was at collage and the fun she had with her roommate. Ashley is shocked that Mom had been with a woman. After watching Ashley and seeing her body Mom is just too turned on and forces her on to the bed.

Mom pushes her legs apart while on top of her and holds her arms down and starts to kiss her rubbing tits. She does not respond so Mom starts to kiss her tits and then move both her arms above her head. Mom starts to move off and Ashley is thinking it’s over but it is only just starting. Mom then forces her in to different positions making her lick and give pleasure as Mom has her wicked way with her.

Scene Two: Desire and Confusion

Mom and Ashley come into the living room after a family party, Dad missed the party due to work commitments. He says how sexy they both look, Mom sits down by him and start kissing him Ashley says she is going to bed to give them some privacy. Mom tells her to stay she stands there watching.

Mom then tells Dad that Ashley is wearing sexy lingerie as well and if he would like to see it. Ashley stands in shock that her mother would say this. Dad says “yes” while Mom undresses her daughter. Mom then starts to play and suck Dad’s cock, Daughter stands their shock but does not want to move and upset Mom. Mother then stands and makes Ashley sit next to her dad while Mom fucks him. While she fucks him, Mom and dad start to touch Ashley and stop her from leaving she asks Mom to stop but she doesn’t. Mom then pushes Daughter on her back and Mom lays on top of her while Dad fucks Mom from behind. Daughter tries to leave again but Mom forces her to fuck Daddy. Mom and Dad then force Daughter into different position while Dad fucker his tight daughter. Then Mom tell him that it is time to take her ass. She is shocked but Mom and her dad force Daughter to have anal she has now given up and lets it happen. At the end, Dad cums over her face and then Mom licks the cum off and they have a long kiss.

Scene Three: Daughter Swap

Ashley’s Dad and Uncle have made agreement to swap daughters, this is the first daughter they are going to have together. Dad and the uncle are charge forcing her to do what they want.

In the living room Dad and the Uncle are sitting down talking Ashley comes in wearing the sexy bikini she is surprised that her uncle is there. She has been in the back yard with her Mom who asked her to come in to get a drink for her but her mmm knows her brother is with Ashley’s dad waiting for her. Ashley is a bit nervous standing in front of her Dad and Uncle just in a small sexy bikini especially once her dad starts saying how sexy she looks. Uncle Luke starts saying how hot his niece Ashley looks and he should buy his daughter a bikini like that.

Dad tells her to sit down she says about getting moms drink but he insists she sits between the two men. They start talking about her sexy body she is very nervous she says she should get back to mum but her dad stops her and tells her she should be more polite and friendly to her uncle. Her dad and uncle then hold her arms down and dad then forces her to kiss him and then her uncle. They take it in turns kissing her and while they keep holding her arms they start to touch her body playing with her tits and pussy.

Then they push her on to her back her dad moves between her legs and starts to fuck her and the uncle moves to her head and makes her suck him. They will then continue to get her to fuck and suck them in different positions. They make her sit on her dad and as she rides his cock she feels her uncle behind before she can stop him he starts to fuck her ass.

Now at the end she is made to kneel in front of them and takes turns sucking them she has now given up fighting them so she lets them fuck her face. She just lets them cum all over her face she is told not waste any of it so she scoops it off her face and eats it.

Scene Four: Sexually Broken Daughter

Ashley now be submissive and totally under Mom’s control. The fight is gone and Ashley likes it rough. Mom has her way with Ashley, setting up a new life of daughter sexual servitude.

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