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Added: 10/28/16

Scene One: Vs. the nerd

“You’re coming with me nerd for all the crimes you’ve committed” Black Widow says grabbing him by the neck. A special designed taser takes care of her, dropping her to the floor . When she awakes a voice message challenges her to a game. If she wins he goes to jail, if he wins she strips and gives him a lap dance. Seems like Black Widow has no choice but to do as he says…

They play round after round of strip poker, Black Widow losing every hand. She thought she was better at this game but as the clothes come off her anger shows. Looks like she lost and now she has to pay up. Black Widow slides her naked toned body over the nerd just like a stripper, feeling his dick get hard in his pants. If she’s going to be a stripper then she’s going to use it to her advantage. She grinds on his dick hard, making him wince in pain. She’s relentless, grinding his cock raw. “You win” The nerd shouts and she smiles in victory as she gets dressed.

The next challenge? A wrestling match with the nerd. If she can pin him for a count of ten she wins and they move onto the next round. Black Widow has no trouble destroying the puny man and takes pleasure in seeing him beaten so badly.

Scene Two: Vs. The Mayor

“The mayor will be here shortly” The nerd warns her. Black Widow responds that he’s going to jail. Just then you walk in and grab her by the throat. “Mayor!” Black Widow gasps in terror as she’s thrown to the bed. You pull off her clothes as she struggles against you. “I’m never going down to you!” She screams in defiance as you begin groping her tight body.

“What the fuck do you want me to do!” She yells and you put your cock into her angry mouth. Black Widow has no escape but to give you what you want. Putting your cock inside her mouth she sucks like her life depended on it. Sucking angrily she looks up at you and you reward her with a blast to her super heroine face. The game is over and Black Widow has lost. She’s going to be their sex slave forever. “You’ll never get away with this” Black Widow says, cum dripping off her face.

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