Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures – Sydney Cole – Ms. Marvel Vol 1 – Super Famous FullHD mp4

Back Story: Ms. Marvel has fallen so far. A former Super Heroine with unlimited powers and abilities is now a data entry clerk working for Nasa. She destroyed one too many cities fighting the Kree which she was later blamed for. Scene One: On her first day Ms. Marvel is introduced to her new Boss Felicity. At first she seems nice but Felicity quickly becomes frustrated with the slow work ethic of Carol. Felicity also knows Ms. Marvel cannot sink any lower and must keep her job an any cost. Felicty begins to seduce the young former Super Heroine. Carol must do everything Felicity says or she will lose the only job she has left… Scene Two: Bound Redemption “The Kree are attacking!

Aren’t you a super hero or something” She yells at Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel quickly transforms and gets ready to fly to the rescue. Just then a red mist vents in from the ceiling. Oh my god it’s a trap! As the mist descends Ms Marvel realizes her mistake and . Purgatory walks in on his latest captive. It was all a ruse. She wakes in a strange room and is rendered powerless. She’s tied up and squirms as Purgatory uses a pair of scissors to cut her costume and expose her pussy.

Purgatory wants to break Ms. Marvel. He takes out a vibrator and places it on her sensitive clit. She moans desperately and pleads for it all to stop. He grabs her by the throat and rips an orgasm from her. “Oh I’m going to cum! OH FUCK” She screams. “It’s turning me into such a slut” She yells. Scene Three: Broken Star Ms. Marvel wakes up to find herself with her legs spread wide. She is shaking from the vibrator’s orgasm and unable to do anything about Purgatory’s big cock pushing inside of her. He rips off her mask and stretches her tight little twat. She doesn’t want to like it but her body betrays her. He makes her suck and lick clean his wet cock before drilling her again and again. “I don’t know why this feels so good” Ms. Marvel moans trying to control herself. She feels him tightening inside of her and she opens her mouth begging for his hot load. He gives her all she can swallow and more. With a gulp she smiles at having the ordeal over with. Her smile fades as the red mist covers the room again. Scene Four: Ms. Marvel vs Twisted Trainer Ms. Marvel wakes up half naked and tied in a gym. The manager walks in to find her and ask if she has an appointment. Confused Ms. Marvel yells at him to untie her and let her fight the Kree. He slaps her around, punching and dominating her. Ms. Marvel can’t believe how weak she’s become as the man drives her to the ground and knocks her . She wakes to find herself spread on a bench with the man inside of her. “Oh no not again” She thinks as his hard dick breaks her open again. Her pussy feels so sensitive and raw after the last fuck that she can’t even keep her thoughts straight. “Oh my god that cock feels so good” She moans. He shoves his dick in her face and Ms. Marvel happily takes it down. She gets on top of him and rides him and she lets him fuck her hard onto the bench, his big hand around her tiny throat. She can’t take it anymore and explodes inside, an orgasm that shatters who she is. The man cums, covering her pussy in his hot load. “Who’s next?” Ms. Marvel wonders, now a broken slut looking for her next fuck.

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