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Crystal walks into the lounge and starts asking her father questions about sex. He is very embarrassed and tries to get her to speak to her mother but she insists and is soon feeling her way up his leg to get some hands on experience! He pulls away but she follows him, tanking down his trousers and playing with his cock excitedly. Daddy reluctantly gets an erection and when his daughter lies back on the sofa and takes her clothes off and spreads her legs, he gets very aroused. She invites him to fuck her and he can’t stop himself any longer and penetrates her. As he fucks her in several different positions her mood changes and it becomes apparent she was just trying to trick him into fucking her so she could control him from now on. She humiliates him and calls him a dirty old man and a pervert for fucking his own daughter, Daddy doesn’t seem to mind the abuse though as he is sliding in and out of her tight cunt and he soon spunks all over her bare thighs.

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