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My son is such a pervert! Can you believe I caught him spying on me TWICE! First, I was in the bathroom, just home from work and happy to be ready to relax! I don’t know how long he was there watching, but I got naked, brushed my teeth, took a pee, and noticed him watching when I bent over to start my bath!

And then, just a couple hours later, I was trying to get some well needed “Me Time” in my bedroom… I don’t know how much he saw but, I was definitely full on masturbating! I watched some porn on my phone and got undressed! I even pulled out my dildo and started fucking myself! I was at it for at least five minutes before I caught him spying on me! That little pervert! I was so upset, I slammed the door in his face! I mean, how embarrassing! We need to have a serious talk!

Later that evening, I was tidying up in the kitchen and I came out to see him wanking on the couch! In the middle of the living room! I couldn’t believe it! I went over and snatched his phone from him while he rubbed his dick against it and you’ll never believe what I saw! He had taken pictures of me! While I was in the bathroom, even while I peed! And he had more photos of me completely naked, lets spread on the bed with a dildo in my pussy! That’s so crazy! What’s wrong with him!

But, I needed to stay calm. He’s just a boy and these are all normal feelings he is having. This is the perfect opportunity for us to have that talk. We can make a learning experience out of this. I can teach him to respect women, and not take pervy photos of them without them knowing! He is a bit embarrassed, but is keen to learn. It’s a bit strange that he is getting off to his own mother, but, I’d rather he learn with me before making mistakes in the real world!

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