Diane Andrews – Mommy I all Day think about sex with You FullHD mp4 [1080p/American / Tampa / Midwest/2018]

Insatiable tipsy Mom

Custom video – name used. “I was interested in a POV video with you playing my tipsy mother coming into the living room from the party outside to unknowingly seduce me over a longer span of time. I was watching some TV while dr1nk1ng on the couch and you decided to join me. We talk with each other for a bit, talking about what dr1nks we like. Then it moves on to talking about the party and how everyone was checking you out. I try to move on from the subject. [Silence] You make a couple dr1nks for us to have. Then after dr1nk1ng you feel buzzed and start checking me out.

You ask, “Honey, you remember that talk we had a long time ago about 1nc3st, when you said people should be able to make love to whomever as long as their adults and consent. I remember I disagreed with you and said that sex between family members is not alright at all, do you remember?” ME: Yeah MOM: Well, I have been thinking about it…. a lot.” [Pause] ME: Okay, what about? I mean, I have been umm … you know…umm…thinking about it…late at night.” ME: Ummm what do you mean? MOM: I have been thinking about how you might be right. ME: Mom? MOM: I have been thinking about what your cock looks like ….. and if it would feel good for me to touch it. ME: What the fuck M0m? Umm, ummmm we can’t and there are so many people outside anyways. This is where you seduce me by slowly assuring no one is going to come in from the party and you want to just look at it. You slowly pull me out of my jeans [no cock in video plz], You smile and then grab it, seducing me to be able to suck it to completion in your mouth. [2 minute bj] After cumming in your mouth and you swallowing it. You dress back up and dr1ink to clear your throat. Someone comes in from the party [no actor needed] to grab some b33rs and quickly leaves which is good because we act kind of awkwardly silent watching TV. After partier is gone back outside… MOM: Did you like that? Me: omg…yes. MOM: I am so fucking wet for you Samuel. Are you still hard? ME: Yes, but we shouldn’t. MOM: [smile] You know you want to. You seduce me quickly and pull me out of my jeans again and move your panties over to the side from under your skirt , climb on me and take control riding me and then urging me to come inside you eventually. [4-5 minute sex] [Toward the climax, plz pull out your beautiful breasts and ensure me that you don’t care if anyone comes inside.]”

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