Elena Koshka – The Daughter Deal – Sex with Daddy on his Work HD 2018

SCENE opens one morning as Frank, a middle-aged sales rep, and his 18-year-old step-daughter, Nancy, pull into the parking lot of his office. Nancy sits frowning in the front seat, wearing a big puffy jacket with her arms folded in her lap. The family hasn’t said one word to each other the entire drive and the car is filled with tension. Finally, Frank turns to his daughter and demands that she behave herself today. She scoffs and looks out the window, cursing him under her breath.

Frank reminds her that she got herself suspended from school. She left him no choice but to take her with him to work because her mother doesn’t trust her home alone anymore. ‘And whatever mom says, you do … right dad?’ she says, pouting. ‘I don’t trust you alone either,’ Frank snaps, correcting her. ‘And if your mom could have taken you, she would. But, they don’t let irresponsible, class-skipping, pill-popping teenagers lurk around the pharmacy!’ Nancy mutters in defiance. ‘Frank, it was one mistake. It’s 2018 … I’m 19 years old. Calm down!’ Frank grabs the teenager by the collar. ‘Look … I am not your buddy. I am your step-father and you will treat me with respect,’ he yells. Nancy shrinks back, surprised. He lets go and orders her to ‘Get out of the car, march into my office, and keep quiet. I’ve got a huge deal on the line today and I’m stressed out enough as it is!’ He gets out and slams the door. Nancy looks after him nervously before slowly taking off her jacket to reveal a scantily clad crop top. She innocently adjusts the bra and steps out of the car.

Category: Father – Daughter, Incest, Taboo, Step Dad, Teen, Family Roleplay, Pussy to mouth, Deepthroat, Rough Sex, Double Creampie, Reluctance, Corruption, Step daughter

Format: mp4
Resolution: 1280 x 720
Duratio: 01:04:38
Size: 956 Mb


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