Erica Lauren – Son Fun In Mum’s Bum 6: Mom & Son Pay & Play For Dad’s Mistakes FullHD mp4 [1080p/2018]

Mom and Dad had started a new business several years ago. Unfortunately, the business struggles due to Dad’s mismanagement and they needed to borrow money to keep things going. Given their current financial situation they cannot borrow the money needed via normal channels. As such they turn to a “private firm” which was recommended by a friend. As the business venture continues to struggle they find themselves in more financial trouble. The firm they are dealing with is not very open to loan workouts. Mom (Erica) is already well aware of the situation and has spent many sleepless nights trying to figure out how to get out of their situation. Dad is away on business trying to find a way to raise the money. A representative of the “financial firm” pays Erica a visit to tell her he has a way to solve their problem. Given the nature of their business the firm has already evaluated Erica and her husbands assets. Unfortunately for Dad’s main asset at this point is his sexy wife!

Erica is in her kitchen and speaking with the representative from the firm. She is smoking a cigarette and drinking a tonic. You can tell she is very stressed and upset. The representative of the firm is explaining a solution to his problem. The owner of the firm has a fetish, he loves taboo sex scenes. Given his intimate knowledge of the family, he knows Erica has done some webcam work. He also knows that they have a sexy young 26-year-old son (Conor). The man tells Erica that if she agrees to make some videos for them they would accept that as payment for the debt.
Erica: “So all I need to do is fuck and suck on a few videos and they will consider us even?”

Director: “Yes. The video would be for my bosses personal use. He definitely thinks you are a very sexy woman and love to see you in action”
Erica: “While I not happy about it. I will do it if that is what it takes to get us out of this fucking mess”
It is then that the Director tells her that the videos are more a fetish or specialty video.
Erica: “What fetish do that want me to do?”

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