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Custom- So the son has broken his dominate arm/hand and his ankle too (skateboarding, maybe?), and the actual mother(you) has to bathe him in his bed with a washcloth, since he can’t shower/bathe himself. You come into his room in the morning wearing nothing but tight white socks and a short bath-robe loosely tied shut with no bra or panties underneath, which keeps slipping open occasionally, ‘accidentally’ exposing a nipple or two throughout the video. You act like a very caring and normal mom, with no sexual attraction to your son for the most part, you just want to help him… until the cumshot that is. A slow buildup to the cumshot is essential, as you very normally and slowly clean around the various parts of his body.

No cleaning of his balls/cock until the very end. After the rest of his body is clean, you turn around to grab some more soap or something, bending over and exposing your ass and pussy under the short bath-robe to your son and the camera, causing your son to get hard/erect. You apologize for dressing with nothing but a robe and remark on how natural it is for a boy his age to get easily excited by a woman’s body and touch. You then continue to clean is asshole with the washcloth, working your way to his balls.

And once you start to clean his hardened cock with the wash-cloth, he remarks about how rough/sore the washcloth is on his penis, so you put the washcloth down and say I’m so sorry about that baby. You then mildly soap your hands and start washing his balls with your hands, making him harder. And then you start cleaning his cock with your hands as well. You ‘try’ to do so in a motherly way, but eventually start to notice that it feels good for both of you. Since you stopped using the washcloth and are using your hands instead, you ask him if that feels better while you’re cleaning his cock. You’re tit’s ‘accidentally’ slip out from under your robe again as you continue, and you keep cleaning but (very) slowly working your way to the cockhead, talking about how you have to make sure to keep his penis clean (just like a mother would). And as your cleaning, your motions start to get a little bit more sexual on his cock, twisting your hands around his slippery/wet cockhead. And as a result, he can’t hold back anymore and starts to spurt a massive load all over your hand and his chest. Right as he starts cumming, you stop and hesitate for a second in surprise that he’s cumming, but then out of habit/urge you keep stroking until he has finished cumming completely.. Squeezing every drop out, and then apologizing for making him cum, that it’s a normal reaction and that you didn’t mean to. But then complimenting him on such a huge load of cum and you say that you need to clean it up for him now. So you (hesitantly) start licking your hand and his chest clean of cum, constantly looking up at him in fear of his reaction to you being so naughty about cleaning the cum with your mouth. And finally giving him a sweet, small kiss right on the tip of his cock, sucking the last drop of cum off the tip of his cock. Then you close your robe up, pull his boxers back up and you’re all done with the bathing. As you leave the room, you remark about how you can’t wait until his next bath, winking at him as you leave the room.

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