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“Hey honey,” Mom said sitting down beside you on the bed, “how are you feeling?” She knew that you had a big test tomorrow in one of your classes, and was worried that you were over-exerting yourself trying to study for it.

“Have you had something to eat today? Are you drinking enough water?” she asked concerned. “You don’t need to stress about the test – we can get through this. Maybe…there’s a little something I can share with you that helps me relax. I know it might be a little weird because I’m your mom…but self-satisfaction is really important and stress relieving.”

“I know it’s a little uncomfortable, but just trust me,” Mom said offering to help loosen you up. She unfastened your pants and wrapped her warm, soft hands around your cock. “See, that feels better already, doesn’t it?” she smiled as she stroked your cock. “This is all you’ll be able to think about it – you won’t even be able to think about the test. This can your little euphoria.”

“Just relax,” she repeated with a gentle, soothing voice. To make you feel more comfortable, she stripped down and showed off her beautiful body to you. “Get close to Mommy…I’ll make you feel all better…I’ll help you. Go ahead and put it in Mommy’s pussy…”

You penetrated her tight, pink hole, and she moaned loudly as you fucked her. “Such a good boy,” she smiled warmly, “I’m so proud of you.” After you had cum, she told you to get a nice, cooked meal and a big glass of water. “Don’t worry about your test anymore today, okay? You feel all better now, don’t you?”

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