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“Don’t do this…” she cried. “You know this is wrong, you know you’re not supposed to be doing this. Go sober up, okay? You don’t want to do this.” But he fingered her and flicked his warm, wet, sloppy tongue against her clit as she sobbed.

“Get off of me…this is wrong,” Mom told him, but he continued to penetrate her tight pussy. He was far stronger than she was, so there was no use in fighting him like she had done in the past – she had to take it until he was done.

“Please go…please go…go away,” she begged, her pussy full of his cum. He got up, slamming against the walls, and headed back to his room.

This clip includes: Carmen Valentina, mom/son, POV, it’s late & son still isn’t home, mom calls him to see where he is at – she can hear the loud music & people in the background when talking to her son, she tells her son not to drink because of how he acts when he’s , but she can already hear him slurring, she goes to bed in hopes that everything will be okay, son comes home & slams into the walls of his mom’s bedroom, mom wakes up frightened & horrified, she begs and screams for son to go back to his room, son begins touching his mom & mom pushes him off, he shoves her, strips her down & gropes her, forced stripping, virtual tit groping, she cries for him to stop, she tells him it’s wrong & that he doesn’t have to do this, virtual fingering, virtual pussy licking, pussy eating, forced oral, forced sex, missionary, virtual sex, this has happened countless times before & mom isn’t strong enough to fight him off, she has to take it until he’s done, son fills mom with his cum, virtual creampie, mom begs for him to leave, mature, older woman, MILF, lingerie, wasted son, family sex, fauxcest, inebriated, , tipsy

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