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But then a sweet, warm smile ran across her face. “Did Mommy give you that?” she asked. “Did Mommy make you hard? I bet it feels good for Mommy to rub it, doesn’t it?” She first stroked your hard cock, then put her mouth around it. “That feels so good…you’re so warm. Keeping Mommy warm is such an important job,” she told you.

She laid back, her silky nightgown pulled up now, and told you to slide your cock inside of her. “Oh god, that’s so warm…” she moaned. “This is such a nice way to warm on a frigid night.” After penetrating her wet pussy, you finally filled it with your cum. “That’s the best love making I’ve had in a long time…” she said. “I’m not cold anymore. Thank you, honey. Can you cuddle with me now…keep me warm for the rest of the night? Just like that…your arms feel perfect around Mommy….”

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