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This clip includes: Christina Sapphire, mom/son, mom hesitates before calling a hotline for help, she confesses to having sexual feelings about someone she shouldn’t have feelings for, she is afraid to admit it is her son, she begins to get turned on as she talks about it, hand brushes against her chest & along her inner thigh, she masturbates as she talks about her perverted, disgusting fantasies, the man on the other line becomes interested in her immoral thoughts, tit groping, mom starts to talk dirty on the phone – wants the man to call her Mommy, masturbation, masturbating, she cums as she talks about her son, orgasm, she is immediately ashamed & closes her legs, dirty talk, mature, MILF, brunette, older woman, glasses, family, fauxcest

“Hi. Um…I just need someone to talk to tonight,” Mom struggled to say. After debating it in her head, she finally had enough courage to dial the number to the hotline. “I…you’re gonna listen to me, right? I keep having these feelings about somebody that I’m really not supposed to have sexual feelings about. No, no…not my boss, someone a little closer to home.”

She didn’t want to confess that her perverted fantasies where about her own son. “And I just keep getting so wet…and it’s not right, I shouldn’t think this thing about him, but he’s so good-looking and strong, and he’s got a big, hard cock when he needs it…” She felt ashamed to let the words out from her lips – she knew how disgusting she truly was.

“I know it’s okay to have sexual feelings, I know that…yeah, but…I…I can’t tell you who it is,” Mom stammered. “You have to know? It’s my son.” Her stomach sank, her heart sped up – she wasn’t sure what the person on the other line would think. But the idea of admitting something so taboo, so immoral…began to turn her on, and her hand caressed her big tits, ran down her legs, and gently brushed up against her inner thigh.

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