Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nikki Brooks – Will You Be My Valentine, Mom? FullHD mp4 [1080p/2019]

Added: 2/12/19

This a very sweet, passionate, & romantic video – one where mom & son spend a very special Valentine’s Day together…

“Hey baby,” Mom said sweetly as you entered her bedroom, “is that for me?” Her eyes widened and a big smile ran across her face when she saw a gift-bag in your hand. “My sweet boy, I love you. Is this for Valentine’s Day?”

“You make my heart happy,” she read on the red and white tag. “Awww, come here.” She leaned in to give you a kiss on the cheek, then thanked you for such a thoughtful present. “But don’t you want to give this to your girlfriend? No? No special someone? Are you sure you wanna give this to Mommy?”

Mom was your special someone, but she had no idea you had real feelings for her – you were too afraid to tell her. You thought by giving her a sweet gift on Valentine’s Day, she might be able to see it. “You’re positive you don’t want to give it to a crush at school?” she asked again. “Like, a pretty girl that sits across from you?” But it was fairly obvious that Mom wasn’t catching the hint, and that upset you.

This clip includes: Nikki Brooks, mom/son, POV, son gives mom a Valentine’s Day present, mom is happy & thankful, she asks if he really wants to give it to her instead of a pretty girl at school, son has feelings for his mom but she doesn’t know, he tries to touch her & mom says that he’s not supposed to do that kinda stuff with her, son is visibly upset & mom tries to comfort her, she wants him to understand that Mommy can’t be THAT type of Valentine’s, son asks to kiss her & mom shies away uncomfortably, she explains that a Valentine is supposed to be someone you love or want to marry – it’s not supposed to be your mom, mom can see that son is still upset & she offers to be his secret Valentine’s, they can’t tell anyone else about it, mom is beginning to see how her son really feels about her, she returns those feelings for the day, virtual kissing, passionate, romantic kisses, making out, “you’re a really good kisser for being so young,” mom unfastens her robe, lingerie, teasing, sweet & sensual, affectionate, “look what Mommy did to you,” mom shows off her sexy outfit & tells son it’s his present now, “Mommy will be a good Valentine’s & take care of you,” mom takes things nice & slow with son to make they are both comfortable,mom offers to start a bubble bath so they can continue their Valentine’s Day together,mom slowly strips down,

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