Kendra James Super Heroine World – Violet Monroe, Saharra Huxly – Batwoman and the Beast’s dungeon of doom! HD mp4

Batwoman and the Beast's dungeon of doom

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Batwoman struggles to free herself from the bondage binding her securely to the jail cell that is holding her dear friend Daphne. The two are desperately trying to figure out how to free themselves from the perilous situation they are in before their beastly captor returns. Batwoman struggles with all of her might to try and break free as Daphne trembles in fear. Unfortunately their time has run out and their lumbering imprisonor returns. Batwoman tries to stand in the face of the hulking woman only to be dwarfed by her massive size. Amused by the puny heroes, bolstering the beast begins to recite what she plans to do to Daphne. Fearing for the safety of her friend Batwoman tries to fight against the Beast only to be held tightly in place by the restricting chains holding her. The Beast laughs at the trapped bat’s attempts at escape. Running out of ideas Batwoman spits in disgust at her monstrous warden. This is the wrong thing to do! The Beast goes into a rage pummeling batwoman with her club like . Batwoman is powerless as the beast assaults her.

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