Lovely Lilith – Busted by Mom SD

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Son? What are you doing hiding in my bedroom? Wait… are you playing with yourself? Oh, boy. Okay! You and I need to have a talk. Come here. Look. I want you to know that masturbation is totally natural. I’m not upset about that, but I have noticed what you’re doing is very inappropriate. You’re not supposed to be in here trying to spy on me. I’m your mom, afterall. I’ve caught you a few times now trying to sneak a peak at me. This really needs to stop, okay? Wow, you’re… you’re still really erect, honey.

You have… a really nice penis. Much nicer than your father’s…. Look… If you promise this is the LAST time, I’ll help you get rid of your erection. But you can’t come back in here– no more spying! Okay? Okay… now pull that penis out of your shorts… I’ll tease you a little. Just follow my instructions..

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Resolution: 720 x 404
Duration: 00:06:44
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