Mom / Son Combo – Alexis Rain – SON MAKES AN X-RATED MOVIE & Revenge Fuck HD [720p/2018]

Hot request sent by a fan. Used as an outline – Are you seriously holding me to this deal? Alexis says to her son. Camera nods. Youre sure you want this? Cause you could have anything else. You could have a new car for Christs sake. But you really want to hold me to that silly deal? Cause I thought you were kidding. Camera nods again. Okay. Im a woman of my word and since you held up your end of the deal, I guess were really going to do this. But you cant tell anybody! This tape is for your eyes only mister! And make sure you stay behind camera, because if anybody DID ever see this tape and see me having sex with my own son, Id be ruined. How do you want to start? Im nervous. Is that weird? Well they generally start with giving guys blow jobs in porn so I take hold of my sons cock. I hope youre happy. Youve turned your mother into your own personal pornstar. Guard this tape with your life! etc After a little bit of sex, “I can’t believe I’m letting my son fuck me…. can you imagine if the neighbor’s knew you were fucking your own mother right now? We’d be in so much trouble!” “God it feels good though! Do you like fucking yourmommy? Why did you stop? Are you going to cum? I didn’t realize I turned you on so much. Come on, cum on mommy’s face.” She lays down and talks to him with his cock inches from her face. (flirtatious/teasing) “What’s the matter sweetheart? Are you afraid to make a mess on your mother’s face? You’re the one who wanted to make a porno. This is what they do in those movies right?” He starts to stroke it. “That’s right honey, you know I want it… all over me…please? Cum for me baby. Cum for mommy.” He cums. “You can’t show this video to anyone. You understand me young man?”
Alexis just found out that her daughter is pregnant and that the Father is her husband! She cannot believe that he got their daughter pregnant. She is pissed and calls him at work. He does not know what to say, so she tells him that since he got their daughter pregnant, she is going to get pregnant by their son. She tells him she is going to fuck their son right now and have him shoot his load inside of her so she can get pregnant. Of course the husband wants to stop her so she tells him that she bets she can get her son’s cum inside of her before he can make it home from work. She hangs up and goes into the other room where her son is, she tells him that she needs his help. He says ok, but he does not know yet what she is asking. She does not have much time so she starts to undress him and before he can say no she gets his cock in her mouth. After she gets him rock hard and horny, she tells him that they do not have much time, dad is on the way home to stop them and she needs to get his cum inside of her now! She rides her son cowgirl style and then tells her son to fuck her from behind. He fucks her and shoots a load of cum deep inside of her. She did it, she got his cum in her pussy before her husband got home, now she just has to wait and see if it gets her pregnant.

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