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I am cleaning and drinking my husband’s scotch in his favorite glass. I drop his glass and it shatters to the floor! “Oh, no!” I know my husband is an angry man, he will surely punish me severely for ruining his beloved scotch glass! My son comes in and tries to console me, he rubs my shoulders.

It feels so good. He starts to rub my breasts, and I tell him that “only his father is allowed to touch me in that way.” I ask him to help me glue it together, but he tells me that his friend’s father next door has an identical glass! “Fantastic, can we buy it from him?” My son tells me he doesn’t want money, but wants photos of me. I think this is strange, indeed, but I curtsy like an elegant lady with my dress. **Flash, flash,** he takes the photos. My son then tells me to take off my apron. I pose for him like I used to do when I would model dresses as a young girl. “Bend over,” my son says. “Absolutely not! I will not bend over like one of those promiscuous women in the magazines.” I am frustrated that my sweet boy would ask such a thing of me, but then again, he is going through that hormonal phase… I sit down and pose and my son reminds me of the glass. I remember that I only have 45 minutes left until my husband comes home. I am eager to give my son what he wants so I can replace his vintage glass and remedy this terrible problem. He pulls at my top. He wants my top off! I ask him if his friend will keep these images private? He promises me that he will. I take off my top, and then a bit later, my skirt, when the boy urges me to take that off as well. I am snapping pics in my lingerie, trying to hold some of my feminine dignity. The boy then motions for me to “pop my bra off!” I artfully try to cover my breasts with my hands as I pose for him, I sometimes try to force my lips to smile. Smiling gets a little easier when I see that my son says I am “beautiful.” I like that my boy thinks his Mum is pretty. I pose some more, and he wants to take a picture of my “pussy.” I am horrified! The only men that have seen me totally nude is my husband and my doctor. I take off my panties hesitantly. I am so embarrassed. My son grabs my hand and puts it over his dick. Oh, my! I figure out the game, and I realize that the boy just wants me to release him. If we keep it a secret, it should be no problem? Find out what happens next…

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