Mrs Mischief – The Devil in My Sons Dick Mp4 [ American / Pacific Northwest/1080p/2018]

Of course I’ll say your night-night prayers with you tonight, son…that makes Mom’s heart so happy! You’re such a good boy, still saying your prayers after all these years, on your knees with your hands clasped beside the bed…you look so sweet down there, baby.

You have a special prayer you want Mom to help you with tonight? Sure son…but you know that jesus doesn’t need you to do it any special way, right? As long as you have goodness in your heart…what’s your special prayer, baby?

What’s that? Son….did you just say that you need god to bless your penis? Why would you be praying for your penis, baby…did something awful happen to your penis?.. Show Mommy right now!.. Oh, you’re not hurt…so why would you want Mom to help you pray for it, son? It’s inappropriate for you and me to be talking about your penis…jesus doesn’t like it, really, for Mom’s and sons to talk about penises..

You think what? That the Devil is in your penis? Oh baby…that’s just silly! You can’t possibly have the Devil in your penis, son.

God wouldn’t let that happen, and neither would Mom. What? You have the Devil in your penis right now? Right this very minute? Stand up and show me your penis, son….let’s see what the Devil wants with it…

Young man, you have an erection! Right in front of your mother! And you get them all the time?…and always when you think about me? Oh no, baby…you really DO have the Devil in your penis! Let’s pray right now for god to come down and get that dirty old Devil right out of you….come on, baby…pray with Mommy..

Dear god, please help me…please come down and give me your divine wisdom, lord. My son is standing in front of me with a raging hard cock, lord, and I just don’t know what to do to help him. God, give me strength to do the right thing, right now with my sweet young son, because help me lord….all I want to do is reach out and grab his cock and squeeze it. God help me, but I must have the Devil in my pussy too…because it’s dripping wet at the sight of my son’s hard dick.

Mmm, baby…Mommy’s going to have to help you get the Devil out….it’s okay, god said so. I prayed to him and he said that the only way for you to get the Devil out of your dick is to shove it deep inside Mom’s pussy and hump it back and forth, in and out, until all the Devil shoots out. Hopefully you can fuck the Devil out of Mommy’s pussy, too, because it’s dripping, drooling, devil-wet at the thought of fucking my own son.

Come stand by the edge of the bed, baby…Mommy will show you how to do it…just slide your Devil dick into Mommy’s pussy and stand still…I’ll work my pussy back and forth on your cock….like that, baby? Mom’s drooling pussy feels good wrapped around your hard little dick right now, doesn’t it? Does it tingle, baby? Does it burn in your balls? That’s the Devil trying to get out baby…let him out, son. Let that Devil cum out into your mother’s cunt…right now. Mmmm….good boy…look at all your spunk dripping out of Mommy’s cunt, baby…you surely got the Devil all out of us both….now clean up your mess, or jesus will be mad at you

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