Ms Vivian Leigh – Panty licker punished by Mommy Domme 4k [2160p/American / Florida USA]

Mommy Domme catches you in her room again. She knows what kind of nasty things you do in her room and sees you hiding something behind your back. She demads you hand it over immediately. To no surprise, it’s her filthiest panties. One pair from a hot date with an alpha, full of a dried creampie. Another pair from her hardest day of HIIT at the gym. They smell pungent of stinky, sweaty ass. She isn’t happy. She screams at you, tells you what a dirty little fuck you are and mocks you. Then she demands to see your other hand you are hiding behind your back. Her suction cup realistic dildo, the one she rides, still wet with your slobber but very, very clean.

You really licked the fuck out of that didn’t you? Nasty little bitch. You also have her glass wand, the one she uses for her asshole. You love eating mommy domme’s ass. Mocking you, humiliating you, but even worse… teasing you. Showing you the things that you want so badly, her stinky panties, her used toys and her huge tits. Mommy Domme pulls out her 32H breasts, full of milk and sprays them in your face as she mocks you. She licks the milk from her hand, she sprays the sex toys with her milk and licks them clean, taunting you with what isn’t for you. You’re such a little twat but today you’re going to be punished. Mommy Domme Stuffs both pair of panties deep inside your mouth and holds her hand over your mouth, quickly restricting all the air from your luns. You try and breathe but the dirty panties in your mouth and her strong hands over your nose and mouth prevent that entirely. She warns that if she catches you in her room again, it’ll be the dildos in your mouth instead of the panties.

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