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Holly is a rebellious young girl who is staying with her Grandpa. Her Parents have gone on vacation, and left her Grandpa in charge of Holly while they are away. Holly’s Grandpa is very “Old School”….and he has an 8:00 curfew for Holly. Holly is talking to her friend Jennifer on the phone…and it turns out that a bunch of girls are going out to a cool, new Club….and that “Jeremy”….who Holly has a crush on….is going to be there.

Holly is very upset that she can’t attend….but she has an idea. “Hey Jen….my Grandpa is old…but he’s STILL a guy right?….maybe if I jerk him off, he’ll let me stay out late”. Holly calls her Grandpa in…and tells him about the Club….and all her friends going….but Grandpa, is very strict about the curfew. Holly touches her Grandpa in his crotch….and tells him that she will give him a handjob, if he’ll allow her to stay out later. Grandpa is very concerned about Holly’s Mother finding out about such a “Taboo” relationship….but Holly assures her Grandpa that it will be “their little secret”. Grandpa reluctantly goes along with his young Grand-Daughter’s plan…and removes his trousers….saying “You are a really bad girl Holly”. Young Holly masturbates her Grandpa until she Forces him to cum….at which point he kisses her gently on her forehead….and tells her that she can go to the Club.

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