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Mommy is so proud of her growing son! You may be growing up but you’ll always be my baby boy. Come in here and let’s talk about your special day. You’re the best son ever, and Mommy is going to make sure your day is very special. You get to make ALL the rules today. Tell Mommy what you want her to wear, what you want her to say, and what you want her to do. You can even punish and spank Mommy for being a bad girl! Pick out something for me to wear, and decide what you want to call me today, you can even call me bad names! And no bathroom breaks for you or Mommy today, Mommy will be your personal toilet! Undress and let me see what I made over a decade ago. My, you’ve grown! Your cock is still so smooth and young and hairless, would you tell anyone if Mommy put it in her mouth? I promise when you finish, we can go back out to your party and Mommy will do whatever you say for the rest of the day!

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