Waking Up Pregnant – Gender Transformation FullHD (clips4sale.com/1080p/2017)

Added: 2/15/17

Holy fuck, this can’t be happening! Am I still dreaming?? I went to sleep a man… but my body is so different this morning. I have longer hair, my voice is so feminine and my chest isn’t tight, chiseled anymore, but soft and jiggly… my nipples are darker, bigger. I have tits! Whoa, what was that feeling in my stomach… something’s squirming around in there!

I’m PREGNANT?! How is this possible?? Seeing myself in the mirror is too fucking weird, I’m not ME anymore… I’m a woman. But… I can’t stop touching and exploring my new full, pink lips, my massive round pregnant belly, my juicy boobs and plump nipples. Holy shit, where’s my dick?! I’ve got a vagina?! It feels so weird tracing and spreading my new sensitive labia.

I can barely squeeze my curvy pregnant body into my fiance’s tiny clothes! The more I struggle to pull these tight shorts up, the more they rub against my clit. Holy fuck it feels so good… I can’t stop. It’s making me unbelievably fucking horny! What if… I just slip a finger in, just to see how it feels–ohh!

I really should go to the doctor’s… to figure this all out, but I just have to cum! Whoa, I’m all creamy down there… it’s all over my fingers… and it smells SO good. Ohhh fuck grabbing and squeezing my heavy tits as I rub and stimulate the wet hole between my legs… jesus I think it’s coming… Ohh, OHH—OWWW!! Whoa… what the hell was THAT?! It hurts!! Oh no, am I going to have a baby right now!? No, no, no I don’t want to be a woman anymore!!!

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