Bettie Bondage – The Wrong Gift – POV Virtual Incest sex – Taboo Roleplay FullHD 2018

Added: 1/21/18 12:30AM

Your new girlfriend and your mom share a birthday, so you go out to get them a present the day before, picking a sexy little outfit for your girlfriend and a new sweater for your mother. You stop by the next day to give your mom her gift, passing it across the table and watching as she peeks in the bag. She seems really surprised, and even moreso when you tell her to try it on! She goes into the other room to change. You wonder why she didn’t just put it on over her shirt, but you figure she just wants to know the true fit. A few minutes later, she calls you to come into the bedroom and see how it looks.
When you walk in, you immediately realize your mistake: you gave your mom the sexy outfit meant for your girlfriend! What’s even more alarming…is that she looks awesome. Hot. You can’t keep your eyes off her, and you can’t hide your shock. She asks what’s wrong and you blurt out that it was for your girlfriend. Humiliated, your mother tries to hide but you tell her it’s ok, that it was your mistake and she looks great. She smiles a little. “Really?” she asks, “you’re not just saying that?” You tell her no way, she looks super hot. You’d like to think you aren’t trying to get somewhere but your raging boner says otherwise. You confess that it’s not supposed to be worn with a bra, trying to suggest she should take it off. Your mind is on autopilot, you want your own mother…you can’t help what you say, what you do…and she’s agreeing. You watch as she slips it off, showing you her big, heavy tits. She teases you with them, playing with her nipples while you stroke through your pants. Her eyes wander to your crotch. “Take it out,” she purrs. “I shouldn’t want this so badly…but I do. I want my son’s cock!”

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Taboo Diaries – Maria Jade – When Mommy Went Away – Daddy Wanted To Play SD 2017

Added: 8/11/17 4:26pm

Dear Diary,

A few weeks after poker night mommy went to visit her sister for a few weeks. As soon as Mommy was gone Daddy walked in my room and started rubbing my tits. I stood up and he unbuttoned m shirt while I rubbed his cock. We undressed each other quickly and roled into my bed.

I sucked Daddys cock then slid him inside me. Riding daddys cock made me cum so fast I couldn’t believe it. Daddy must have been pretty excited too cause he came so deep inside me I’m sure to get pregnant.

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Taboo Diaries – Maria Jade Daddy I Want More – And You’re Gonna Give It To Me SD 2017

Added: 7/24/17 4:31pm

Dear Diary,

The night after Poker night mom was off helping take care of her ailing Aunt so when my brother left for work we were all alone. I went running into Daddys room and jumped on the bed. I started rubbing him and soon he woke up with my hand rubbing his cock.

Daddy was a bit hesitant toward my advances so I grabbed his cock and sucked it hard. Daddy spun me around and made me sit on his face while he ate my wet pussy. We tumbled into a hot 69 and I came really hard but I needed more.

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Taboo Diaries – Maria Jade – Daddy Won – Just Like I Hoped SD 2017

Added: 6/23/17 5:03pm

Dear Diary,

Every week we have a family game night where we all get together. This week mom was gone so Daddy decided to make it poker night. We played a few rounds and my brother lost so he left early for work. Daddy went all in on the final hand and thats when everything came together.

I offered my shirt to make up the difference and Daddy was stunned. A few hands later and he was right where I wanted him, staring at my naked body. Before he could protest I grabbed his cock and started sucking it.

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Taboo Diaries – Freya Von Doom – As Soon As Daddy Left – My Uncle Came To See Me SD 2017

Added: 6/5/17 4:51pm

Dear Diary,

The morning after poker night with my uncle I was sleeping in a bit. Apparently my uncle waited for daddy to leave then he slipped quietly into my room. He slid into bed with me and woke me up by gently fondling my private parts. When I finally woke up completely he had me so turned on I made use of his morning wood.

I sat on his face and let him pleasure my pussy while I sucked his cock, man I came so hard. I slid his cock into my tight tiny pussy and rode him til I came again then he laid me on my back. Uncle Jay pounded my little pussy so good we both came at almost the same time. At least he remembered to pull out this time and shot his massive load on my belly. I’m still worried about last night though, the last thing I need is to get knocked up.

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Taboo Diaries – Daddys Poker Night – Freya Wants Her Uncle – To Explore Her Naughty Places SD 2017

Added: 5/12/17 6:17pm

Got Way Out Of Hand
Dear Diary,

Things have gotten pretty strange around here lately since Daddys last poker game. Every week my uncle comes over to play with dad and his friends. This time a couple of the guys canceled so they asked me to join. Daddy folded on the biggest pot of the night and stormed off to bed leaving me with uncle Jay.

I had a great Full Home so I was sure I was gonna win but Uncle Jay made it more than I could afford to call. Rather than fold I teasingly offered my top, sure I was going to win. Sure enough my luck ran out, uncle Jay had 4 aces so I lost my top. Sure my luck would change I went double or nothing for my bottoms and ended up naked. Thats when it got weird.

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Taboo Diaries – Emma Evins, Jason Voor – Family Poker Night – Left Daddy Uptight SD

Dear Diary,
It’s another family PokeHer night and while I was in the shower Jason and Daddy played to see who would be poking me. Apparently Daddys bad luck streak continued for another week so my brother would be the one I got to play with. According to tradition the loser has to watch the show so my brother and I really rubbed it in.
Jason went down on me while I stared at Daddy with a longing look on my face letting him know I wished he had won. My brother fucks like crazy but he’s nowhere as gentle as Dad. I came several times from the thought of Daddy watching me ride my brothers cock until he couldn’t hold back and plastered my bush. Daddy seemed pretty upset, maybe I’ll see him later with a consolation prize.

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Primals FANTASIES Tiffany Watson – Slut Training The Cheerleader – mesmerize fantasies, forced orgasms HD 2018

Added: 2/7/18 06:00AM

I’ve been helping this cheer leading study for tests and we have a session today but she’s pissed because she got an F on the last test. She starts yelling at me and blaming me for her failing. I tell her we can just go to the coffee shop and I can go over more with her so she can study for the next test and pass it. But when she started berating me and calling me a loser, I knew I had to find some way to get back at her. So I use the app on my phone that mesmerizes girls. Now I can make this dumb bitch my little cheer leading slut, and make her suck my dick whenever I want.

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Natalie Wonder – Young Dumb and Full Of Cum – Mommy Son Fantasy – Simulated Handjob HD

Captures Your Fantasy For: MILF, Taboo, Virtual Sex, Mommy/Son/Friend Fantasy, POV, Dirty Talk, Slight Embarrassment turns into Uninhibited Dominant Mom, Kink, Virtual Blow Job, Simulated Hand Job, Cock Praise, Cum Begging, Nudity, Masturbation, Orgasms

Mommy comes in to check on her boy & his friend. They’re hanging out together tonight. She sits on the edge of the bed & the three of them talk. All of a sudden son notices a familiar smell. Uh oh, mommy’s been drinking! “Sweetie, so what if I had a few drinks. I just wanted to let loose a little. It’s fun sometimes.” Mom asks if the boys have any plans tonight. They want to go out & meet girls. “More girls! That’s all you boys do! Sweetie, you’re going to leave me all alone tonight? No. Why don’t you stay home & keep your mommy company. You both can stay with me tonight. I know these yung girls you meet are all yung, dumb & full of cum. But they’re not the only ones who are full of cum. So am I.” Mommy realizes she may of gone too far. This liquor is making her so uninhibited! And so horny for her boy’s young cock. She wants it, again. They’ve fucked around before, but in secret. The friend has no idea. But maybe he needs to know. The three of them can get really kinky together. Yung horny boys will do anything these days. Mommy is very aware she is an attractive, hot MILF. She has the urge to be an irresponsible mommy tonight. It’s so boring to abide by the rules all the time. The only rules being followed tonight will be mommy’s unrestrained dirty desires.

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