Mother`s Tits Fetish – Just Checking in on You SD mp4 2018

Added: 1/6/18 5:15am

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Hello! Oh, I miss you sooo much. What’s happening there? Anything fun at school? And… you’re not letting yourself be distracted from your studies are you? Oh, I can’t believe I only get to talk to you on Skype now! You’re so far away… just remember to keep an eye on your grades and don’t let yourself be distracted by anything… like S-E-X! No, no, your dad and I would be very upset with you. No, you should find other ways to deal with any of those… inclinations. You know (don’t make your mom say it!!), take “care” of those needs in other ways.

You know… find some “material” or something… or whenever you happen upon some visual “stimulation,” just record it, use it… you know… if you were even doing anything NOW, well, I wouldn’t know. I can’t see under your desk! ha ha! I mean, you could be doing ANYTHING. Not that you’d want to, around your mother, but… that would be much better for you than getting involved with those little girls there on campus… messy relationships, dangerous diseases. I mean, honey, I want to make sure you know that your mother would be very supportive of you taking care of your needs in other ways… you know, if you see anything around that happens to turn you on… or if…. I mean, if I sit up like this, I don’t even look like your own mother, do I? You can’t see my face on camera… I could be any…. sexy woman… and you should take advantage of that. It’s safer than sex!

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Little Puck – Naughty auntie gangbang FullHD mp4 [1080p/ American / Essos/2018]

Added: 5/21/18 1:45am

Fuck, what I have made you into! You’re such a bad boy…bad like me, we’re definitely the black sheep of the family. Wow, ok, so you’re demanding my pussy right away? You’re such a needy nephew aren’t you?! But I’ll give it up for you good boy, you deserve it. Oh, you wanna punish me for being a bad auntie? You’re right I’m such a naughty lil slut, do whatever you want with me.” You write Fuck Toy and Cum Slut on your aunt’s body to prep her for what’s to come….you have big plans for her slutty fuckholes tonight…you tell her you’ve brought over a bunch of your high school friends and you’re gonna pimp her out for cash to save up for a car. She protests at first but she can’t help but touch herself at the thought and she wants to please you desperately…she craves your dick above all else and if it’ll make you hard to see her used and pimped out to your friends…then she’ll do anything to make you happy.

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Sofie Marie – Yummy Step Mom Caught Jerking 2 FullHD mp4 [American / Nevada/1080p/2018]

08/13/18 new!!!

Bambino knows his dad’s computer password, and he found porno pictures of his dad and step mom having sex. He is really turned on since Sofie Marie, his step mom, is very sexy. He is jerking off in their bedroom, when Sofie walks in on him, catching him redhanded! Sofie asks what he is looking at on the computer, and she is so embarrassed that he found naughty pictures of her. She is curious about the pictures he is looking at when he sees his cock in his hand! Dad’s traveling, so they work out a plan to have fun in secret! Bambino’s girthy cock stretches Sofie’s tight pussy and she squeals with delight as she comes all over his cock. He accidentally cums in her pussy and fills her full of baby batter

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Premium POV Incest – Natasha Starr – What Makes A Milf? SD mp4 [2018]

08/14/18 new!!!

Sometimes I like to look at porn on my phone. Sue me! That does not mean my needs to be a snoop about it. She takes my phone, and sees all the filthy fantasies I have been scrolling through for the past few hours. Luckily, she doesnt care that Im looking at porn. She just wants to know if I think shes a MILF. So she pulls up her skirt, and then lets me examine the back of her throat with my cock.

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Helenas Cock Quest – My First Proper BIG BLACK COCK GANGBANG! With My Creampie Eating Cuckold Husband In Chastity! HD [720p/2018]

Added: 7/30/18

FINALLY!!! I had myself a proper BIG BLACK COCK GANGBANG!!! I have been waiting for this day for the longest time. I went to Exxxotica without my hubby on Friday. Had a blast partying

with a bunch of horny guys all night and thats when I met a porn producer who had a bunch of black men hanging out with him. I told him about my fantasy of getting fucked by several Black Cocks in a gangbang and he said, no problem! The next day I took my cuckold hubby to Exxxotica. I put him in chastity since he’s been such a pain in the ass. He’s so fucking needy that I decided to make him clean me up after the gangbang. Thats right. My hubby was ready to gobble up one load after another after all these black men fuck the hell out of me!

First I went up to their hotel room with hubby. I made hubby sit in a chair wearing his little cock cage. I made him watch as one black guy after another shoved their cocks in my face.

They played musical chairs with my mouth and pussy as my hubby just sat there looking shocked with no space in his cage for his little cock to get hard, lol!

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Christie Wett – Christie’s Fantasy Threesome FullHD mp4 [1080p/southern-charms/2018]

Christie’s Fantasy Threesome – I have had many threesomes in my life but not one like this. My step-sister, Lauren De Wynter, enjoys fucking black guys, as do I, but her and I have never shared black cock. But my last visit to see her turned out to be something special. She had set up a date with one of her local BBCs (Ludus Adonis) and decided it was time to let me in on the fun. Her and I get dressed and get in the middle of the bed with Ludus. She starts sucking his cock and invites me to share with her, she licks on one side of his cock and I lick on the other. While she continues to suck his cock, I take an opportunity to sit my Phat Ass on his face so he can taste the nectar of my juicy pussy. Lauren climbs up on his raging hardon and and we both cum together. Its time for me to feel that cock so I ride Ludus cowgirl and in no time I am squirting all over his big black cock. My step sister wants to feel his cock again so Ludus puts her in the missionary position and long strokes her pussy until she orgasms. I want more of that cock as well, so I get on all fours and Ludus gets balls deep inside my pussy doggystyle. I can feel he is ready to cum so he pulls out of my well fucked pussy and cums all over me and my step-sisters faces…this is truly my ultimate threesome. I think me and my step-sister will be sharing more cock in the future.

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Mommy femme fatale – You Should’ve Known What Your StepMom Is Capable Of SD mp4 2018

Added: 7/5/18

I’m so glad you decided to join me for dinner tonight instead of going out with your friends… I’m just so lonely. Your father’s working late again and… would you like to have some wine?

It’s okay, darling… you know I wouldn’t steer your wrong. It’s okay. Go ahead and drink. You know you want to… oh, did my poor son-in-law pass out??? Oh, you poor thing. Well, no matter.

It was just the powder I slipped into your drink. Well, it causes that AND your heart to slow until it stops all together IF you come. Yes, if you ejaculate, darling. After one hour, the

powder won’t work anymore… Oh, you’ll just avoid coming, then daddy will be home, and he’ll realized how fucked up I am and just divorce my ass??? Honey, language!!! No, I’m afraid I lied

about that too. Your father’s not working late he’s… well, he’s . Yes, he’s a goner. It’s just down to you and me now and … well, I have another confession to make. Your mother didn’t just fall into the pool and … no, I pushed her. You see, I found out your family is rich and well, I just HAD to have all your money. Now, you ARE good at distracting me and making me pass the time! No, no, no…. the hour will not end with you still alive. I’m going to make you come. No, honey, you can’t resist me. I’m going to pull down your pants so you can stroke your cock if you want to… Trust me, honey. When you see how convincing I can be, you’ll be so overwhelmed that you just won’t be able to resist. NO ONE can resist me… I’m going to slowly strip off my clothes now, and…

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Family Therapy – Christiana Cinn – Mother’s Lasting Lesson pt.2 Practice Makes Perfect HD [720p/2018]

Added: 8/1/18 1:10pm

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How did your date go?.. That’s awesome baby. I’m so proud of you! Well don’t worry about her. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea.. But you did much better than before, right? You’re making great progress son, and that’s whats important. All you need is a little more practice…

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