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Added: 8/28/14

Good, Mom and Dad are finally out of the house for the weekend! Listen, bro, I know you and I have been hooking up for a while, but I’m ready for something a little more exotic. Sure, your nice big cock makes me feel great. But one cock is just not enough for me today. I want a threesome with you and your best friend!
Oh, come on! It’s not that weird. You guys practically do everything together anyway. Plus, I know he’s got a big dick. He flashed me once when he was staying over, and he is totally hung. I really want you guys to fuck me at the same time – one in my pussy, and one in my ass.
I know you can’t resist your sister’s tight pussy. You aren’t getting a single taste until you agree to call up your friend and the two of you stuff me full of cock. Touch yourself a little right now, so you’ll last a really long time later. I’ll tell you in detail just how amazing a DP can be . . .

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Added: 6/19/17

Mommy never, but never forget your B-day! But this year you are so curious, what are you going to get. Since your father left you both…and you are living for one year just with your mom, your relation ship change a bit! You are only man’s in mommy’s life.
You still remember the night, when you were touching her and feeling your mom’s warm and juicy pussy! This is all you think about when you masturbate! You juts think of it and your cock start to pump! You wished that night…you never need to wash your hands and feel your mother’s pussy juice for at least weeks!!! You feel she is all your desire! But she is still your mother! Is taboo to be your mother lover. But you fantasies about her all the time!
And she knows it!!! Your mother know your feelings…and even she is the one who is holding you back, there are the moments when you feel…she need her son…her little baby!!!
And here it comes…the morning of your birthday!!! Your mom is knocking on your door. And bringing you the present. But what is it??? It is to small to be it some clothes! Mommy made you something special….something only and only for you!!! HOME VIDEO!!! Gosh…you can’t wait to see it! You are asking mom, what is on it? ,, Something witch you are secretly wishing for! Something witch will help you to masturbate! ,, And your mom open her legs and give you a peek! She is not wearing any panties and you can see her sweet pussy!!! And you feel again that pressure in your dick…is getting stiff! ,, I let you enjoy my home video my baby boy ,, mommy says!!!
You switch on the computer…and there she is….your mother. The sexiest milf in your life!!! Teasing and dancing for you in hot lingerie! Not talking, just seducing you with her body move…with her eyes! You see on her, your mom wants you to cum with her…having this masturbation game together!!! And who knows…if mom made sex video for you…maybe tonight you’ll get another present from her! Mommy’s wet..warm pussy!!!

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Family Therapy – Molly Jane – Intervention for my cock-crazed daughter HD (720p/

Added: 8/27/14

MY DAUGHTER IS TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL!!! I’m at my wits end. In less than a week my daughter Molly has fucked the mail man, her soccer coach, and two next door neighbors!! I don’t know what has gotten into her– she used to be such a well behaved girl. So when I came home yesterday and saw her fucking her Uncle, I decided to try something different. I didn’t get mad at my brother, I know Molly seduced him with her big tits and probably pulled his cock out the minute he walked in the door. I told my brother I needed his help– I thought if I totally degraded my daughter she might hit rock bottom and realize she needs to change her whorish ways. I started my intervention by shoving my daughter down on her Uncle’s cock and spanking her as hard as I could… I grabbed
my daughter Molly and shoved her on my cock while I told her Uncle to spank her. Then I shoved my daughter’s face into her Uncle’s asshole. I had to make sure she understood what happens to sluts. Then I shoved my cock into her and made her suck her Uncle’s dick. My daughter needed to realize sex isn’t all fun and games…My brother and I keep taking turns fucking my daughter. I start to worry she’s enjoying her punishment to much– so I need to ensure she really feels like a slut. I tell her uncle to cum on her face and then I blast my daughter with my load too. I’mnot sure if my intervention worked, but a Father has to try… I’m exhausted so I tell my bother I’m going to the bar to unwind. My crazy cock-addicted daughter is his problem now… at least for tonight anyway….

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Primal’s Taboo Sex – Ashley Adams – My Jealous, Bratty Sister Part One HD (720p/

Added: 7/15/17

Part One:

Ashley is abruptly awoken by a noise coming from her brother’s room, which is next to hers. She quickly realizes her brother is having phone sex with a girl! Humored by it, she eavesdrops for a little bit and listens to what her brother’s saying to the girl on the other line. He then says the name Jenny out loud, and Ashley gets so pissed off, she bursts into Rion’s room, startling him! She starts yelling at him and it is revealed that Jenny is Ashley’s best friend. Rion admits that Jenny said she wanted to give him a blow job, because he’s never had one before, and she wants to fuck him. Immediately enraged, Ashley jumps on top of him screaming at him until the two are physically fighting with each other. In the midst of pulling each other’s hair, they both make eye contact and pause, and they begin making out passionately. See what it leads to now!

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Primal Fetish – Elena Koshka – Securing Project Funding II : New Secetary HD (

Thanks to Victoria (Cassidy Klein)’s meeting with Malcolm (Lucas Frost) and the subsequent funding from her father, Mr. Maximus, the female reprogramming project has been progressing at a rapid rate. So much so, the company has had to expand staff rather quickly. New secretary Elena, though, is not fully comfortable with working under Malcolm. After holding her tongue for too long, she decides to pop into Mr. Maximus’s office to tell him what she’s seen and heard. Strange and inappropriate noises from his office, unsettling confidential emails, and weird behavior from female coworkers. Though he’s not thrilled to be interrupted without an appointment, Mr. Maximus tries to allay her concerns. When that fails, he attempts to bury the stories, insisting they can work something out. But Elena’s not having it, finding the suggestion of hiding her concerns very inappropriate. As she goes to leave and spread the word of what she knows, Mr. Maximus hits the button on his computer, enabling the app. The updated version appears to be faster-acting as Elena is overwhelmed with sensations throughout her body. The compulsion to be near her programmer sweeps in quickly, and she’s simply unable to stop touching the executive and begging for more to touch. But as much as these strong urges compel her, Elena is baffled as to why she feels them. She swears she’s not normally such a desperate slut, but she needs Mr. Maximus like a fish needs water.

Added: 6/30/17

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Kathia Nobili – Mommy Fulfill Your Sexual Desires My Little Son FullHD (1080p/

Added: 9/1/16

My darling why are you close in your room? What’s wrong with you my son? Your father told me your girlfriend broke up with you! That’s no reason to be sad! The girls don’t deserv you my darling! But mommy is here for you you know my son mommy will do anything in the world for you to make you happy! To fulfil your desires! Come here my baby let mommy lighten up you! You know your mommy keep her body for you just watch me my son yes touch your self mmmmm .I love so much to see how your cock getting hard! Come here touch your mommy! Very good I want you to feel mommy’ wet pussy! This juicy pussy is only yours! That’s it put your fingers inside my son! Yes! And now give me your cock so beautiful and hard cock! I dote on your dick my son’s cock is so swollen .let mommy suck you fell mommy’s mouth on your hard cock! Now my little boy fuck your mom! Nicely stick your big, hard cock in mommy’s hungry pussy she wants to feel you so much! She wants to feel her son’s cock in her wet pussy! So deep oh my God! You are such a good lover! Mommy love the way you penetrating her! Now from behind fuck me hold my hips my son and push me on your hard cock! Make mammy cum make mammy goading your big cock! Ohhh yes right there so deep! Now mommy will make you cum! I hold your nice cock and jerk you until you explode in my hand all over my pussy all over mommy’s pussy! That’s my good boy! Mommy will always love you you don’t need the other woman in your life! Mommy will give you everything you wish my little son!

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Mindi Mink – Tag Team on Mom With Friend SD (

Added: 1/12/16

Mindi Mink has been out by the pool while you, her son and your friend are inside doing homework. Mindi comes inside to find you both waiting at the door for her and you cannot stop staring. Mindi asks you if your friend knows about your secret relationship and asks if it is okay to pleasure you both. You both agree and she gets down on her knees to suck your cock. You know your horny mother needs this kind of fucking, right? she says in-between sucks on your cock. Your cock is getting harder by the minute as she sucks your cock while your friend fucks her in the ass! You cannot stop yourself and finally cum all over your moms face!

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