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Kenzie is your brother’s hot sister and she walks into the room and finds you there waiting for her brother to get home with beer. She notes that you have a boner, but she wants to help you to get rid of it. You see her hard nipples teasing you through her top, but she soon lowers her top to show you her tits. You love her fat tits. Kenzie tells you to take your dick out and to start stroking. She is pleased to see your cock offering and she wants to see exactly how big you can grow. Jut watching you handle your dick turns her on quite a lot. She slides her shorts to the side and you see her pink pussy. Her long blonde hair is pulled into two low pony tails. Then she stands up and pulls down her shorts. Her ass is magnificent and she knows it. Kenzie is quite eager to see how much you can nutt for her, so give it to her before her brother gets back home!

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Sister comes to her Brother with an “unusual” problem. Apparently….she and her boyfriend have been trying, for some time, to have a baby. They have even gone to a fertility doctor….and, it turns out, that her boyfriend has a low sperm count. Stevie REALLY wants to have a baby…so she asks her Brother if he would be a “sperm donor” for the cause. Brother doesn’t want anything to do with it…..but Stevie caresses his cock through his underwear, to “convince” him….and, before you know it…young Stevie has Brother’s cock up and excited….and Brother agrees!!! Stevie sucks on daddy’s cock…then Brother licks Stevie’s tight, young pussy….and then, they do the deed!!!! Brother fucks Stevie until he fills her up with the sperm she so desires. Brother tells her that if it didn’t work this time…to let him know….and they can try again!

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Sister goes into her Brother’s room, looking for her iPad…when she comes across his “stash”!! lol She always hears her Brother Logan masturbating through the wall…and she finds out what he has been jerking-off to…a bunch of magazines featuring girls with large boobs!!! Sister thinks it’s hilarious. When Logan returns to his room…Sister decides to have some fun with him. Since he seems to like big Tits…and since Sister just got her Boobs in the last year…and they are BIG…Sister offers her little Brother the opportunity to masturbate to some real, live boobs….Hers!!! She says that for $50 she will let him whack off to her spectacular tits. Logan can’t resist…and starts staring at his Sister’s amazing melons and jerking like crazy. Sister is cruel, however…and she decides to totally drain Logan’s savings!! She ups the offer to….letting him kiss and lick them for an extra $50…then he can lick her cunt for an extra $50….then she allows him to fuck her for $100….and even lets him cum in her mouth for an extra $100!!! By the end of the session…Sister is fucked…and Logan has to sell his car to pay his Big Breasted Sister!!!

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Added: 9/7/17

Part One:
Syren and her son stop to stay at a hotel on her way back from picking him up from college. She’s suppose to be dropping him off at his dad’s house, but it’s a long trip, so they spend the night together. Unfortunately, the hotel only has one bed in the room they’re sharing. Sleeping together, Syren wakes up and looks over to see Kyle’s cock is hard as a rock! She starts to crave it, knowing it’s wrong, but unable to control her craving for him.

Part Two:
Syren brings Kyle to his dad’s house, but he isn’t home. After the night they had, he can’t just let her leave. As she says she’s going, he grabs her arm and pulls her back. Even though Syren is hesitant knowing this is wrong, she can’t help but indulge in her craving for her son one more time.

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India checks in on her stepson Seth while he is looking for jobs and reminds him to make sure he still has time for school. She goes off to take a bath and gets interrupted by Seth who wanted her opinion on his suit for his new interview at a strip club. But India doesn’t think he will be able to handle being around hot naked women all day and puts him to the test!

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Van has one hot stepsister and decided to create some wack off material for later by secretly filming Arya while she showers. But a few weeks later she goes to use his laptop and finds out his dirty little secret! She decided to get some revenge and make him jack off while he watched her videos while she filmed it all on her phone. But soon their little home movie got out of hand!

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Added: 7/13/16

After Mommy had given him a special goodnight kiss on his cock Johnny woke up wanting more. When his Mom came in to wake him up for school she noticed he was sporting some hard morning wood! “I thought I took care of that night night! Well I guess I am going to have to take care of that more thoroughly” Mommy Says. She removes the blanket to find her little boy has an even bigger cock then she remembered! Mommy starts to suck his hard cock while Johnny closes his eyes and remembers what his Mom had told him last night. She told him how she makes his little sister cum before she goes to bed. Mommy fingers her tight pussy so one day her older Brother will be able to fuck her. After sucking his cock Mom tells him it was time to know what a pussy feels like. She teases his cock on her Mommy cunt. She slowly puts him inside of her and rides him. Mommy tells him he is going to learn how to properly fuck a woman. She gets on her back and has him fuck her and then has him do her doggy style which her loved! They go at it in a few more different positions before Johnny cums all over Mommy’s butt. She asks her little man to feed her his yummy boy cum. She licks up every drop! Mommy thanks her son for fucking her so well and he going to wake up with her pussy on his cock every morning now!

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I must have the perfect “Mommy Look” because lately a lot of people have asked me to play Mommy for them. Both on the set and in private. But I’ve never played a Mommy taking a sponge bath until now. I’m gonna take a very wet sponge bath before inviting my peeping step son to come in and have a closer look. But when I saw the big bulge in his pants I knew I had to take a peak myself. That big cock deserves to get a good head from Mommy and slide between my big tits. And then it’s my turn to milk my big boy all over my satisfied face.

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