Taboo Diaries – Zoey Carter – The Second Time Today – Better Get Me Pregnant SD mp4 2018

Added: 2/18/18 2:16pm

Dear Diary

This morning I knew I was getting ready to ovulate and you know what that means!! Daddy was more than eager to fill my fertile pussy as soon as he saw me. We made love all over the house til he gave me a big creampie.

So after that hot creampie this morning I couldn’t help but want another. After all it is my fertile time again. I slipped on my pink lingerie and went into daddys room. I jumped on his bed and that totally got his attention.

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Taboo Diaries – Zoey Carter – Please Cum In Me Daddy – I Love The Way It Fills Me Up SD mp4 2016

Added: 8/24/16 6:37pm

Dear Diary,
I don’t know what it is but lately I’ve been craving Daddys seed. I love the way feels when he cums deep inside me and the risk of getting pregnant. Tonight I was feeling extra frisky so I dressed in my sexy lingere and left Daddy a note to meet me in the basement.
When Daddy came in he looked me up and down before sitting next to me. We started talking and I rubbed my shoes on his crotch as a subtle hint. Daddy took off my shoes and played with my feet a bit then things got wild.
I started sucking Daddys cock while he fingered me to an explosive orgasm. After I came I just had to feel him inside me so I straddled him and rode him hard. After awhile Daddy took control and fucked me until I beeged him to cum inside me. Of course he gave me just what I wanted and left me so full of his seed I’m sure to wind up pregnant soon!!

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Kathia Nobili – Family holiday witch will change your life forever!!! – Reality Virtual Porn Video FullHD mp4 2018

Added: 3/5/18 09:30AM MOMMY become to be your secret inamorata!

You hate, you hate, you hate the family holiday! Guy in your age is not suppose to go for holiday with his parents! But of course…you love the Europe and the beautiful beaches and sun…and you love your mom. Of course not the way son is loving his other! You are in love with her!!! But this holiday has one pretty big problem…your father! He could spoil everything. And he kind of does…until today!!! You still thinking about what happened with your mom back home! You crossed that line between mother and son…you had the moment…you felt her…like the man!!! It is still in your head and now you worry…that your mom will forget about it…now she is here, with your father…good wife…who does not return your love! But you ouldn’t be more wrong!!! Today it’s only you and your mom on the beach!!!

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Virtual Family Porn – Looks Like We’re Snowed In HD mp4 2018

It was so nice of you to come over and help me… in such foul weather! Did you get the entire driveway shoveled? Oh, thank you! You’re so good to me… always my favorite nephew! Now, it’s getting late, and it doesn’t look like the snow is going to let up. Why don’t you just hop in my shower, and I’ll toss your clothes in the washing machine? … Oh, but look outside… I think another blizzard is on the way and it’s going to get dark soon… you better stay here and warm up – especially considering your clothes are still in the wash! Why don’t you just put on one of my robes… it’s warm! Do you feel a little… underdressed? Well, how about if I just change into a robe myself? Now, you can’t feel out of place! …here with me… alone … in my bedroom… when neither of us are wearing hardly anything at all…

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Ruby – Sex Ed From Mommy’s Mouth – Family sex Education HD mp4 2018

This is a awkward moment. Your stepmom Ruby called you into the guest room to have “the talk”. She thinks she is the perfect person to explain everything about the birds and the bees. Even though you don’t need any explanation whatsoever, you decide to play along. You’ve always had a soft spot for your dad’s new wife, the exotic Ruby. From watching her walking around naked in the house to all the public displays of affection with dad, there are not that many secrets about her. Ruby gives a very hands on explanation of what to do with a woman. From touching her boobs and her pussy all the way to taking care of your boner. No wonder your dad decided to keep her around!

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Ashley Alban – Step-Mom has a Gambling Problem FullHD [American/Buttville/Mar 28 2018]

You come into the kitchen and find your step-mom having a meltdown. You have a feeling what it’s about. You ask her how last night went. As usual, she launches into a story about how she was winning at the casino and thought she could make up for all of her losses, but she ended up losing everything. She tells you that you can’t tell your dad. She even asks you to cover for her since she withdrew more money at the casino and lost it too. She asks if you can say it was you, and says that you can fuck her again if you do.

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Harley Vargas – Road Head With Stepmom – Mommy make hot blowjob FullHD mp4

You’re home from college for the summer. As you walk out the airport, you notice it’s not your dad picking you up, but your super hot stepmom. She’s asking you a bunch of questions about your freshman year in college, how the girls were treating you and if you got any action. She seems very curious about your sex life. Turns out she’s been talking to your dad about your sex life. Or lack thereof. You’ve always had a soft spot for your stepmom, she’s closer to your age than your dad’s so obviously you’ve had a lot of impure thoughts about doing naughty things to her. She slips in the back seat with you and takes off her shirt. Wow, you love where this is going. As she takes off your shorts, she notices your boner and decides to teach you a few things about oral sex. Looks like you’re about to lose your blow job virginity to your stepmom in the back of her car. Turns out she is amazing at giving head. As she moves her head up and down on your cock, you can’t wait to find our what the next lesson will be.

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Kitty LeRoux – Back to School with Sis FullHD mp4 [American / The Land Of Glitter And Dirty Talk/2018]

Your busty big sister is a senior at the same college you’re starting out at. She offered to let you move into her place and live with her because she’s awesome. She’s been around all the time and it’s been really hard to have any time…to yourself. She’s a wonderful big sister, always doting on you, making you meals, but you can’t help but start to get cranky. Two weeks is a LONG time to go without cumming for a guy your age. You settle in after your first day at school, and you sister comes knocking. She’s about to take a shower, but wanted to talk because she’s noticed how cranky you’ve been lately. Poor girl thinks it’s something she’s done wrong. Little does she know….
To your surprise she tells you that the longer you wait, the hornier you’re going to get. She does know–she knows exactly what the matter is and she wants to help. Turns out, she’s felt the tension too. She strips her clothes off, giving you your first breath of relief in two weeks, telling you that you’re totally free to cum in her place, that she doesn’t want you to hold back anymore. You watch her fingers slide in and out of her pussy, you can hear how wet she is already.
You can barely talk, but she’s alright with that. “Let’s just let your cock do the talking.” The next thing you know, she’s sitting next to you, squeezing your already sensitive dick with her warm hands. That’s not enough though, is it? Not when she’s already so close to her brother’s cock. She climbs on top of you and grinds the tension right out of you.

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Rachel Steele – Taboo Stories, Two Naughty Aunts – Threesome Family Porn

Rachel and Sara were sisters. They had a third sister Julia who lived in another state. Julia had a son, Phil, who was in college but still living at home. Julia did not get along with her sisters because they were very promiscuous and never married. Rachel and Sara took a farm house out in the country so they could live their lives in peace. The town folk did not like or approve of their ways and they soon became pariahs. Julia had been having some trouble with Phil, his time off from school had proven to be too much. He was running with the wrong crowd and Julia had to work. She contacted her sisters as a last resort, they welcomed their nephew to come stay. Julia warned him about the two aunts.

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