Taboo Diaries – Lola Chanel – I Always Get What I Want – I Wanted My Uncle Too SD 2018

Added: 7/18/18 5:46pm

Dear Diary,

A few days after daddy read my diary I went to visit my Aunt and Uncle. My Aunt wasn’t home so I sat down to talk with Uncle Jack. Something came over me and I got so horny I had to do something about it.

I used my perky 18 yr old tits to seduce my uncle right there on the couch. It wasn’t long before his big cock was in my mouth and I was naked on the couch. My uncle started fingering my wet pussy and I just had to have more.

I straddled my uncle and slid his cock inside me. Uncle Jack was so big I came almost right away. We made love for a long time and uncle Jack got so into it he forgot to pull out when he came.

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Taboo Diaries – Alexis Avery – Daddy Blackmailed Me – When He Found My Secret SD 2018

Added: 2/23/18 5:18pm

Dear Diary,

As you know money has been tight since I started school. I thought I was doing the right thing by picking up extra money from guys on the internet. I had no idea that it would lead to this though.

I came home to a note from Daddy that he wanted to talk to me so I went to his room. When I walked in Daddy had a weird look on his face so I asked him what he wanted. Thats when my hold world turned upside down.

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Princess Ellie Idol – Sister Sleeps In Your Room While Auntie Is In Town FullHD mp4 [1080p/2017]

Added: 12/21/17 10:42pm

Categories: Sister and Brother, Incest, Taboo, family porn, family sex, pov incest, CREAMPIE, FUCKING, HUMOR, POV SEX, SISTERS , princess ellie idol, nudity, sister, brother

Auntie Carol is in town which means I’ve forfeited my room and have the choice of the couch where d.ogs will jump on me all night or with you, my brother, in your bed. I get under the covers of your small ass DBZ blanket and almost immediately notice your erection.

I laugh awkwardly unsure of what to do in this situation I’m in with you. Well, you can either jerk off or we can fuck. I mean, I’ve already banged our cousin…oops! I wasn’t supposed to say that. Anyway, if we want to pass out in your uncomfortable bed, we need to wear ourselves out. I’ll ride you for a bit but then you need to fuck me until you cum so you can get rid of your boner!

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Taboo Diaries – Lola Chanel – Daddy Read My Diary SD AVI 2018

And Made My Fantasy Cum True

Added: 5/12/18 2:40pm

Dear Diary,

You know that I found out about daddy blackmailing my sister for sex but you’ll never believe what happened next. After I described the things I wished Daddy would do to me I must have fell asleep. Apparently I was moaning Daddy in my sleep so he came in to see if I was ok.

My diary was on the bed and he picked it up and started reading it. Next thing I knew I was waking up to Daddy licking my pussy. Daddy pleased me with his tongue so good I couldn’t believe it. Obviously at 18 I wasn’t that experienced but I knew Daddy was the best I’d ever have.

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Taboo Diaries – Mya Mays – Daddy Blackmailed My Sister SD AVI 2018

And Now I’m Blackmailing Him
Dear Diary,

Added: 4/27/18 4:52pm

As you know I’ve been having these really vivid fantasies about my new step daddy. Ever since he moved in I’ve wanted to get him in bed. Well the other day I caught him and my sister fucking. When I confronted her about it later she told me daddy blackmailed her into it. I knew then that was the perfect way to get what I wanted out of daddy.

The next time we were home alone I cornered daddy in the garage. He tried to deny what he was doing with my sister until he realized what I really wanted. He slowly undressed me and caressed my body making me cum right there. Daddy pulled out his cock and before you could blink I had it down my throat.

Daddys cock was so hard already but I wanted this to last so I sucked his cock til it was nice and wet. Daddy bent me over and pounded my pussy then we moved to the pool table so I could ride him. His cock made me cum so hard it was incredible. Daddy soon took me doggystyle and within minutes we were both cumming at the same time. I’m sure glad I caught them, I’m getting everything I wanted from both of them now!!

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Maggie Green – Jealous Step Mom Gets Your Dick FullHD mp4 [American / USA/Mar 23 2018]

I can’t believe that you’re dating that skanky girl! Don’t you know how much better you can do? She’s so hideous! I’m just looking out for you, I’m your step mom after all. I mean, she has nasty tits and her hair is trashy. Why would you even look at a girl like that, you’re young and handsome! She’s not even half the woman I am! Yes I admit it, I’m jealous! How could you go for her when I’m right here, with huge natural tits and sexy curves? How can you resist having a little fun with me?

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