Jessie Minx – Step-Dad Blackmail and Impregnation FullHD (1080p/

Added: 4/27/16 10:43PM

I broke my phone!! Whats worse is my Dr. boyfriend won’t buy me a new one! I am demand to have a new phone and so I expect you to do it or I’ll tell mother you have been fucking me…… actually that’s not a bad idea. I can make this to where we both get what we want. I know you DO want to fuck me. The way you look at me when I sunbathe, peaking threw the cracked doors when I am changing… yea I noticed. I’ll let you fuck my young tight twat as long as you can impregnate me with your seed, once I am pregnant I can force my Dr. boyfriend to marry me! Then I can get all his money and never have to worry about about asking for a new phone haha…. what do you say? Come here and let me taste your cock before you slide it deep inside me!

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ROBOMEATS – Alison Faye, Willow and Rock – Timestop: Nerd’s Paradise HD (720p/

Added: 4/17/14 11:57pm

Starring Alison Faye, Willow and Rock

Directed by Alex Dorian

Alison and Willow are two really popular girls, they are talking about how lucky they are to be so pretty and popular and to be able to get all the hot guys, and all the nerds to do their homework.

Rock is one of those nerds, he comes over and the girls stack all their books in his hands and tell him the assignments. Rock is happy to help, but he drops all the books as he is talking to them, he leans over to pick them up and overhears the girls behind his back talking about how much of a loser he is, it’s time for some revenge.

He tells the girls that he is happy to help them and they all start to walk out of the room, when Rock taps his timestop watch, freezing the girls in time.

He picks them up and moves them around, while posing them, then he starts to strip them slowly while admiring their sexy bodies.

He puts Alison on her knees and starts to slide it into her mouth, fucking her frozen face.

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Real Incest – Sister/Brother shower blow job and fuck FullHD (

I accidentally enter the bathroom when my slutty Sister is stark naked and wet in the shower.

She has enormous natural fun bags and doesn’t mind showing them off so I got a good look. Instead of trying to cover up she invites me in.

What follows is the stuff of fantasies.

An older guy like me and a 20 something hottie. A slippery washing of my rock hard cock, me massaging her massive soapy tits and than amazingly she drops to her knees to give me an incredible blow job.

She wants me to cum all over her tits so naturally I oblige with a huge load.

We just hope her mother does not come up to see why she is so long in the shower or both of us will get thrown out of my house.

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Hot Sister Breaks Her Curfew HD (

5.00am and I am up for an early start at my shift. I head for the bathroom but my Sister is in there. It sounds like she is taking a shower. WTF? She went out last night and her mother said ONLY if she was home by 1.00am. Is she getting home just now? The sun is already up. Little bitch.

Anyway, I need the bathroom right now and yell at her through the door. All I get is lip and the water is still running. I should not do this, her mom would freak out, but stuff it I open the bathroom door. There she is in her naked glory as hot as fuck and MASTURBATING with the shower head. I am torn between being pissed off and turned on.

I threaten to tell her mother if she does not get out. She knows if her mom knew she would be grounded until old age.

The cheeky little slut just looks me in the eye and ask if I would like to join her in the shower….

The is a big decision and I make it. My boss can shove his job cos I am not going to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to nail her and cum in her cheeky mouth

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ROBOMEATS Alisha Mind-Fucked and Trained SD (

Added: 11/27/13 9:45pm

Alisha Adams and Miles – Alisha is hanging out with her buddy Miles, an Army Drill Sergeant, she tells him how tired she is from work and he tells her he has been trying out mind-fucking, and has gotten pretty good at it, he tells her that 10 minutes under is like 8 hours of sleep, she agrees and Miles puts her under, and brings her under his control!
Miles orders Alisha to take off her clothes and fold them, he then tells her to make a pig face, then has her do some humiliating and strenuous Army work outs, she obeys and does them all, showing off her sexy body as she stretches and moves.
He then has her roll around on the ground and picks up her feet and worships them while she plays with her tits. He tells her to crawl around then put her clothes back on, then he brings her back, knowing nothing of the humiliation and training she just went through!

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My Fucking Sister Maxed My Credit Card HD (

So I open my credit card statement and nearly have a coronary. $8000 !! My Sister sees my reaction when I read it and goes all awkward and has guilt written all over her pretty little face.

She fesses up but cannot see a problem. Furious I throw her over my knee and hoist up her skirt to give her a good spank. I don’t care if she is an adult, she deserves it.

The site of her almost bare ass and having her tits rub against my arm is giving me a hard on which she can soon feel. Jenny tells me she can feel my cock and is impressed by how hard and thick it is. She suggests some penance that would be much more fun for both of us.

Soon she has my cock out and her lips around it. She has always looked the part now I know she is talented too. She loves it, I can tell when my fingers slide into a dripping wet cunt.

She wants to ride my cock then fuck her doggy style. Fuck, she is awesome, so tight. Finally I can hold on no longer and she eagerly opens her mouth to shoot my load in. Fucking fantastic! I will have fond memories of this month’s card statement now.

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My Freaky Sisters Use My Cock HD (

I’ve been waiting for you all afternoon Sister, what gives?! You know what Sister, I am going to make you wait too! Only I am going to make your wait real hard! Not only are you going to be waiting for me this time, I’m going o make your cock hard too! All you’re going to be able to do is sit there and watch me get off knowing that it could have been you getting me off Sister.

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