Bettie Bondage – Mom Models for Me FullHD (1080p/

Added: 6/22/17

Your senior thesis for art school is due tomorrow…and the negatives for the final collage are ruined!! You need to recreate the images immediately but none of your models are around. You need a female who will do you this solid, help you out of this serious jam…naturally, your mind wanders to your mother. Always there for you. And, well…your collages tend to be fairly sexual – risque, even – and you choose very attractive women to be your artist’s models. And well…your mom is a total smoke show.

She balks at the idea at first. She is familiar with what your work looks like, and although she respects your artistic vision, she can’t imagine that would be appropriate! Spread open like the girls in your collages…completely naked…”I’m your mother!” she insists, although you can see that familiar look on her face. She’s warming up to the idea. You suggest she have a drink, think about it, and she agrees. A few minutes later, she comes into the living room in a towel and tells you to hurry up into her bedroom.

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Bettie Bondage – Feels Like the First Time HD (720p/

Added: 10/10/17

After months of flirting – little glances, gestures, a touch on the hand that lingered a bit too long, or a kiss goodbye that felt like something more – you and your mother finally spoke the words you’ve both secretly longed to say. You want each other. You’ve decided to get a hotel room for the weekend. You’ll have dinner. A date. A date with your own mother! It sounds insane, but it’s all you want. When you get back to the hotel, you’re both nervous. Shy smiles, tentative movements as you decide to lay down.

“We can just lay here,” your mother says, “we don’t have to do anything. It’s a big decision, there’s no turning back…” but as you lay side by side, watching your mother’s breasts rise and fall with her nervous breath, the curve of them through the thin material of her dress, you know the last thing you want is to turn back. You reach out, touching your mother as she moans, urging you to touch her, put your fingers inside her, lick her, fuck her…feeling your mother cum on your hand, your tongue, your cock, is heaven. You listen to her beg for her own son’s cum in her pussy, as you let go, filling your mother’s wet quim with a thick, heavy load.

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Bettie Bondage – Stepmom Throats Your Cock HD (720p/

Added: 10/24/17

You and your stepmother have always flirted, ever since she got married to your dad and moved in, years ago. She’s a total tease: wearing tight clothes, low cut blouses, smiling at you when she catches you staring at her. You know she wants it…but still, you’re surprised when she sits you down, and asks you for a favor. She wants you to let her suck you. Deep throat you. She wants you to let her worship your cock with her mouth and her tight throat…you can’t believe what she’s saying but you quickly pull your cock out and watch as your slutty stepmom services your cock until you cover her with your cum!

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Bettie Bondage – Away From Home JOI with Mom HD (720p/

Added: 10/8/17

You got an e-mail with a large attachment from your mom, subject line ‘to help you rest.’ She’s so worried about you now that you’re away from home at college, you can’t imagine what it is. Probably some meditation video, you think as you press play. But it’s your parents couch. You mother comes into frame, wearing the black silk robe you bought her for Christmas. It looks so sexy on her! You’re glad your roommate is out of the dorm – you can’t keep your eyes off her! She sits down and explains that you need help relaxing, and she’s going to help. “You know those videos you like, the jerk off instruction ones?” she asks, “well, I’m going to make one. For you. I miss making you cum, sweetie…” You watch as she leans back, taking out a toy and talking about the first time between you two. You watch as she strokes and licks the toy, telling you to start stroking your cock along with her. She plunges the toy in and out of her pussy as she urges you to stroke faster, talking about how much she loves sucking your cock, how much she wants to feel you cum inside her. Her big heavy breasts out over the sheer pink tank top she wears, leaning back on the family couch as she begs for your cum.

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Bettie Bondage – Virtual Incest – A Romantic Getaway HD (720p/

Added: 10/21/17

You and your mother decided to go away for the weekend, under the guise of looking at a few school in the city. You get a place downtown, hours from home, and your both emboldened by the distance from home, holding hands and kissing as you unpack the car. You just look like a cougar and her boy toy, honestly. No one would think of the truth – how could they? It’s so wrong… Laying in bed that first evening, your mother beckons you to come closer, to make love to her. Looking down at her as you press inside your own mother’s wet, welcoming quim, she talks about the first time, how good it felt, how you always go so deep and hard inside her. You watch her face, a mask of pleasure, as you fuck her, as she dirty talks you. You love it when she calls herself mom, drawing attention to how dirty and wrong it all is. You love the way her pussy gushes when she talks about what a dark secret you share. She begs for your cum on her tits, you love seeing her breasts, the same ones you sucked on so innocently years before, coated in your cum. There is nothing dirtier than the love you have for your mother.

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Jennifer Jade – Virtual Incest – Son Fuck Me Now FullHD (1080p/2017)

You and your Mother have snuck away from your family reunion. Your mom saw her feeling you up under the table and ordered you to go away before you get caught by your wife and her husband. She’s going to keep everyone busy while you play. You’re so glad your mom is on board with you and your Mother’s relationship (Mom Watches You and Sis (HD)).

You’re in the closet with your Mother as she’s feeling you up talking dirty about how you almost got caught. You’re hard a s a rock listening to her whispering to you while she’s gently stroking you. She gets really horny and is suddenly demanding you to do as she says or she’s going to tell mom. “You only take orders from me and mom, not your wife”. You don’t want to disappoint these two so you listen. In the distance you hear her husband calling her. She shushes you and slides your dick into her mouth. So dirty! She takes her panties off and puts them in your mouth to shut you up even more.

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HotWifeRio – Son Like Mother Like Daughter 16 FullHD (1080p/

Added: 10/27/17

This week Mia and I went to a Halloween party and dressed up as candy corn witches. We had a great time at the party but didn’t meet anyone to take home with us. Luckily for us my son Billy’s friend Elijah was at the house when we got home. I love that he’s such a horny kid! We asked him if he wanted to play with us and of course he did! Duh! We started off by teasing him with our big titties and then both going down and sharing his dick. We got him so hard! While I sucked he played with Mia and then when it was my turn he finger fucked me. When we had enough of that we took turns fucking him. He can stay hard for hours. I trained him well! We loved taking turns and sharing his dick and when we made him cum we licked it all up!

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Lanie Love – Virtual Incest Moms Secret Job HD (720p/

Added: 7/24/15

Omg honey! I didn’t know you were coming home, I didn’t want you to see me like this. Ah, I’m embarrassed… Please don’t tell your father I’m doing this. It’s just that my 9 to 5 job is so boring and I wanted to live a little. Now I get to be able to model online and make way more money except now I’m happy! Your father just thinks I’m selling my old stuff online, if he found out, he’d be so angry with me. I know you’re my son and we’ve always been close, so just keep this between us, okay honey? Excuse me young man, that is no way to talk to your mother! Just because I’m wearing this doesn’t mean I’m just any normal girl, I am your mother and you need to turn that off. You simply cannot be turned on by looking at your mother in her fetish wear. Excuse me? Are you blackmailing me? I’m sorry honey, your dad is just going to have to find out, I could NEVER have sex with my son. Get out right now… On second thought, honey, I really can’t have your dad know about this. Come here to Mommy and I’ll take care of you. JUST this once though! And you can’t let this ruin our relationship, okay honey? Mmm, wow such a nice cock, just like your dad. I was just going to give you a blow job, but your dick has me so wet, son, come here and fill Mommy’s pussy up.

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