AstroDomina – Cum To My Open House SD (

Added: 8/2/17

You’re house hunting. You’ve done your market research. You’ve narrowed down on a particular area in town. You found a suitable house in a nice neighborhood but it’s way over your budget. You decide to go check it out anyway by yourself while your girl is at work. No harm in that right? Nothing could have prepared you for this open house though. From the minute you walk into this house, there is something magical about it. It’s not the hardwood floors, it’s not the spacious interior, it’s not the light and roomy feel. No, the magical part about this house is the agent. Right after walking in, she grabs your attention and she’ll be grabbing a whole lot more before the tour is done. Real estate agent Sydney shows you around the house but all you can focus on are her curves, her round ass and her bubbly personality. You have a hard time saying no to beautiful women and hard times are what’s coming for you during this house tour. As she leads you into the finished and daylight filled basement, she gets ready to close the sale, by opening up her outfit. You get to see her voluptuous breasts and she takes off her panties. Slowly she undresses you. She takes your hard cock into her mouth and it takes all your concentration not to cum inside her mouth. Realizing she hasn’t closed the deal yet, Sydney decides to take it one step further and opens up her legs, waiting for you to fuck her. Is this really happening? She must be desperate to close on this house sale. She lets you fuck her on the pool table, doggy style and finally she rides you while you’re laying down on the pool table. A huge cum shot seals the deal. You just bought yourself a house. How could you not?

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AstroDomina – The Wife And The Masseuse SD (

Scene starts with the wife entering the massage parlor while talking to her husband on the phone. A tragic accident just occurred to the family and he wants to talk to his wife on the phone. While her needy husband is talking to her, she undresses, getting herself ready for her massage. It’s been a very stressful day and this massage will surely ease away the stress. The male masseuse comes in. He overhears the conversation from the other room and simply cannot deny her from having a great and relaxing time. So he decides to help her on a more sexual level.

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Bettie Bondage – Virtual Incest – Its a Good Size, Son FullHD (720/

Added: 5/31/17

So embarrassing. Your mother found the wrapper to these dick pills you were curious about, and now she wants to talk to you about it. First off, she thinks you used it with a girl…which you
aren’t jumping to correct her on. Then, she wants to talk to you about penis size! Yeah, this won’t be awkward…

She reassures you that size doesn’t matter, that the average if 5.5″, that she’s sure you come up over that, considering your father…hmm. This talk is turning kind of interesting, made more so
by her lowcut blouse and tight pencil skirt. Your mom has always been a total fox – your friends are all too happy to tell you this often, and you’ve always secretly agreed. Sitting across from
you, she looks so sexy. You decide to push this, see where you can take it.

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My Family Gives Into Temptation Part 2 FULL VERSION Free Incest Video HD (720p/

Added: 9/27/17

My mom is SO upset that I fucked my sister. She talks to her and finds out that it really was my little sister that came onto me first. It’s not enough. Mom needs all the info from me too. I talk about what happened but it turns me on. Mom notices my hard on and starts stroking me??? She admits that catching my sister and me turned her on!!! OMFG, She is so tight. She strokes my cock while I finger her pussy. She wants me to fuck her just like I did my sister!!! I love feeling my mom’s pussy cumming all over me while she begs me to tell her she’s better in bed than my sister!!! OH, FUCK! My sister caught us fucking!!! What will we do about all this drama? I love them both so much!!!

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My Family Gives Into Temptation Part 1 FULL VERSION HD (720p/

Added: 9/26/17

I have been away in the peace corps for awhile and I’m finally home to enjoy some quality time with my family. I get a good workout in with my little sister but she’s really touchy afterward. I decide to hit the showers but she follows me in? Oh MY fucking GOD, she wants to wash my back. It’s getting weird. She touches me all over and says that I’m hot and shouldn’t be shy. She touches my cock and I just can’t say no. I love feeling her tight, wet pussy with my fingers. She wants me to fuck her from behind in the shower?? I plunge into her deep twat with everything I have. We go to the bed and I pound her until she cums all over my cock. OH, NO! My MOM CAUGHT US FUCKING!!!??? What will we do now??

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Mom Helps Son With Porn Addiction Part 1 of 2 HD (720p/

Added: 10/2/17

My mom has been violating my privacy and decided after seeing my internet history that I should be blocked out from the internet. THIS IS BULLSHIT! She tells me that my porn addiction isn’t healthy and that my obsession with older milfs has to stop. She tells me that I don’t have to spend money looking at porn anymore because she is a milf and wants to help me out??? WHAT? She touches herself in front of me and makes me jerk off. I can’t believe this is happening! I love my mom! She makes me fuck her until I cum inside her mouth and watch it drip out!!! YES!!! I never have to watch porn again!!!

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Mother needs help Son Cum HD (720p/

Jeff’s Mom is very angry with him. Mom caught Jeff “Jerking-Off to his Sister”!!!! Jeff tries to rationalize with his Mom….saying that his Sister is Hot….and he can’t help it…..but that comment only makes Mom angrier!!! Mom decides to teach Jeff a lesson he will never forget!! Mom gets some rope and tells Jeff to get his clothes off. Jeff is horrified to find out that Mom is going to tie him down! Once he is immobilized…..the situation gets worse for Jeff. Mom starts to suck his cock….telling him to leave his poor little Sister alone…..that if he needs to cum…..he should come to Mom. Once Jeff’s cock has been forced hard….Mom takes her clothes off and climbs on top of her Son. Mom rides Jeff and then she proceeds to suck a load of cum out of him. Jeff demands to be untied, now that the Punishment is complete…..but Mom informs him that the Punishment is NOT complete, as she starts to suck him again!!! Once again Mom rides him, and then she forces a second ejaculation from the frightened boy with her mouth. To his horror, however….Mom tells Jeff that she is going to Force an even more painful THIRD ejaculation!!! Mom covers Jeff’s mouth and Jerks his cock. Despite muffled protests that another ejaculation is not possible….Mom Forces a sperm blast out of her Son’s tortured balls!!! “Now…….STOP JERKING-OFF TO YOUR SISTER!!!” Mom screams at Jeff.

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Lonely Brother and Sister Ring in the New Year FULL VERSION Incest Free Video SD (

Added: 12/30/15

It’s New Year’s Eve again. Great. I’m all alone. My sister comes into my room and tells me that she and her boyfriend broke up? We are both feeling like losers! I suggest a little kiss at midnight to break the bad luck curse. She says OKAY??? I kiss her. One thing leads to another, and now she wants to fuck!!!! OMFG, she is so tiny and perfect. Her pussy is a dream! I can’t believe I get to pound her hard on her tummy. I am going to cum all over her beautiful face!!! YES, FAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I LOVE MY FUCKING SISTER!!!

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