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I have to do my sister’s laundry since she gave me a handjob while she was showering. I can’t help myself from smelling and sniffing her panties, but she catches me! Now she says I can smell her pussy up close if I do more chores. Will she get me off again? She says she can suck my cock but what does she want for it? I don’t want to get tricked again! MY BITCH SISTER IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!!

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My little girl just found out that I had sex with her best friend the night of my daughter’s birthday part sleep-over! I couldn’t help it! We were all drinking that night and one thing led to another when everyone else was asleep! My daughter makes me strip off my pants and sees that just talking about what happened with her best friend got me hard! She won’t let me get away with it! She grabs my cock and sucks it until she is wet enough to let me fuck her!!! What should I DO???? I push my cock inside my daughter as she moans for more!

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My niece just got dumped because she can’t suck cock right. She needs help. She calls me up and I come over to talk to her about the whole thing. OMG, she needs me to teach her how to suck cock! It’s time to let her know that I am the master of such things. She starts stroking me the way it should be done. She has the softest MOUTH and hands! I want to fuck her! She is getting wet!!

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My sister knows that I have been mowing lawns all day and got paid well for it! She just can’t let me have a little bit of money and peace to myself. She won’t let me shower and she bends over to show me her sweet pussy lips and makes me want to fuck her doggystyle. I can’t wait for her to teach me more about sex! She already took my virginity and now she keeps taking more of my MONEY! MY BITCH SISTER IS THE BEST!!! I LOVE HER!!!

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Scene One: Sexy Neighbor Seduction

There is a knock at the door. You open and find your sexy neighbor Cory Chase. She is hell bent on seducing you. She sees your wife, Nikki, and wonders why you are with her. Cory teases you with her large tits, tight ass and rock hard ass.

Your Wife comes home and sees Cory seducing you but there is nothing you can do. Cory has you in her hands as she begins to insult Nikki. Cory is relentless with the insults, comparing herself to Nikki.

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You hear Krissy making some sexy noises outside the RV, you are on a family camping trip, and you decided to check it out, so you quietly sneak into the RV and watch her having phone sex with her boyfriends best friend. You have always wanted to fuck your step sister, and you take advantage of this situation and black mail her. You bust in and have an argument with her, and tell her that you are going to tell her boyfriend. She is feisty and doesn’t take you serious at first but before long she knows you mean business. She gives in and follows you into the bathroom where you tell her to STRIP SEXY. She does not want to but she knows she has no choice so she strips. You make her shake her beautiful round ass, side to side and up and down, you slap her arse and tell her to get down on her knees, she calls you a sick pervert and u put your cock in her mouth and tell her less talking and more actioin. She gives a nice sloppy BJ and you force your cock down her throat and make her gag and take full advantage of the situation.You make her bend over the bend and put your fingers inside her, she squirms and squeals and you tell her to lay on her back, and put her feet in the air and slide her white panties off and then tell her to spread her legs because you have been waiting for this moment. You slide your dick in her and give her a good hard fucking, before bending her over and going to town on her from behind then pulling out and cumming all over her pretty little face.*********WANT YOUR OWN CUSTOM CLIP? SEND YOUR FANTASY REQUESTS TO********

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Mom wakes up to find her pussy full of cum and realizes what has happened. Pissed she heads down stairs to confront her son, but things don’t go as planned. He quickly subdues her and chokes her out again. He then leans her over the sofa and fucks her limp body from behind, before carrying her to the coffee table to finish fucking her. He contemplates cumming on her face, but decides that cumming inside of her will make it more likely that she ends up pregnant, which is exactly what he wants.

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