Andi Rye, April Snow – Famiy Threesome Bratty Cousins SD (

Sep 29, 2017

Andi Rye and April Snow can’t even get along long enough to do some yoga together. As they argue over the yoga mat, April’s stepfather Damon Dice comes in to see what the fuss is about. Damon takes Andi’s side in the argument, but after April leaves in disgust he bends Andi over his knee and spanks her small bottom. The feeling of Damon’s hand smacking her ass gets Andi totally turned on, and before Damon knows it she has whipped out his hardon to suck and stroke. At Andi’s urging, Damon pushes her short shorts aside and rams into her landing strip fuck hole until he gives her a climax and a creampie.

Later that night, April confronts her stepdad about his romp with Andi. She bares her boobs in an effort to seduce Damon into loving her too, and then strokes his dick. When he doesn’t stop her, she starts sucking him off in a deep throat BJ. Getting down on her hands and knees, she presents her meaty twat to Damon. He can’t resist the urge to peel off her panties and fuck her from behind.

April and Damon are making so much noise that Andi comes in to see what’s going on. When she realizes that Damon is fucking his stepdaughter, she insists on joining in. Soon Damon is enjoying a double blowjob. Then the girls lay side by side so that he can enjoy fingering and fucking both of their tight twats. Then they get on their knees so he can pound them from behind. When Damon finally cums, he pulls out of Andi’s snatch barely in time to give April the facial she craves.

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Lucie Cline – Lucie Cline Fucks Her Stepdad Before Going To College HD (720p/Bang! Confessions /

Watching this, I realize that there was precum already on his tip. It’s glistening in the dark as he starts impatiently poking at my unprotected vagina. Not a wise move to let Father in like that, bare, without condom or protection. His balls are filled tightly, you can almost feel the pressure.

He conquers my vagina, thrusting forward, parting my pregnancy tunnel all the way. Any shot now would go in all the way, deep into my uterus. The thoughts of impregnation make me wet. I know it’s forbidden. It’s so incredibly taboo that I start masturbating with him going ever faster in and out of my body.

I feel his semen cooking in his shaft. He is aching to let his cock pulsate a full load of white pregnancy cream deep into my womb. His pounding increases, I can only moan more as the horny thoughts of his cock taboo impregnating make my brain melt. It’s so powerful, I feel that he wants to cum inside sister.

But then – oh no! oh yes! Good or bad? He pulls out at the last second, squirting his sperm all around my lips and onto my mons pubis. While he is recovering from the taboo orgasm, I slowly move my hips up and down, getting his cream between my lips.. right at my entrance, I rub his last drops.

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Nina Skye, Tyler Nixon – Risky taboo hard impregnation sex and sperm play between my warm Dister lips HD (720p/ /

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Nina Skye needs her stepbrother Tyler Nixon to agree to letting her tutor him so that she can become a TA. He is reluctant to agree. When Nina sees him staring at her dark nipples through her sheer white shirt, she offers to flash her tits at him when he gets a correct answer. Tyler gets one of her questions right, so she delivers by showing off her medium boobs. The next correct answer gets him a peek at her landing strip pussy beneath her thong. When she agrees to let him touch her twat, he knows that he’s in business.

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Sofie Marie – Family Makes Me Feel Better SD (

Sofie Marie is a caring stepmother who goes to make sure her stepson Dylan is up and ready for school. When she gets to his room he is still in bed and claiming to not be feeling well. Sofie steps right in to check his temperature. He feels a little hot, but Sofie decides to make the call on an old fashioned trick. If his dick still works properly, he should be good to go! Sofie saw his penis was already erect and began to jerk him off. She used her mouth to suck out the sickness, then Dylan rammed her tight milfy pussy to get out any excess flu he may have had. Sofie then takes one for the family and receives his hot steamy load leaving Dylan in perfect health and ready for school!

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Bondage audition qtp friday HD (720p/

American / Tampa/Miami/LA

(This is part 1 of 2. Make sure you see part 2 of Bondage Audition right here on my store.) I really want to be cast in a new bondage video series. The director says he has a juicy part for me – all I need to do is pass the audition. After a brief interview, he has me disrobe and try on some of the studio’s fetish gear. He dresses me in the highest heeled boots I’ve ever worn – a full 6 inches without a platform! Then the director laces me in a super-tight corset to give me a 22 inch waist. I can barely breathe. Even so, I allow him to tie my wrists behind my back. I struggle as hard as I can, but I can’t undo the rope. The bondage starts to turn us both on. The director pulls his throbbing cock from his pants and pushes my head down on his rock-hard shaft until I gag. He loves deep-throating helpless girls. As my eyes roll back in my head, he cums straight down my throat, and I have to swallow as fast as I can to keep from gagging. (high bitrate 1920 X 1080 resolution, 1080P mp4 format) Contains the following erotic elements: BLOW JOBS – CUM SWALLOWERS – GAGGING – DEEP THROAT – MALE DOMINATION – BONDAGE – BONDAGE SEX – ROPE BONDAGE – CORSET – BONDAGE BLOWJOBS – STOCKINGS – GARTERS – BOOT FETISH – HIGH HEELS – BIG TITS Category: BLOW JOBS Related

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Astro Domina – Femdom POV – Sibling Sex with Brother FullHD (1080p/

Hi hunnybuns! I made this special video just for you to show our new sex toy! How could you not come home to me? You were supposed to be here today but you decided to extend your lame tour. So I wanted to show you how much you’re missing out. I asked my brother to record this demo and be my stunt cock just for you. He was nice enough to make it very thorough. This dick could have been yours hunny, but you’re gonna have to wait until you get back. Enjoy my awesome demo video! Kisses!

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Chloe Scott – Facial for naughty Stepsis FullHD (1080p/

This guy is a real sex freak cuz he has an affair with his slutty stepsister he shamelessly seduced recently. Moreover, he’s ready to fuck her even when their parents are home downstairs and captures their sex on camera POV-style. Indeed, who wouldn’t wanna fuck such a hot long-legged blonde who sucks dick so well and has such a tight slurping pussy. Yeah, and in this kinky family a messy facial is now a good step-siblings tradition. Enjoy!

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Hope Harpers Full House – Hope Harper, Uncle Phil – Daddy Uncle Phil Knows! My Uncles Spycam SD (JWties/

Added: 6/30/15

Dear Diary,
Last week my Uncle Phil somehow busted Daddy and I fucking in the livingroom. I don’t know how but when he approached me about it he tried to blackmail me into doing something for him to keep his lips sealed. I ended up giving him a blowjob that ended in a messy facial but I had to tell daddy today what happened. I figure since everyone is blackmailing each other I would try my hand at it, not that I need to I always seem to get my way with daddy.

I went into daddy’s room and told him that Uncle Phil knows what is going on between him and I and that I was going to rat everyone out to mom if daddy didn’t give me what I wanted. I didn’t want much to be honest just a little oral satisfaction and to be fucked hard.

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