Bettie Bondage – Catfishing Your Mom FullHD (1080p/

A while back, you caught your mom on one of those alt-dating sites, for BDSM relationships. You quickly knew what you had to do: make a profile, and make her fall for you. You’ve wanted to fuck your mother for a long, long time…its all you think about. When you masturbate, when you fuck your girlfriend, every time you see your mother all you want is to bend her over and make her yours. So, you let opportunity in the front door when it knocked…and it worked. Your mother fell for it! So you arranged a meet up. You’d been training her on how to deep throat – amazing how receptive she was to buying a toy, practicing, learning to equate deepthroat with pleasure by making herself cum while gagging – all of it. She did everything you – err, well, Mr. Black – told her to do.

When the day comes, she does just as she’s instructed, going to an abandoned apartment building near your house and entering. Wearing just a little lace leotard with a snap crotch, she finds the leash and collar you left, puts it on and goes to kneel in slave position in the closet. When you appear before her, she FREAKS out. You stand in the doorway, barring her exit as she panics. You smile, telling her the truth as she demands you let her go. When it finally sets in that you were the one grooming her to be a sex slave, she relents, bending over to show you butt plug you told her to wear. You tell her to get to work on what you practiced, and she reluctantly takes you cock deep into her throat, gagging and tearing up as she takes you deeper, and deeper. Holding you in her throat, making her slime all over your cock. What a messy whore your mother is! You know she’s getting wet, that’s what you trained her to do…

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Bettie Bondage – Fucking Your Trashy, Slutty Mom FullHD (1080p/

Added: 8/19/17 05:00AM

You and your mom are moving, and she decided it would be a great idea to have a house party to say goodbye to the old place, inviting all your friends…well, all your male friends at least. See, your mom is that trashy mom – the one who dresses in super low-cut blouses, who flirts with every guy, no matter what – even when they’re your friends. Sometimes she even acts on it! She always acts smug, like she knows you’ve caught her. Like she likes teasing you…her own son. After the party’s over and the sun has come up, you’re walking around the place only to have your mother stumble out of the closet, talking to someone as she does. You know it’s a friend of yours, probably just finished fucking her. Your mother is all slurred words and slutty gestures, laughing as she tells you she was just showing him her cute little panties. The fucking nerve of her! Of him! You can’t believe it. And as much as you hate it, your cock is getting hard, the way it always does around your mother’s pretty face, big breasts, and thick thighs. She’s teasing you. You can tell she wants to make you squirm. But this time, she takes it farther, yelling into the closet for Branden to stay there as she starts to tease you even more, shaking her ass at you, pulling her panties aside and flashing her pussy at you, all wet and fucked. She unzips her leather bustier and shows you her tits, telling you she knows you’ve always wanted to fuck her. Before you can even pretend you want to object, she’s on her knees sucking your cock like the whore she is. You’re not surprised by how well she handles your cock but fuckin’ A, it feels so good. You try to lamely protest but she tells you to shut up, sucking and throating you, licking and gagging on your cock before standing up to get your cock from behind. For a dirty slut, your mom is tight! You watch her lips grip your fat cock, sliding in and out before she tells you to get on your back and straddles you, riding you hard and long, making you go deeper than you’ve ever gone with any of your little high school girlfriends. You love fucking your mom…better yet, you love covering her face in cum while she begs for her son’s load. You shoot all over her face, watching it drip down to her open mouth as she savors it, swallowing it all and giggling. What a fucking slut.

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lilcanadiangirl – Little Sister Creampie FullHD (1080p/

17:22 min – Sep 26

DAMN!!! lilcanadiangirl outdid herself on this vid!! She has great taste in the outfit she picked out for this vid; she looks super hot in it! I about lost my mind when she pulls down her shorts to reveal a white bodysuit! Lilcanadiangirl’s hair and makeup are flawless in this vid! The camera work and lighting are great! You can see everything going on clearly! I love how lilcanadiangirl gives the blowjob she positions herself quite well, so we get a nice view of her cute butt while she is sucking her brother’s dick! After she starts fucking the dildo! She does a couple of position all hot as hell! I loved this video lilcanadiangirl volcanically hot in this video; she plays the sweet and innocent school well, and she gives us one hell of a show! I highly recommend that everyone give this vid a buy as it is a must-have for any lover of taboo or porn in general for that matter!

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Primals Custom Videos Avi Love – Wife Turned into into another man’s Slut POV HD (720p/

Added: 9/17/17 07:37PM

Your hot wife Avi is mesmerized by an old friend to be his cock loving slut

The scene is shot from my POV.


Me, Jeff, and of course I don’t appear in the film. I am the camera.

My wife, Chrissy, was my high school girlfriend and a cheerleader. She is a very very pretty and popular girl.

Our friend from high school, Craig. A nerd that helped Chrissy as a math tutor in high school. Always had a crush on Christy but Christy only had eyes for me. Loved magic.


Chrissy and I went to college together. Chrissy and I were always boyfriend and girlfriend and always happy and close. Except for a month separation. The separation was caused by me being jealous of how popular she was with the football players. She was a cheerleader in college too and very desired. Fortunately, I came to my senses, begged forgiveness. and she forgave me. I knew that Chrissy was ‘The One’ for me, so I proposed on Christmas day after graduation. From then on, Chrissy and I were inseparable. We were married and started our lives and careers together. We’d spent five unbelievable years together and lately Chrissy had been hinting around about starting a family and wanting to have a baby. With my career well established, I too, was ready to embrace the Joys and perils of parenthood, willing to do just about anything to make my wonderful wife happy.

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WCA Productions Helena Price – Mom Showers With Son HD (720p/

Added: 9/20/17 3:08pm

Part 1 – I got up for school and was heading to the bathroom for my morning shower when my mom walked out having just finished hers. i was caught off guard because she was wearing a short white towel and nothing else. we said good morning to each other and then she told me she was done and to get in the shower. five minutes after my shower started i was getting ready for my morning jerk off session when mom knocked on the bathroom door and said she needed to use the sink and wanted to know if that was ok. i said sure and she came in but then she said no peeking, i couldn’t figure out why so i peeked and she was naked and rubbing lotion all over her body! i watched her oil herself up while i jerked off, i cant wait for tomorrow!

Part 2 – I got up late for school and when i was walking to the bathroom i bumped in to my almost naked mom(she had a small towel on). we both realized that we were running late and still needed to shower, mom told me to get in first and hurry. When i was in the shower mom came into the bathroom and said if she was late that she would be fired and i wasn’t going fast enough. Mom said she was coming in and opened the shower door, i freaked and told mom i was naked. she said she was too and i shouldn’t look, yeah right! I needed my morning masturbation session but of course i wasn’t going to do it with mom in the shower and decided id have to wait for another time. then i noticed the soapy water running over moms smooth tan milf ass and i got hard as a rock, mom really wasn’t looking in my direction so i started to play with myself. i figured i could cum with out her knowing but then she turned around a saw what i was doing. she yelled at me but i was so horny and needed to cum. i told her i needed to do this every morning to focus during school. she told me to hurry up and turned away, i told her it was gonna take a while so she did the unthinkable. she soaped up her hands and started jerking me off. well that turned into a blowjob which then led to me fucking my mom in the shower till i came inside of her!

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Primal’s HANDJOBS Brooklyn Chase – Mom Takes Care Of Your Hard Cock Handjob HD (720p/

Added: 9/17/17 11:09PM

Your Mom comes in to see if you’re ready to go to school. When she comes in and sees that you aren’t getting ready, and instead are jerking off, she offers to help by showing her tits to get you off faster. She tells you that she doesn’t have time to sit around all day waiting for you to cum. When you take too long, she starts to help you in another way.

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Mommy’s Pussy is the Best Pussy HD (720p/

When I left for work I gave you a huge list of chores to do. But then I took pity on you & came home early to help you with the chores. I walk into my bedroom & can’t believe my eyes! My own son masturbating in my bed! But that’s not even the worst part. I see that you’re looking at photos, so I pick them up & discover that it’s photos of ME you’re masturbating to! Wow. We need to deal with this right now, young man. I make you kneel naked on the floor beneath me. While you’re down there, I begin to lecture you. Masturbating is perfectly normal & healthy, but it’s not normal to masturbate to your mother.

Unfortunately you’re not paying attention to me, I notice, as you’re staring up my skirt at my panties & your cock keeps getting harder. You’re usually such a good boy, but today you’re obviously mommy’s naughty boy. You like staring at the back of mommy’s leather skirt? You try to deny it, but your twitching dirty cock gives you away. By the end of this “talk” you’ll be willing to do anything for me.

Do you want to see mommy’s pussy? You’re a dirty boy, and I bet you’d like to get off to it. Worship it first. Then you’re going to make mommy cum. That’s it, make mommy cum. Lick my pussy until I orgasm. Good boy. Oh my! Your dirty bitch cock is about to burst, isn’t it? Get on the bed & mom will give you a little treat. You like it when mother milks you. You like having your dirty cock licked, kissed & sucked. And now you’re going to do whatever I want; you’re going to be my obedient little boy.
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SexyCleo – Casual Sex with Mom: Movie Night HD (720p/

Added: 5/25/17 08:15PM

It’s your favourite time of the week, movie night. It’s one of the things that ensures your relationship is so strong, you spend good quality time together, just hanging out and bonding. With a bowl of popcorn, you and your mom snuggle up on the sofa and watch a different classic each week. Movie night is special, but then again, so is your relationship with mom. It’s common for you and your mom to chat about your favourite actor, the movie plot, and how you think it is going to end, as mom reaches inside your pyjamas and gentle strokes your cock. It’s really normal for you to suggest that mom removes her robe, so that her sexy MILF body is revealed as she works her tongue up and down your hard shaft. Mom looks lovingly into your eyes as she strokes and sucks your cock until it’s twitching with a desire to explode. Casually, mom stands up as you remove her bra. She grinds her thong-clad pussy and ass against you as you squeeze her cheeks and fondle her breasts. This type of interaction between you and your mom happens all the time. It’s perfectly normal in your household for mom to strip naked for you and to bend over so you can finger fuck her. Equally, it’s common practice for mom to lie on her back, spread her legs, and invite you to make love to her. Movie nights are the greatest. Your mom is the best!

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Cock Ninja Studios – My Mom Wants To Be My New Girlfriend FULL VERSION SD (

Added: 1/30/15 12:00AM

From: Cock Ninja Studios

I called my girlfriend to make sure we were still going out but she decided to break up with me???!!!!? Over the fucking phone? WHAT A CUNT! I want to tell my mom, but I walk in on her masturbating! She is so nice about the breakup and asks me if I want her to be my new girlfriend! She strokes my cock and asks me to fuck her! I can’t believe it! I get to fuck my mom and cum all over her face and mouth! SHE LOVES LICKING MY CUM!!! OMG, MY MOM IS THE BEST GF EVER!!!

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Danielle Maye – Step Daddies Revenge HD (720p/

Added: 12/22/13 11:34AM

Danielle hates her step daddy interfering with her business, he never leaves her alone and all comments on the way she dresses, so she is always rude to him and leaves when ever he is around, she doesn’t want him knowing her business…because what he doesn’t know is that Danielle is an escort! whilst on call one day Danielle gets a nasty surprise when she turns up at a hotel to find her step daddy waiting for her! She pleads with him not to tell her family and promises she was only doing it to pay her education costs, hoping he will forgive her… but step daddy has other ideas. He wants to get his own back for all the times she has been a little bitch to him, and teach little slut Danielle a lesson.

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