Femdom Porn – Footkold III Foot Slave Training – Mandy Flores FullHD mp4

Give in to the control I know you want my perfect feet to have over you. Give in to what you know is next, what you have begged me for so long. He will be here to take me out dancing and partying all night. But when I get back, it will finally happen. Embrace the anxiety you feel and nervously watch every minute on the clock while Im out partying with the One who will finally allow you to experience what you have always prayed for. Hours go by as you wait nervously by the door and then you see us finally walk in. Mandy Flores..I trust you have prepared the room just right? This is going to be the most important moment of your life. If you have any doubts or hesitations, just look closely at my perfect pedicured feet that you know you want to own you. You have worshiped and served. And now the final step is through that door. Tonight is the night, you will finally serve us both.

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My Sister’s Titties: Taboo – Mandy Flores FullHD 1080p

Added: 12/15/17 10:00AM

You are my big sister. I am little brother Tony. We are grown up and moved away from home Big sis is wearing a bikini. Big sis is having a family get together at her new house. She is happy that I got there a day early. We spent the day by the pool. Inside now. She has something big to talk about with me. She reminds me of how she used to tease me when we were growing up. She used to do a lot of tanning in her bikini. She would always come in and watch her soaps wearing her bikini. She knew it drove me crazy, especially when she had me give her foot rubs. She reminds me of the one time she took off her top while she was watching soaps. She said she had bad sunburn and asked me if it was OK if she took off her top. Now she says she just wanted to tease me. She knows her oiled up boobs made me nuts. She asks how many times I have thought about that incident while I jerked off. Thousands. I’m obsessed with that incident. She asks if I want to relive that time. She takes off her top. She has me take out my dick and jerk to her. She is happy that I am super hard just for her. She gives me lots of verbal encouragement to jerk to big sisters tits. She loves watching me work my cock for her. She lets me cum on her boobs. She uses her bikini top to clean up my dick and her boobs………Mandy Flores

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Black Widow Sisters Revenge: Bondage Sex: Mandy Flores, Barbie Bailee & Jonathon Lauder – Mandy Flores FullHD mp4

“It Looks Like You’re Completely Fucked!…..”

Custom Order- Mandy and her sister Barbie live alone in a quiet little neighborhood. While Mandy is out, Barbie is relaxing at home, running around topless in just her panties, unaware of the staring eyes just outside her window. The voyeur goes to the back door and begins to pick the lock, so excited about the naked beauty he is going to force himself upon that he fails to notice Mandy driving up the street behind him. She spots the intruder through her car window. Mandy immediately knows what she is going to do, as she quickly pulls the car to the other side of the house and takes out her stashed needle from the cars center console. She quietly runs up behind the intruder, wraps a cable around his neck and slams him to the ground! Barbie comes out the door to see what the noise is as Mandy injects him. They drag his anesthetized body into the the Black Widow Sisters Lair. They gear up and torture this pervert, realizing that he is the serial r**ist that has been terrorizing the area for months. Giving him the punishment his sick crimes deserve, they show hiim what it is to be a victim, toying with him, flogging him, smothering him, even fucking his ass and mouth, while he knows what his fate is going to be. Will Mandy let him catch his breath soon enough? Watch the preview, this is a must have clip to add to your Black Widow Executrix collection!!! ……Mandy Flores

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Family Bath Time – Aunt Mandy’s Special Christmas Surprise – Mandy Flores FullHD mp4

POV It’s the winter holidays! My family is having a big family reunion and we rented out a big house so that all the relatives can spend time together for that weekend. This means that all my cousins, aunts, and uncles were here for the big get-together as well. I’m usually the youngest one at these family gatherings so everyone is very good to me. But my favorite was always you, my aunt. You always give me the biggest, tightest hugs and so many kisses on my cheeks. You treat me a little better than everyone else (sometimes even more than my own mother.)

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Anal Porn – Inheritance Blackmail – Mandy Flores HD mp4

A former college roommate of your brother is staying with the 2 of you as he looks for an apartment before starting his new job. He has always had the hots for you but you have always been very cold toward him and loved teasing him since you knew how much he wanted you. One night, shortly after he arrives, he is watching TV and you go into the room to tease him. You pretend cleaning up so you do lots of bending over and reaching for things. Whenever he makes a move to touch you, you move away or swat his hand. After you have had your fun and know how turned on he is you leave for you night out. One of your uncles died a few months ago and he left you quite a bit of money in his will but with the condition (you are a wild party girl) that you have to stay sober for one full year. The next day you come home from work (dressed in a short tight fitting skirt and top) and Jim is there alone again. He tells you how sorry he is that you lost your inheritance and you ask what he means. He tells you that since he saw you Tipsy and staggering home late last night that means you didn’t fulfill the requirement of the inheritance. You laugh and say since no one else saw you and no one would believe him it never happened. He laughs too and says that would be true if he hadn’t taken all those photos.

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Mom Drips, Mylf – Emily Austin – The Potent Parent Trap SD mp4 December 9, 2018

Emily Austin and her husband have a loving, intimate marriage. It is heartbreaking to them when they find out that he is unable to give her a child. These lovebirds are not to be deterred, however. Emilys husband suggests that she get another man to cum inside of her so they can have the child they have always dreamed of. Emily is surprised, but excited by the idea. After her husband leaves on a business trip, she meets up with a potent dude, but still has her man in mind…

She sets up a webcam, and lets her husband watch as she strips down and teases our studs cock with her sexy MILF mouth. She bounces up and down while her husband looks on, loving every inch of penetration. Finally, she gets our stud to bust a huge baby making load inside of her, and the impregnation process has begun. These two lovebirds will make excellent parents one day!

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Taboo POV – Anastasia Knight – My Horny Stepdaughter HD mp4 [720p/2018]

My slutty stepdaughter is out of fucking control. She is constantly trying to get me to fuck her. I know she has super daddy issues from her real dad and we have caught her with several boys in the house. One day I came home on lunch and found her fucking some guy in my bed. She doesn’t I caught her, I watched through the cracked door and jerked off. I mean, that young tight body. That slutty language escaping over those braces I paid for. Her mom told her no boys in the house. Well I’m not a boy, I’m a man…

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Innocent Sister Caught with a Brush Pt 1 – Calliecravesyou FullHD [1080p/ American / United States/2018]

Your innocent little sister is browsing her phone on the couch when she realizes her pussy is wet and she has some urges she needs to deal with. She starts looking at sexy pictures online and slowly starts rubbing her young pussy through her shorts. Realizing this isn’t enough she grabs the brush next to her and pulls her shorts aside, going to put it inside her. Oh no! She sees you and runs to her room… will you get to watch any more? Oh yes, because little do you know, she will fantasize about showing you how she was going to please herself. She’ll try on a couple outfits in the mirror, including yoga pants, but decide on a sexy matching set.

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