Angel Smalls – Sister/Brother Christmas Spirit HD (

Dec 22, 2017

Logan Long brings his stepsister an elf costume to wear to a fundraiser. She doesn’t want to go, but Logan talks her into trying it on. Peeling off her miniskirt and panties, she tries the costume on in front of him. It has a miniskirt and socks that are as long as stockings. When Angel still refuses to go, Logan offers to fuck her first.

Bending over on the couch, Angel lets Logan flip up her miniskirt. She feigns indifference, even taking a phone call while Logan bangs her from behind. Eventually she can’t pretend that she’s not into it, so she gets off the phone and starts pumping her hips in time with Logan’s strokes. Flipping onto her back, she spreads her thighs while watching her stepbrother work her greedy bare twat with his big dick.

As her moans fill the room, Angel gets off the couch and drops to her knees while Logan guides her mouth to his hardon. She deep throats him while stroking his stiffie and then climbs into his lap for another ride in her cock hungry bald fuck hole until she reaches a screaming climax. Then she sucks and strokes Logan to an orgasm of his own before letting him know she still won’t go to the fundraiser.

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Jericha Jem, Reagan Foxx – Did You Fuck My Mom SD ( /

Lucas Frost comes over for a date with Jericha Jem, so her stepmom Reagan Foxx lets him in. Her formfitting dress hugs every curve as she comes on to Lucas, so it’s no surprise when he gets up and runs to the bathroom to stroke himself off as he fantasizes about Reagan and her incredible big boobs. Reagan spies Lucas in the bathroom and offers to help.

Soon Lucas has buried his face between her huge knockers while she strokes him off. Dropping to her knees, she sucks his hard cock in a deep throat blowjob and gives him a titty fuck before bending over the sink so he can pound her from behind. Later, Lucas finds himself making out with his girlfriend when she goes down on him. She instantly knows something is off with the taste of his dick and realizes it’s her stepmom’s pussy juices! Running out of the room, she retrieves Jericha retrieves her stepmom and tells her to show off how she sucked her boyfriend’s dick.

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Niki Snow – A Taste Of The Holidays with Daddy SD (


Niki Snow and her loving family all fell asleep together in bed because they were so excited for xmas! The minute the sun rose Niki and her stepdad were ready for breakfast and presents but her mommy was being a grinch. All she wanted was more eggnog and sleep. This did not stop them from enjoying the holiday though. They ran down to the tree to take pictures and open presents. Mom was still being a childish scrooge. She made her way to the couch and eventually fell asleep, not being a part of the holiday festivities at all. This is when Niki and her stepdad got to really express their love for each other. Niki sucked stepdads cock beside the glimmering tree and gagged on his tip so nicely. They moved to the couch to get comfortable so Niki could ride her stepdaddy like a one horse open sleigh! As Niki was still getting pounded, they devised a plan to get back at her mom. Stepdad would release his jizz into Mommys eggnog so that even though she was a bitch, she would still be getting a nice thick taste of the holidays 😉

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Carmen Caliente – Shame On You Stepsis SD (

Admitting to you her powerful oral fixations lately- April tells you that nothing has been satisfying her lately! She needs Brother’s cock, and she’s willing to do what it takes to please you. She eagerly drops down and takes your throbbing cock into her greedy little mouth, sucking and gagging on your hard cock. Pushing her head all the way down she deepthroats you, looking up into your eyes as tears start to form in hers. Unable to stand it anymore April lays back and spreads her pussy lips for you to enter her tight young little body. After a while you flip her over and fuck her in doggy position, enjoying the view of her plump juicy ass bouncing on your cock. Getting close to cumming, she flips back over so you can bust your load all over her big natural titties and bush.

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Cherie DeVille – Aunt Cherie gets hard Anal fuck FullHD (1080p/

Release: December 8, 2017

I haven’t seen my brother’s stepson for a while. He became a nice young man I have to admit. He offered me a foot massage after my long trip and I couldn’t say no to him when I felt his big dick growing in his pants. I got so turned on as he worshiped my wrinkled soles that I ordered him to fuck my ass to make me cum hard while he was sucking on my toes. I decided to visit my brother more often.

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Summer Brooks – Cumming In Her Dreams FullHD (1080p/

Stepsister Surprise

Hey little brother! I just thought I would come into your room and tell you goodnight. I know you’re about to get to head to bed and all but I want to make sure you have some wet I mean sweet dreams. Let me suck your cock before you head to bed! Just a little quickie, a little something to make sure you have a good day at school tomorrow and pass all your test! Come on, let your big sister suck your cock. I want to feel your warm jizz on me!

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MissTiff – Mummy’s little pervert HD (British/720p/

You are my mom who found my iPhone in the kitchen as you wanted to download some pictures from from our vacation together. When browsing my photos in camera roll you found a dirty photo of me playing with your dildos and cumming on them. You call me to your bedroom. You are sitting on your bed, iPhone in your hand. You show me the picture (pleas show the attached photo on your phone to camera) and scold me. You tell me that you are shocked that I was playing with your toys. Its is disgusting that I came all over them, because you were still using them. I am aroused by the situation and I have a hard on, even more I keep staring at your crotch, because you are getting wet. You scold me again that I am looking in your crotch. I start to rub your feet and I slowly start to massage your legs. You discourage me “What are you doing?” and try to resist, but you are aroused by it. I keep massaging you, and I start to jerk off. You scold me again, but still let me massage you and jerk off. I massage you around your pussy and suddenly rip your tights. Again you are a little bit shocked, but your are very horny. I start to rub you and spank you with my cock (please use naturally pink colored dildo), you help me jerk off, suck me a little bit and then finally let me fuck you. As I am fucking you (again please use dildo) you spit on your pussy. You tell me “This is so wrong” “You can’t fuck your mummy”.. I pull up your sweater to see your tits, I finally cum all over your pussy, belly and tits. Please cut to you with fake cum/spit all over you, lick it… and tell me to make a photo in iPhone to remember

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Sugar Babe and Elise Summers – Father In Law and Son FullHD (1080p/

elise summers

FATHER-IN-LAW AND SON-IN-LAW FUCK US BOTH AND WE GET TO HAVE THERE SPUNK AFTER THEY FUCKED US. I was visiting my best friend Elise and she said she was having some work done upstairs, the door was closed and the guys we thought was working away when in fact my father-in-law was watching through a crack in the door I noticed he was wanking his cock, and not one to waste a hard cock I invited him in, as I wanted to watch him wanking, well Elise was surprised as I grabbed his hard cock and forced it deep into my mouth and sucked him off. My son-in-law came looking for my father-in-law and so Elise invited him in as well, and in no time at all the two guys were been sucked jerked and wanked off, not content with that they wanted to fuck us both, and boy did they fuck us, we rode their cocks, they did us doggie and they both had massive big cocks, but Elise and me took them both deep and right up to there balls, as they fucked us nice and hard. They was both talking dirty to us and wanted to unload there spunk into us and over us, and when the my father-in-law cums he shoots a lot of spunk, quickly followed by my son-in- law. They really did use Elise and me but we are not complaining, we are just hoping our husbands don’t find out.

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