Wake Up Daddy And Make Your Daughter Pancakes !!! HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 7/16/16

*THIS IS NOT A SLEEPING CLIP!* I worked late last night but my daughter jumps on my bed and demands PANCAKES for breakfast! Her worthless bitch mother must be off shopping. I beg her to let me sleep but she pulls the covers off and sees my morning wood! She is curious about daddy’s cock and wants to play with it? NO! She won’t leave me alone! It feels so good to have her sweet hands all over my cock. She wants to taste daddy’s dick!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD, she loves putting daddy in her mouth. I can’t take it anymore. I get her naked and we touch ourselves together. I am going to put it inside her. It only hurts for a second and she trusts daddy! I MAKE MY SWEET DAUGHTER CUM SO HARD!!! I bend her over and squirt my full load all over her ass and back! I LOVE IT WHEN MY DAUGHTER WAKES ME UP IN THE MORNING!!!!

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Superheroines Wonder Woman Whore HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 7/30/16

You have Wonder Woman bound and helpless. She begs you to let her go while you are slapping her around.”Please just let me go, I’ll give you what you want! You want to fuck Wonder Woman? I’ll be your wonder woman whore, just let me go and I’ll make all your sexual fantasies come true.” You agree and untie me and I tell you sit back and enjoy the show. Dancing for you and showing off my wonder tits. “you like my wonder tits, baby? they’re bigger than wonder girl’s and bigger than super girl’s.” I suck your dick and admit its my first time ever sucking a dick and you begin to force my mouth down on your dick harder and harder and its making my wonder pussy wet. I lay down and tell you to be easy, its my first time for everything. You fuck me hard and Im loving it. “yeah, baby, fuck your wonder whore, fuck your wonder slut. Tame me and own my pussy” Then you try to put your throbbing dick in my tight little ass.”what are you doing, baby? that’s not my pussy? what? no? you can’t do that? I’m a princess? but that wasn’t part of the deal” You jam it in and squirm in pain until you begin pumping your cock in and out of my asshole and I begin to moan in excitement. “you like fucking my ass? it’s so tighthuh? It feels so good, now you’ve ruined me. I want you to cum in my mouth. Wonder Woman finishes you off in her mouth and swallows all of it. She is now tamed and yours to fuck anytime you want. You take her lasso around her neck and and walk her off like a new tamed pet..Mandy Flores

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Sister STD Scare Sex FULL VERSION HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 11/16/16

My little sister just found out her best friend Tiffany has HPV! OH, NO!!!! She has slept with all the boys my sister likes!!! I guess she has to be a celibate little monkey girl from now on! NO!!! I won’t let her do that!!! I make her realize that the only safe sex is the sex she can have with me!!! I have her suck my cock and she loves it!!! She can be my little slut!!! I fuck her until she cums all over my hard dick and she tells me I’m the best!!! I LOVE FUCKING MY LITTLE SISTER!!! Safety first, people. Safety first.

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Roman Daughter Training: Taboo HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 11/20/16

So for set up I would love to have a Roman bath type scene, her father, who is also the leader of the Army, has come home because he received word that she had accepted a marriage proposal and was planning to marry before her fathers return. He explains to her that he cannot let her go into matrimony unprepared for the duties a wife must perform, and that just as he does for all of the young maidens under his rule, it is his duty to take her virginity and train her in the ways of pleasing a man.

She would be afraid and hesitant, but her reluctance turns to desire to continue after a bit. Would love to see her experience for her first time having her privates exposed and touched, in fact her father pleasing her with his mouth would be great and then he can have her do the same with her mouth. Love some doggy style and cowgirl, and of course he won’t cum inside her so however you would like to do that. …Mandy Flores

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Brother Trades Gamer Sister Her Password For Sex FULL VERSION HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 3/16/16

My little sister left her game logged in on the puter!!!! BAD NEWS FOR HER!!! I changed her fucking password. She is PISSED!!! I tell her if she wants it back, she is going to have to do me a favor. I heard her sucking and fucking her boyfriend last night, and I want to get off too. She reluctantly jerks me but then she takes her shirt off and sucks my cock like she wants it! SHE IS SO WET!!! I tell her it’s okay and we fuck hard until I cum deep inside her pussy and rub it all over her tiny ass!!! OMFG, my sister is the perfect little tight geek!!!!

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So DAUGHTERS MUCH Sex Very Trouble WOW! OH, MY FUCKING CHRIST ON A POGO, my slutty daughters are on the prowl again! I told them they could live with me instead of the dorm but I HAVE RULES, GODDAMN IT!!! I ground the younger daughter and send her straight to her room, but I take my oldest and make her choose like I always do. She obviously chooses my cock over losing her car for a month. I love watching her play with her pussy and stroke my cock! She sucks it just like her mom, and I have to fuck her from behind! WHAT? Her little sister sees us!!! She wants in on the action???? OKAY, No one is going to get punished tonight! I need to fuck my daughters and cum hard on my youngest’s ass!!!! I LOVE MY SLUTTY DAUGHTERS!!!

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Brother Sister One More Time Full Video HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2016)

Added: 11/9/16

Since my sister and I stopped sleeping together so we could be “normal”, our dating lives have sucked. She never gets a guy who can make her cum. If they can’t finish, I will step in! She resists at first. She doesn’t want us to be freaks. I tell her it’s better to be a freak and get off than be normal and miserable! She sucks my cock like she is in love with it. I can’t believe she swallows it whole! GOD, she needs me to fuck her!!! I put it in slowly and make her moan. She admits I am the only one for her!!! I make her cum SO hard that she let’s me turn her over and pound her sweet pussy until I cum all over her asshole! YES!!! ONE MORE TIME!!!

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I’ll tell Mom HD (720p/clips4sale.com/2015)

Added: 8/28/15

Its Father’s day and Mandy was expecting to have some daddy daughter time. She is bugging her dad who is trying to watch porn in his office that he needs to take her somewhere and do something fun. He says that hell be done with work soon and for her to go get ready. Some time passes and Mandy comes barging back in. Dad, I’m ready lets go. Dad quickly shuts off monitor again. OK honey, just give me a few more minutes please. Just lock the door please i need some privacy. Mandy confused and now a little curious. Why do you need privacy? What were you looking at? He makes up an excuse and tells her just 5 more minutes please.

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Morning jerk Son`s Dick HD (720p/clips4sale.com)

Added: 5/31/12

Film slave thinks I just want to give him a handjob and film it to make a few bucks by selling it. What he didn’t know was in order for him to get this handjob he would have to endure my ass and pussy smothering his face! I loved grinding my ass and pussy in his face while I jerked his cock with my soft perfect hands. Good boy, started putting his mouth and tongue to work while he got the best handjob of his life… Well until I knew he was getting close so then I slowed down the pace to give him more entertaining torture. Slow and hard, slower, slower…I giggle as I make him squirm and moan as his cum comes oozing out of his dick. Wow, what a load.. yummy

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